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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/968418073171484/permalink/5798260680187175/?sfnsn=scwspmo&ref=share Some nice current photos here.
  2. Mcmanus final comment still ringing true three years down the line: "No other sport would have allowed such a farcical and amateurish combination of self-fulfilling events to occur"
  3. Never had any trouble parking there but that bloody right turn queue off the main road does my head in.
  4. Looking at those Wigan lads I would say lesson one is eat more pies!
  5. Final score 40-12 to Wigan. 18-12 well into second half but a 90yd interception from Wigan seemed to spur them on and wilt Trinity. Well played both sides though.
  6. Game day today. Wakefield sticking with the lads who've played throughout the season. Kyle Evans missing though due to Wales RL commitments I hear? Not seen the Wigan 17 yet.
  7. The new floodlights, already installed, and the permanent big screen will be a welcome addition to the appeal of the place. Might even tick a couple of extra boxes come any imminent licensing exercise.
  8. Twas the PDRL final that was contested last weekend by Leeds and Wakefield.
  9. Without the loss of Johnstone, Tupou, Lyne and even Lineham you could say that Murphy, Croft, Hall and Kershaw could well have been out on loan.
  10. They're not and no one within the club is claiming so. There will be facilities within that others can use and pay. Similar to the availability of the hybrid pitch that is almost complete. An increase in income for sure but not riches.
  11. Sad if true. He really does Sky no favours.
  12. Many have been "expecting" (hoping for?) this for over 20 years.
  13. Thank goodness SM wasn't around when we sacked Ray Batten.
  14. Chairman John Minards said. “When we appointed Willie as Head Coach, the nature of the arrangement was that we would review the position in 12 months’ time. Having reached the end of the 2022 playing season and secured our Super League status, the Board have carefully considered all aspects of the past 12 months and decided that we need a change in our coaching set up as we move forward. Me. Gutted that Willie has left as he will forever be a Trinity Legend as a player and, as such, I really wanted him to take us forward as coach. Chester on his way back? McDermot now that Leigh look nailed on for promotion?
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