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  1. RIght up there with The Grix brain fart v Saints a couple of seasons back.
  2. And even less when a club has the cash to pay off a flop at any stage. Look at the Premiership Football where it's quite lucrative to be a serial failure.
  3. Got to be Kath who comes reasonably close to the Lady bit too.
  4. Problem for McGillvary is that very little is expected of him these days. He then fails to achieve that low expectation.
  5. The Turkeys are hardly gonna vote for Christmas are they?
  6. On a similar, and just as interesting theme, does anyone know the head to head record of Wakefield Trinity v Broughton Rangers?
  7. Maybe it's more convenient for the lad to travel to Newcastle than Widnes? Maybe Wakey have better links with Newcastle?
  8. Haven't seen goalposts like that since the Hull game at McAlpine.
  9. Regardless of the quality of the pass, it was a bombed try that even the donkey on the other wing would've converted.
  10. It's a shameless bandwagon jumping cheap copy whatever the date, whatever the sport, whatever the gender.
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