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  1. Don't worry I'm sure someone will be along soon to switch to a less positive subject matter.
  2. Not another product of that fantastic Leeds Academy sytem?
  3. Credit to Hull KR for using one of the most well know, and clearly visible from miles around, large structures on Humberside in their promo. Nice to see the Humber Bridge just beyond in the background too.
  4. He taken from Wakefield's scholarship scheme by Wigan a couple of years ago. The lad has just come home really.
  5. "Our lot" being his mate, the equally slimy, MDC Leader at that time Peter Box? Says it all really.
  6. If you were around in the 70's you'd know that there were no halcyon days. If you weren't then have a read of Dominic Sandbrook's Seasons in the Sun.
  7. The council is the MDC. Wakefield as a City died about 50 years ago.
  8. Me too. Fantastic atmosphere on that away terracing, watching a blood and thunder game No different than standing on the away terracing at Headingley really.
  9. 'Edit: Whoops. Wrong forum (was purely Wakefield related.)
  10. Yeah me too. Neil Summers wasn't it. Was it the Yorkshire Post that ran the report under the "Robbing Wakefield" headline?
  11. He turned out, at fullback, for Millington's Testimonial Allstars a few weeks back down at Belle Vue.
  12. And that era's shirts being some of the worst designs we've ever had.
  13. 1st time in a while that Wakefield have managed to put out equally good home and away shirts. There are also some Ray Price era shirts available too.
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