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  1. Many fans want new/varied ways to contribute. Even more so now with the current momentum. Let's see what the take up is like. No one holds a gun to anyone's head.
  2. Donations are what I give to the British Legion, Sue Ryder, RSPB, Kevin Sinfield etc. Getting absolutely nothing personal back other than a warm glow. There is a list of the returns that the club are offering for contributors but the main incentive for me is to see the ground development and longterm future of the club. That's enough for me.
  3. Anything even remotely similar to 2001 or this new option and I would have been in mate. The general call for new investment is always in the air.
  4. 2001 actually. I still have my certificate. It was more to bail Ted out back then though. This time round I suppose it's to move on/speed up the ground upgrade/refurb. I'll be in again.
  5. Similar to the David Fifita we brought over way back, and he turned out OK. Fingers crossed.
  6. Cas away end is the best in the comp. Headingley a close 2nd. Don't change either.
  7. It's not only the players need strapping into their seats. I was back and forth like a cuckoo in a clock. Great entertainment.
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