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  1. Minor point. Cas have been relegated twice Wakefield haven't. But if you remember the facts back then the proposed shared Queens Drive Stadium looked a very good bet. So much so that AMEC stumped up the cost of safety work at Belle Vue expecting to make back the cost building the stadium later. The Barnsley option for televised home games only, was a money losing operation but seen as very short term.
  2. Especially going down that long tunnel under the West Stand.
  3. Something the Hoople. Don't think the swear filter will allow the word Mott? EDIT: It did. Mott the Hoople RLFC
  4. Something to do with it being built on Colliery Spoil I think. Was a great atmosphere in there because, although you had to pay in, it was never segregated. Was quite daunting back in the 70s walking into the ground to see the away masses of Fev or Hull KR had arrived earlier and taken it over. We would still be allowed in thanks to a line of Bobbies down the middle. The Ponte End at Barnsley FC's Oakwell was very similar back in that period too. I could get truncheoned by the same Bobby on consecutive Saturday then Sunday in different grounds. Happy days.
  5. If you're going to sing an Ian Hunter song just google the lyrics 1st!
  6. For me Leeds benefit from a great location too. Headingley is such a vibrant area on Friday nights. We roll up way way before kick off knowing there are many places to eat and drink.
  7. Wakefield, Featherstone and Castleford. After them I aren't fussed. Maybe London and Catalans for the trip.
  8. How about the grotesque Morgan Smithies?
  9. Can't help thinking this is a bit of payback owed from the Leeds game for Catalans. What goes round etc.
  10. Is he still doing it for free? Many a true word spoken in jest. I was once in Paris queueing to get up the Eiffel Tower during the same weekend as England RU were playing South Africa in a W.C. Semi. A group of South Africa fans heard me talking and asked why I was wearing a S.A. Cap and scarf and not supporting England. I explained that I was Rugby League fan and to a man they all said "Oh, that's Wigan isn't it?"
  11. I know the final margin of victory suggests Wigan were far superior than needing that act of stupidity from Griffin to be victorious but it certainly changed the whole balance of the game at that time. Sad that Hull couldn't do it but on the positive side at least they didn't save that performance for the final and I always enjoy seeing Griffin **** up.
  12. Strangely enough that applies to the other semi for me. Would like Hull to win tonight but Wigan probably have a better chance of not blowing it in the final. Will probably side with the team Kendall hammers.
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