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  1. Even more than have just crawled out of the woodwork so far this year, for sure.
  2. Hopefully that crowd figure plus the income from the merchandise that was on sale will give Newcastle some decent cash.
  3. I'm sure Powell is reading your challenge out to the team right now. Who are you again?
  4. Hopefully a better game than that dour struggle last night regardless of who comes out on top.
  5. The relief of not ending up with only a 0-4 second half performance?
  6. Pity there isn't another game Sky can cut to now this one is over.
  7. There goes that rent money! BREAKING: Ex-Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma makes Super League move – Total Rugby League (totalrl.com)
  8. It's the same few fans on repeat though mate. I'm amongst the many Trinity fans who are rolling up tomorrow to enjoy the occasion. There will be more Wakefield fans at Siddal than went to Saints, Wigan and Salford last year when all the missing facilities were available.
  9. Off an online brochure that breaks down the capacities of all four sides of the stadium I'll try and find it again.
  10. The South Stand was full t'brim so a few late arriving Wakefield fans were placed in another enclosure. There was some scuffling amongst two or three within that group just after the final hooter, to much booing from the Wakefield fans in the SS. The stewards tried to calm it but two idiots just wouldn't take the hint and it escalated until, I believe, they were carted off by the police. Plenty of footage on SM taken by Wakefield fans in the hope of assisting with any follow up investigation.
  11. Looked like we filled the South Stand (1800 capacity) as a few late comers were siphoned off into the East Stand.
  12. Whatever, it's going to be a great day up there and is the option I hoped Siddal would go for right from the draw.
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