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  1. Listening to the Sky pundits, I can't believe there isn't a team of "Matties" out there. That abbrev. of Matthew does my head in.
  2. Luke Gale would like to be included in this group as well.
  3. The Trinity bit was actually removed. The Wildcats moniker and logo was awful. Still see a few unfortunate tattoos about. Had the three Wakefield area clubs merged, Trinity would have been an excellent name for the new entity.
  4. Something similar these day's? Hebblethwaite's ridiculous decision would never get past the video ref so beyond that would be a completely different last few minutes. That Don Fox miss took much of the heat off the penalty try decision.
  5. Enjoyment? Over the years I found the repeats quite sickening, more so than the live event at that time. Avoided at all costs nowadays.
  6. The missus thought that was a shot of Jimmy Saville in the crowd.
  7. It would put the accuser in the hot seat just vacated by Ben for starters.
  8. Looked to be a fair few on that terracing. Excellent turn out. Bet they enjoyed the full 80 minutes as opposed to the Wakefield fans who could only relax at the final hooter.
  9. 7-14 Bradford playing excellent rugby. Wakey just error and penalty.
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