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  1. Wasn't the money needed by someone to pay someone else off?
  2. Who was the big guy with the white hair who came on with the rest of the Bradford oldies? Didn't recognise him. Ditto the old fella wearing 21 for Leeds.
  3. Early? I was done with fertilising eggs at that age and already preparing for the "snip".
  4. Would never want/wish relegation on any club as it is now almost a death sentence. But if someone took my pet ferret prisoner and threatened to kill it unless I made a choice. Toronto, no sweat.
  5. For a supposed friendly, both teams have always put out pretty decent squads but the fixture also has a tradition way before the advent of Summer Rugby. It's a superb venue. The greater part of the ground is nowadays fantastic but I still enjoy the "timelocked" Western Terrace. Long may it continue.
  6. It's you. The Leeds v Wakey Boxing Day fixture has been 11.30 K.O. right back from when it was a winter period League fixture. 2nd half was always televised by the Beeb.
  7. RIght up there with The Grix brain fart v Saints a couple of seasons back.
  8. And even less when a club has the cash to pay off a flop at any stage. Look at the Premiership Football where it's quite lucrative to be a serial failure.
  9. Got to be Kath who comes reasonably close to the Lady bit too.
  10. Problem for McGillvary is that very little is expected of him these days. He then fails to achieve that low expectation.
  11. On a similar, and just as interesting theme, does anyone know the head to head record of Wakefield Trinity v Broughton Rangers?
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