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  1. Cocteau Twins (This Mortal Coil) - Song to the Siren I saw Robert Plant do this at Glastonbury as a tribute to John Entwistle who had recently died and just wow. I had to drag Zoe to the acoustic tent to see Robert Plant but she was in tears after that song.
  2. Soft Cell - Tainted Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEh5pWjcWCg
  3. Mazzy Star: Into Dust It's used on the new Gears of War trailer. I had forgotten how much I loved this song
  4. I never got Judas Priest. I saw Thin Lizzy on the Renegades tour - now that was a superb live band
  5. College golf team suspended for partially nude team photo. Team captain, Jack Hiscock, says they will appeal http://deadspin.com/5833375/kansas-college-suspends-its-golfers-for-dongish-facebook-photo-but-team-captain-jack-hiscock-says-theyre-appealing-the-suspension
  6. Pink Floyd - Echoes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLJ_QVfT_wM Prog noodlings but I love it
  7. I am trying to install software. It can take longer to install than to write. 3 weeks and counting so far
  8. See the other side of the world http://www.antipodemap.com/
  9. Apollo 440 - Electro Glide in Blue Class song off a class album
  10. Went to Lounge on the Farm festival at the weekend - nice, manageable, festival with all sorts going on. Cast were good, i had forgotten how many good songs they have. Echo and the Bunnymen were superb - Ian McCulloch in fine voice and Will Sergeant being a guitar god Adrian Sherwood did a 3 hour DJ set with Congo Natty (he used to be Rebel MC but is now a full blown rasta) - mixing up dub, bit of dancefloor, D&B and Dub Step - a superb set - you can get through a lot of cider in 3 hours. Caravan on Sunday night were brilliant - Ozric Tentacles kind of noodlings. For the kids there was Example, who was quite good and Ellie Goulding who was ok. We didn't see Katy B. Lots of weird and wonderful folk groups in various tents, the highlights being The Jacobs who had a CCR vibe. Many other bands of course but they were the highlights for me.
  11. More KLF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TelppliNtI&NR=1 Video has a Two Lane Blacktop vibe going on
  12. Talking of "its" - here's Rhythmites - Pain and Suffering Took a generator and sound system down to the Reading Festival yonks ago and this band were one of the faves on our playlist
  13. Neil Francis - ex union player and current pundit has his wikipedia page edited: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Neil_Francis_(rugby_union)&oldid=428436144 It has been restored but the above is the edit
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