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  1. Back in the early 60s I always thought Wigan were Wakefield's main rival. Both top teams with the added impetus of being opposite sides of the Pennines. Later in the 60s it seemed to switch to Leeds but I believe the whole of the rest of Rugby League hated Leeds during that period so maybe that and The Watersplash clouds my memory somewhat. Since entering Super League (or maybe refusing to get relegated) everybody hates us so take your pick.
  2. Looks like M.P. Craig Whittaker will be joining him.
  3. Think this applies to everyday life without any "briefing"
  4. So it's a bit of a win/win bonus for the clubs shepherded straight into the next round and a loss for those who had an effective bye until then? Good to hear that Fev, York etc. should be getting a 6th round loser payment then too.
  5. What's the money situation now? Are only two clubs going to share the 6th Round losers kitty ?
  6. Aw diddums. Yeah. An email asking to reply with option for refund or not. Some fans taking refunds some not. Once the club has my cash (from my season ticket, cardboard cut-outs, adopt a player or my recent overspending on merchandise) it can do what the hell it wants with it. That's how it works. What was it Wildcat said to another Troll the other day? "Cry me a River"
  7. Shudds have previous for being admitted to a competition by moving the goalposts after they failed during normal rules.
  8. Might suit BBC to have no Challenge Cup? They can use it as an excuse to kick it in to touch going forward. It's essential that the BBC is provided with some Rugby.
  9. Lee Kershaw has agreed a contract extension through 2021 too. Good news.
  10. Yeah, for one entry. I'm attempting another couple with "others"
  11. It's a simple fundraiser. Took me 5 minutes.
  12. Even though he was actually an Arsenal fan. No loyalty. I suspect that checks will be a bit more thorough since Leeds Utd got away with that obvious one. Can't see Jimmy Saville or Rolf Harris showing up anywhere.
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