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  1. It's also the plan - or at least has been for the past 3-4 years - of the English RL side. I have always found poppies on sports kits a bit tokenistic. The players - in football especially - wear almost hundreds of names/logos over the course of a career. Can't argue with the sentiment, of course, but to me the value is lessened when it's plastered next to a huge logo of Kingston Press Cider (for example) It is an extremely recent development in all sports - I don't remember GB RL ever wearing a poppy on the pitch when we've had all our internationals at this time of year in the SL era. Does anyone know who was the first professional sports team to start it? I'm guessing it may have been in the Premier League
  2. You know what, despite watching the first series and sort of enjoying it, I'm not exactly desperate to see the second. Not really sure where they can take it. It's been getting decent reviews, but then so did the first and I thought I was seeing a different show. I thought it was OK, but not exactly amazing.
  3. I managed to see it last night after all, how the tables have turned..!
  4. The Walking Dead tonight - but I can't watch until tomorrow, so I expect someone to spoil who has died for me via text at approx. 9.01pm tonight.
  5. The Louis Theroux documentary on him revisiting his Jimmy Saville interview was interesting. A lot of familiar ground covered, but the most fascinating was the footage of Saville when he thought the camera was off him, which I don't think was in the original doc. Very telling.
  6. I really liked it. One of the better impressions shows of recent times - although the competition isn't exactly fierce. I've seen it before but her Fearne Cotton impression is absolutely outstanding.
  7. If it's anything like the film, probably best you don't.
  8. Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle on Sky - a "documentary" where Alan looks at the schism between the north and the south. Funniest thing I've seen in ages, it really is vintage Partridge.
  9. Agreed. I was never a fan of Cunk's "Moments of Wonder" on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe and was baffled as to why people loved that bit. After last night, I'll gladly admit I was wrong. Howling with laughter.
  10. I make no apologies about how much I laugh at this - almost all of it at the narration though which really does elevate it above the dross it actually is (in fact in most episodes they refer to how awful the show is). Slightly higher brow - the latest series of Better Call Saul has been an absolute masterclass in slow burn drama. The latest episode bringing events to a head nicely before the final episode in the season next week.
  11. Actually in the UK a distribution deal hasn't been finalised due to the links with C4 so it may be that in this country it's on TV before Netflix
  12. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens here - I've got Netflix which has some decent exclusives but the only one where I've been annoyed I've not had the service to watch the show is Fear The Walking Dead on BT - having seen it since I don't know what I was bothered about. However Netflix won't be the market leader forever and it'll be interesting to see what happens as the market gets more saturated every year - big year next year for Amazon who are clearly going all out with the new not quite Top Gear. Actually some of my favourite shows this year have been Netflix exclusives - the latest being Jessica Jones, strong Buffy and Angel vibes but a lot darker.
  13. The Walking Dead - Season 6 has been superb so far, with all three episodes so far being completely gripping. Every time you think they can't really go much further with it, they pull something out of the bag.
  14. To be fair, she left the News Quiz after the election and her party didn't elect a leader until July - I think they are focused on 2020 rather than the one just gone.
  15. They only make one series a year (new series starts on Friday) - I think they are all filmed over a period of 2-3 weeks though
  16. Boring is the last word I would use to describe Daredevil, but each to their own and all that. It's certainly the least superhero-y of the majority of things out there and uses it's format well to study the characters in a way most of the movies don't/won't. The Kingpin is actually the first villain in the Marvel side you actually get to know a bit about his motivations. I think it's the only tv series from both DC and Marvel in the past few years that has been worth watching anyway, but can understand why it isn't everyone's cup of tea
  17. I haven't properly engaged with 'New' Simpsons in a long time, but this still makes me sadder than it should. He's clearly had enough, and is one of the only voice actors on that seems to voice the - hardly controversial - opinion that it's no longer as good as it once was. The first 10 years of the show include some of the funniest comedy I've ever seen on TV. It looks like the show is going to go on though - even though it still does have the occasional hit episode, it's sad to see one of the best shows ever (at one time) limp on towards death.
  18. Yeah. Was scheduled to start recording at 10am (usually is after election night) so should have vast majority of stuff covered.
  19. My favourite line was "Millionaire womaniser who has convinced everyone not to vote, met up with Russell Brand"
  20. Yes - I really enjoyed this. Some very cutting lines certainly - I thought it could have gone either way before it aired, but I should have known with the writers involved and some of the cast that we were in safe hands. Ben Miller as the Lib Dem constantly referencing Foinavon was very good. More of this kind of thing please.
  21. I do like Peter Kay, but I'm wondering if he can do Spud justice. Hopefully so, as it could well be a great series. According to Amazon Vol 3 is out end of next year and carrying on the "Going..." titles, "Going Round The Bend" - though I do quite like the others suggested, even though they'll never see the light of day!
  22. Finally gotten around to reading this – certainly as good as the first one, in fact I think I’ve laughed more at this one – the yarn early in the book about the family tortoise had me properly chortling. Just read the section on Gazza and I’m not sure what to think really – it was quite touching in a way although the implication that he was quick to embrace the story of his tragic downfall, when he was weary to accept his meteoric rise is rather sad, but telling in its own way. Anyway, great book as expected, will be sad when it’s over.
  23. The gore has definitely gone up a level - I've always found it quite cartoonish on this show, which given it's comic book origins is understandable - but the scene in the revolving door last week was quite graphic by the standards of the show. Can't wait for the last one - the spinoff looks interesting too, although maybe stretching the premise a bit too far?
  24. The back end of the latest season of The Walking Dead has been excellent - some genuinely creepy stuff.
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