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  1. Well, glad that game is out of the way. Good to see Fifita getting across the line for a couple and young Aydin scoring his 1st Super League Try. Hopefully no injuries and more importantly without another microscopic match review as per the ones we've been suffering since MC had his two penneth. Could have Johnstone and Westerman back for the Shudds game too. Happy Days.
  2. No. Marshall lost the ball after a head shot. Griffin dropped his prior to any contact.
  3. Mamo Yeah but I think he's a bit silly hugging every tom dick and harry in the crowd.
  4. Catalans are justifiable big favourites (who isn't these days when up against Trinity?) so no real pressure for the visitors. Was a bigger worry that Wakefield would suffer with the four day turnaround before the Salford follow up game. With Salford crying off Wakefield can just focus solely on Thursday's game. Catalans by 20 points.
  5. Salford seem to be suffering from the Selective Variant.
  6. Yeah but considering he started off at Leeds scholarship he obviously might have been similarly overlooked at Saints or farmed out. It's a case of if my Auntie had a pair but I get your point in a perfect world.
  7. How would that prevent injuries? Look at Manfredi, probably better than Johnstone when he burst on the scene and there is no bigger stage in RL than playing for the most famous RL team in the world.
  8. Very few Wakefield fans want shut of TJ. Fortunately neither do the guys in charge. More importantly TJ himself seems settled enough too. Non Wakefield fans always pushing for the two parties to break up. Wonder why? Lewis Murphy has all this to come.
  9. Even stranger that so called Wakefield fans then perpetuate the click bait.
  10. Saints also now have a dry cough, high temperature and shortness of breath.
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