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  1. the cup win, fantastic and professional as it was, caused problems in subsequent games. we went from a fluent "we'll score more points than you" team to a "lets try not to lose" team. monaghan has to be at 9, which means higham or clarke have decisions to make, for me clarke should move to 2nd row. as for the rest morley, westwood, wood, hicks, king and briers were stand outs. carvell needs to step up a bit next season, it's a surprise to see him in the england squad, i'd have picked wood before him. still, 2 trophies in 2 years isn't that bad!
  2. mason's stamp was a disgrace. lets have 5 matches for that. as for the rest of the game, wigan didn't make their early dominance pay and hudds held on until wigan ran out of ideas. sts or leeds to win the gf, probably leeds.
  3. listening to a croat tell you how they escaped sarajevo in the back of a chocolate truck in the early 90's is quite disturbing.
  4. hmmm...so it was at a similar stage last season when the wheels came off the league 'campaign'. finishing 2nd or 3rd doesn't really matter but we should still try and put some performances in. wakey by 6.
  5. i'm sure it has great memories for many people, but it's a ######. wilderspool was the same, there's not one game when i think "i wish i was still stood on the crumbling terrace and having to ###### into a gutter in the open air."
  6. another belter. shame we'll end up blowing the lead.
  7. cats 9/2 to win. think i'll have a bit of that.
  8. today i have watched 3 rugby games, 2 football matches and 2 baseball games. internet streaming is ace.
  9. something to do with the world cup just gone probably. slovakia beat italy in a group game.
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