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  1. Indeed. Will be interested to hear, then, if any of them feel Folau's comments should be dismissed, related to the amount of homophobia they may or may not encounter.
  2. Inclusivity isn't really inclusive if people don't feel safe to be themselves. It's a fine balance. On your last two lines - I don't doubt there are more gay role models (was this even in doubt..?). Personally I'm not sure this negates the sheer amount of vitriol gay people still encounter. In the nicest possible way, I'd suggest you speak to some young gay people on the matter, as I don't think they'd totally align with your outlook.
  3. It seems odd to me, that a sport that prides itself on inclusivity would choose to welcome into its house somebody who has been actively rejected from participating in other sports due to their views on a large section of the population. It’s easy for us white, straight males on here to pontificate that such messages of hate would be water off a ducks back – in the unlikely event we should ever face such targeted, consistent and unwarranted hate - on the technicality we don’t believe in heaven and it’s an isolated incident. Great, except it’s not because if I were a young gay man, Folau’s message might just be the latest in the line of a lifetime of degrading, disparaging, downright hurtful comments I had faced in my life – not everyone is as Teflon as yourself and can’t dismiss it with such ease– I suspect the more of this drivel you have to face, the more your resolve could ebb away. Despite what some think, homophobia is still alive and well – better, yes – but still hurtful as anything. Perhaps I could stomach your “inclusivity” argument, had Folau given any sort of hint that he was interested in any sort of opinion than his own. Good on Wigan for acting fast, but the conversation can’t end there.
  4. Whilst there are parallels, Margaret Court being a 77 year old retiree of a sport that isn't a team game is a pretty big one!
  5. Yeah I get it, but I also find it odd that the flagship column in one of the games leading publications has basically said "this is the least worst option, Bulls fans be grateful as nobody else wants you", (an article that could have been written at any of the last four change of owners) when only days before Martyn has suggested an independent inquiry was the best way forward. Perhaps it was too much to expect the two views to link up, and I realise I have a dog in the fight, but it felt a far to simplistic response, to an issue way more complicated than that column gave it credit for especially given Martyn's own - self admitted- history with Wood. I abandoned a letter of similar length to the LE last week regarding the exact same column, partly as I though Martyn wouldn't print it - so credit to him for printing this article. Personally I agree with every word of it, and I think the issues brought up acutely demonstrate why plenty of fans - myself included - are about done with the club and the sport. If you can get past the blow for blow nature of it, the issues themselves ring true as a bell for a long suffering fan in this and plenty of people in the sport, in the club etc should pay heed if the sport is to ever win fans back in the city of Bradford ever again.
  6. Martyn actually invited the blow for blow criticism in an exchange on twitter last week, after he was criticised for last Monday's (IMO) softball acceptance of Wood.
  7. Calmers having the best interests of the Bulls at heart is an extremely liberal interpretation of events. Give the posts of some actual Bulls fans a read, you might be surprised at what they are willing to accept
  8. Totally agree, this 23 page topic proves it. Would have got to 50 if people cared about us.
  9. I believe the covenant for RL to be played on the ground ends this year. What a coincidence! Pretty sure it's been discussed briefly in the trade press this year.
  10. It's a bit of nothing statement - fair enough she has to say something and it's the noises she has to make- but the council (like many in the country) are potless, therefore powerless.
  11. To defend myself - the treading water comment is regarding the Odsal situation. I'd have a look back at a lot of the predictions from Bulls fans on here this year. Many people were happy to simply avoid relegation. As someone in the fanbase who speaks to other fans, I don't think anyone is pressuring the club to return to the glory days - Chalmers himself publicly stated Top 5 was an aim, much to the derision of his own fanbase. Most of the glory days fanbase, have peeled away like the paint on the Odsal terraces with every succesive administration. To turn this around on the fans - who have suffered as much as anyone - is unfair IMO.
  12. That's fair enough - there is plenty of evidence of incompetence. Someone posted a extensive list on RLFans earlier, not limited to the fact that the Away Jersey replicas looked naff all like the ones the players wore, this years replicas had 100s ordered in totally the wrong size, slagging off every club going, Geoff Toovey (remember him?!) and his visa, the club's press releases severe lack of proof reading for 18 months etc etc. Not all done directly by him, but he's the figurehead, the owner, it reflects on him. The bloke couldn't give a stuff.
  13. Odsal needs millions of pounds spent on it to make it long term viable. The suggestion from Chalmers isn't to come back to Odsal, it's to come back to a brand new stadium elsewhere in Bradford (not sure where yet, heard it'll be in the garden where the Cottingley Fairies were found). To go part time and put the money into Odsal is basically treading water, or - in reality - probably worse.
  14. Well exactly, why is he only talking about it now? That's the key question, that I try to explore in my post above. My conclusion - he would have moaned about in in 2019 when our current agreement was about to expire were we Part Time, Full Time whatever. I agree the club has been mismanaged, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree if you think it would have made a blind bit of difference because IMO something far bigger is in play
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