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  1. Calmers having the best interests of the Bulls at heart is an extremely liberal interpretation of events. Give the posts of some actual Bulls fans a read, you might be surprised at what they are willing to accept
  2. Totally agree, this 23 page topic proves it. Would have got to 50 if people cared about us.
  3. I believe the covenant for RL to be played on the ground ends this year. What a coincidence! Pretty sure it's been discussed briefly in the trade press this year.
  4. It's a bit of nothing statement - fair enough she has to say something and it's the noises she has to make- but the council (like many in the country) are potless, therefore powerless.
  5. To defend myself - the treading water comment is regarding the Odsal situation. I'd have a look back at a lot of the predictions from Bulls fans on here this year. Many people were happy to simply avoid relegation. As someone in the fanbase who speaks to other fans, I don't think anyone is pressuring the club to return to the glory days - Chalmers himself publicly stated Top 5 was an aim, much to the derision of his own fanbase. Most of the glory days fanbase, have peeled away like the paint on the Odsal terraces with every succesive administration. To turn this around on the fans - who have suffered as much as anyone - is unfair IMO.
  6. That's fair enough - there is plenty of evidence of incompetence. Someone posted a extensive list on RLFans earlier, not limited to the fact that the Away Jersey replicas looked naff all like the ones the players wore, this years replicas had 100s ordered in totally the wrong size, slagging off every club going, Geoff Toovey (remember him?!) and his visa, the club's press releases severe lack of proof reading for 18 months etc etc. Not all done directly by him, but he's the figurehead, the owner, it reflects on him. The bloke couldn't give a stuff.
  7. Odsal needs millions of pounds spent on it to make it long term viable. The suggestion from Chalmers isn't to come back to Odsal, it's to come back to a brand new stadium elsewhere in Bradford (not sure where yet, heard it'll be in the garden where the Cottingley Fairies were found). To go part time and put the money into Odsal is basically treading water, or - in reality - probably worse.
  8. Well exactly, why is he only talking about it now? That's the key question, that I try to explore in my post above. My conclusion - he would have moaned about in in 2019 when our current agreement was about to expire were we Part Time, Full Time whatever. I agree the club has been mismanaged, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree if you think it would have made a blind bit of difference because IMO something far bigger is in play
  9. Hopefully you have chance to read my above post - I have no time for Chalmers at all. However, if I were to take his comments as the truth, I guess what I'd say to you is that what would your preffered option be here? Presumably the Bulls are free from the draining commitments of the stadium and - in theory- able to maintain a hybrid-full time team playing out of Dewsbury without going into administration etc. Not sure what the issue would be with that in cloth cutting terms. In theory. In know reality is somewhat different
  10. So, where are we? Well I’ve posted a couple of times on this thread already – haven’t read all of it and have been away from the forum for a while as I’m really not interested in having the same old arguments with the same old people about the same old subjects. However….this absolutely needs discussion, or more accurately I need to vent about this situation. Firstly, this is by no means the end of the matter. From the cryptic RFL “we are just commenting to say we have no comment regarding a stadium we have a vested interest tweet”, to the promise – apparently – of yet another newly developed stadium in West Yorkshire, and specifically Bradford where undeveloped holes in the ground owned by the Council are something of a speciality. I should also point out, that with a heavy heart, we do need to move away from Odsal, so this isn’t a “we should be staying at all costs” post – from what I’ve seen very few people are suggesting this. My biggest bugbare – Andrew Chalmers. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I remember posting on here in 2016/17 that what the club needed bare minimum was an open and honest owner because all we’ve had is a barrage of lies – the Pope could have taken over and we wouldn’t have trusted him because we were at the lowest ebb following let down after let down. If you had any sort of sense of the situation, you could see that these fans were hurting. Yet what do we get? Personally I am struggling to think of a less self-aware person in all my time following RL. Slinging mud to Super League owners whilst we are struggling to get out of the lowest tier the club has ever played in. Stones being lobbed by a bloke in a glass house, not only because we are in League 1, but because his previous attempts at running a club in NZ are hardly covered with glory. His declaration we will be back in the city in 2-4 years – tone deaf to the history of failed developments within the city. Which brings us to the ultimate question – why on earth is this bloke in charge of our club? He has no money, he’s come from the other side of the world, and he isn’t particularly interested in engaging with fans. And most interestingly of all, he has said the RFL approach HIM in 2016…(!) So, the first whiff that we might be moving came out a couple of weeks ago? Maybe it’s RL-can’t-plan-ahead-itis, but it simply can’t have occurred to Mr C one day in late July that these costs are prohibitive. So why now – this has probably been in the pipeline for a while – dare I say it since 2016? A few people on here, and elsewhere have noted 2019 was always going to be an interesting year as this is the year that the Rugby-playing covenant expires within the Odsal lease. It’s also the year that our current rental agreement comes to an end – Chalmers apparently refusing to be tied down for longer than the remaining three year stint when taking over the club which had already been agreed before he got there. Isn’t that a coincidence? It’s also the final year we can be bound by our terms of re-entry into the RFL, such as being obliged to run a reserve team etc. And to me, it all comes back to the question, why Chalmers? Why did the RFL ask him to apply? Why was he the RFLs preferred bidder? Questions that have never been answered. Perhaps has the case of the former Bulls staff vs the RFL gone to court, the circumstances of what was – to many – a very suspect changing of hands would have come out. For now, it seems there is neither the time, interest or even solid enough evidence for anyone to do any proper investigating which is a crying shame as my gut feeling is there is a huge scandal waiting to be uncovered. To the RFL – I’ll keep this to their ownership of Odsal only. When they took on ownership, I’m pretty sure they were conned and I do feel for them in this regard. However, it must be said that they have had a huge conflict of interest with regards to the worsening fortunes of the Bulls since that day. I’m not interested in opening up a whole RFL vs Bulls debate again – that said I think their ties to Odsal did have an influence on who took over in 2016, given that i) the club were close to extinction and the RFL could neither afford nor want to pick up the costs usually picked up by the club and ii) They are three years away from unlocking the Odsal site. A cynic might say, they invite a patsy over to keep the club going until that time, at which point they can flog it off to the highest bidder, pay the patsy to go back to NZ and happy days. In fact to partially answer a question why you might move halfway across the world is in 2016, just about the only asset the club had going for it was…Odsal. Now of course, I may be totally barking up the wrong tree – some stuff I’ve posted fits this narrative (Chalmers general disintrest, flying over from NZ for no apparent reason) and some doesn’t (The RFL’s We’ll decide where you move to actually Tweet). At this moment in time, there is far too much not in the public domain – understandably – to get a clear enough picture. If we take last night’s statement as gospel, then the RFL must be bricking it – somehow I don’t think they are. Even if it’s a powerplay to get the RFL to take on some of the costs within the lease. Then what? It ain’t getting any cheaper, and Chalmers ain’t getting any richer. We’ll be having these conversations again in five years time. Some may agree here, some may totally disagree that’s fine. I’m not blaming the RFL for all the Bulls woes here, in fact if you looked purely on the surface we are the most stable we’ve been for a while. However if this has all been built on some big play to get the stadium money then that’s something else entirely. This could still go one of a few ways – but ultimately I suspect we won’t be playing at Odsal next year (or ever again), there won’t be any new stadium in 2-4 years, and Chalmers won’t be at the helm of the club within that time either. Where that leaves us – aside from in Dewsbury – who knows? Apologies for the rant.
  11. Everyone: Bradford should cut their cloth Bradford: Moves out of prohibitively costly stadium Everyone: No, we meant get rid of your players Problem is, stadiums like Odsal don't get any cheaper to maintain so the solution can't always be "get rid of your players", because by that logic, we'll be in the Pennine League in 2030 but paying millions a year to maintain the stadium. Not sure where the balance is really. Well I am, and it's somewhere in the past year or two and it's now tipping point.
  12. I believe this has been explored before, however it really isn't as simple as that unfortunately. They aren't spending £500k a year just on making sure the terraces are workable (if you've been recently, that's extremely obvious!). There is an old post either on here on RLFans about how much it cost to get the toilets behind the main stand up to scratch, and the costs were ludicrous
  13. Also a big drawback in using the site for landfill or waste iiirc is that due to the new housing development nearby I think it would actually be illegal to use Odsal for that purpose now due to the proximity. Maybe not back then, unsure of dates
  14. A comment where they say they aren't making any comment but they actually sort of have given they are party to the lease...
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