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  1. I just saw an inept and disinterested rabble give London the game on a plate. Reminded much of a typical Leeds United performance. Possession, territory and scoring opportunities about 80:20 but still lose.
  2. So why aren't I laughing? Looks like quite a few Catalans players saw good bet too.
  3. Wakey are so poor at present that it's difficult to get decent odds for their opponents. Got a bit on Rovers at 4/6 but also backed up with a chunk on London against Catalan @ 9/2
  4. 4 of us have been to the last 10 or so finals but decided to give this year's a miss. I generally drag the others along. IMHO it's the biggest foregone conclusion of any recent Wembley Final. The Leeds v Hull KR was bad enough but at least that was a surprise. Don't know if any other neutrals feel the same?
  5. Wakefield were well in control at 6-0 then gave Hull a set in the Wakefield half. Bang, bang, bang three Hull tries. Luckily Sneyd hasn't brought his kicking boots. 6-20 ht
  6. Not required. Hanley's was suitable and unique. What next? Paul McShane: The Chubby Pearl. Chris Hill: The Bald Pearl. George Williams: The Long Nosed Pearl.
  7. This term is like a chef trying to give an appetising name to a dogturd on a plate.
  8. Penalty, penalty, penalty. Looks like Wire picked some ideas up from last weeks trip to the South of France.
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