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  1. There will be about 16 kits in a bin somewhere in Australia by now. Unfortunately the majority of the shirts will be XXXL.
  2. He really needs to let go with McGilvary and Hall. They're at least 5 years past it .
  3. But at least these two will be able to share hair and make-up ideas.
  4. I think Leeds went one better in the past though.
  5. I wonder if we'll ever see a similar late season collapse by so many potential top 5 teams Hull, Wire and Catalans all kindly opened the door for Salford.
  6. But how may spotted a similar infringement by Walmsley earlier that got waved on. Walmsley getting in the way was how the commentary brushed it under the carpet.
  7. This was always on the cards from the minute that clown was given the gig. Was pointed out by many well before the events unfolded today.
  8. Here's a 5th. Maybe more interest if it was on the Women's Forum, where it should be?
  9. The anticipation and build up to this game is really benefiting from the lack of RL following last weekend's quality glut. Come on Salford!
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