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  1. I was agreeing but highlighting how the advantage is passed on to the next opponents.
  2. A late tale of two forward passes at 18-20 with 10 minutes to go. Try disallowed for Wakefield at one end then try given at other end for Catalans. Game over at 18-26 really with Wakefield just conceding more points off attempted short drop outs and kick offs. It's tough viewing I tell yer.
  3. Oops. I thought this was going to be about the Bureta Faraimo incident.
  4. I thought at the time that the Tetevano shot was worth a yellow especially as Fages got up (After milking the penalty of course), didn't even go off for a HIA and played on unaffected. Seemed fair enough tonight for the Hull guy to get a yellow even though it ended Jowitt's game and probably has him out for a week due to HIA. Lets see what the disciplinary make of it.
  5. Makinson in in cracking goal kick form at the moment. How Shudds must have wished Sezer could have been as accurate an hour or two later.
  6. Grubber from Lomax has Hampshire and Kershaw running in treacle. 18 -0 54 minutes.
  7. 12 - 0 then back to back penalties for Saints. Wakey hanging on now.
  8. Typical 2nd half start. Kershaw error gifts Saints a try in 1st minute. Messed up a nothing kick. 6 - 0 saints. Here we go.
  9. Nil nil after 20 minutes. Miller off with leg injury. Bentley off with yellow card.
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