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  1. Very true but both those incidents masked that iconic penalty try given to Leeds and protected that shocker from being used as our Grandstand chosen moment from then on.
  2. Coincidentally Reece Lyne's 200th Super League appearance. 12 for Hull and 188 for Trinity.
  3. Didn't he go to Wakefield from Halifax as a young'un early doors? I'll wiki it later but I remember some driving incident out Whitley Bridge way.
  4. Saw that cracking Tyler Dupree try earlier today. Is he on loan at Oldham or have Leeds released him?
  5. Well that was awful and effectively ends our season as we can't get above Hull FC now. The late withdrawals of Pitts and Westerman, then compounded by losing Kershaw, really hurt. Well played Leigh though. Season can only get worse now if James Child is given the whistle for that final game although I do expect him to be stood down for a week following his game changing blunder with the SKD knock on. When does he retire btw?
  6. But it was a great occasion and probably one of the best in recent years for atmosphere. I've no interest in attending the GF though, regardless of the finalists.
  7. Be nice to win and also see Lino continue his consecutive kicks run. Think he's on 31 at present. One of my favourite grounds so lets just have a good day out.
  8. Is there going to be a Challenge Cup benefit for next season by finishing in the top 8?
  9. Awful error fest by Hull in that extra time gifts Leeds the game. Bit of a dampner at the end of an otherwise good day.
  10. But at the end of the day it all boiled down to Thaler showing Hicks who the boss is.
  11. Don't know if it's helped by the fact that we've missed a year or the repeated use of the clips of Miller's drop goal by Sky and Betfred during the build up but I'm buzzing ready. Driving up at 7am on Sunday morning with a car load. Pile into The Goose for breakfast and stay there till just before kick off. Will stay to the end regardless of our result. Although I only go for Wakefield's single day, I've only missed the Anfield one. Right up there with my annual pilgrimage to Wembley. Only ever been to one Grand Final though as I find that to be just another club v club game rather than a shared "Event" I watch all Super League games on TV, either live or recorded, and on Saturday I'll be stuck in front of TV all day.
  12. Just seen the full incident on highlights. It's actually Prior who gets tackled marginally late by Green. The two do a bit of a Walze until Tet comes flying in.
  13. With Leeds having the ball I guess Chris Green must have kicked it off with a late or illegal challenge on someone. Prior took offence and got hold of Green and the two squared up which was fair enough. Absolutely no need for Tetevano to run across and do that flying tackle into Green's back. Would like to add that it was probably Greens best game in a Wakey shirt for quite some time.
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