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  1. It's that old English obsession with imports, they have to win all the awards. Sam Tomkins was the best player by a mile.
  2. Based on Chris Flannery's performance again, why are English clubs so obssessed with signing imports ? And no, Thomas Leuluai was not the best player on the field, Sam Tomkins was by a mile.
  3. Good side but i'd have Gossard before Baitieri, i've seen plenty of Baitieri and i'm not sure if he will be able to step up to this level.
  4. Some times players just don't kick on for various reasons but he was a very good player at junior level, hopefully he gets his career back on track at Wakey.
  5. Nothing wrong with signing Mariano, he's a big forward with potential, it's Jeremy Smith who is a terrible signing. One of the worst imports ever.
  6. Hopefully they will be rewarded with Gerrard, Craven and possibly Kelly in the England Academy team.
  7. I would assume this means they will be available to play for England Academy to play Australian Schoolboys in December ?
  8. It is because he requires an operation at some stage, he is no certainty to play in the Four Nations.
  9. Not bad for a kid just turned 20, has a big future imo.
  10. I am happy with the format. Top two get home games, the top four get two bites of the cherry and the bottom half of the playoff teams play sudden death all the way through and if they are good enough to win away from home then they deserve all they get.
  11. Has Kyle Briggs been snapped up by any Super League club for next season ?
  12. It's not a problem at all, just release him and move on.
  13. It may well be the best of the lot, it is sudden death and both teams in good form. I get the feeling Crusaders will be right up for this and the Giants will need to be at their best.
  14. I think Elliott Whitehead should have been on the shortlist, out of those nominated i would say Liam Watts should win it.
  15. Can anyone let us know how Rhys Evans went on his debut ?
  16. At 24years of age he should be able to take his game to a whole new level, my only concern is him playing under Royce Simmons who has a lot to prove imo.
  17. I think there are other Cumbrians such as Ewan Dowes and Peter Lupton, shame Lee Mossop is injured too.
  18. On a scale of 1-10, Dallas Johnson's impact on Super League has been a big fat Zero. They won't miss him at all, i think Trent Robinson will prove to be a very good coach next season.
  19. I'd like to see Kyle Briggs and/or Gareth Moore go down to Quins and show they are up to Super League level.
  20. I'm tipping Wire will regret dropping Myler and Cooper, Myler has been criticised for only being a support player but i think that is underestimated, the ability to sniff out a try is an art and not everybody can do it. Cooper has been playing well and can create second phase play, i would've dropped Higham and Vinnie Anderson, two players who are on their last legs and contribute very little imo.
  21. There's plenty of pace in that Warrington squad and the fact that they have already won a nines tournament this season means that they are the team to beat IMO
  22. The Bulls have named a strong lineup, who else apart from the above have named their teams ?
  23. I don't see it as Cooper v Carvell, i think with Jon Clarke coming back into the reckoning it is more like Mick Higham could miss out along with Vinnie Anderson.
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