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  1. Wakey home shirt looks good and great to see all the sponsors signing up again.
  2. Might be more worthwhile signing up Kershaw or Hampshire as neither have been retained by Trinity yet.
  3. No they didn't. The CE merely referred to it during a Trinity TV interview mainly publicising the appointment of Poching as coach and the season ticket release. A few sites used the reference as clickbait.
  4. Haven't watched it for many years but I'll take a guess and say the obvious, Adam Fogerty.
  5. Really difficult decision but if I had to choose then Catalan and Saints but only just. The women's game doesn't even come close and I must admit I only thought of two choices when I read the topic title.
  6. This is so true. There is rarely a Super League game where I don't have a preference for one team over the other. It usually relates to the effect that the result will have on my own teams position but we all have second favourites or teams we generally dislike. Their playing of the covid card by a couple of teams as added to spice this year too. It was great watching the Championship games yesterday without the angst.
  7. As a neutral for all 4 playoffs, both games yesterday had me glued to the screen from start to finish whereas neither of the earlier Super League games managed that.
  8. Yeah I watched the game until result was a foregone. Then came on here at page 8
  9. To get into the play offs with only 10 league wins must be a record but to get to the GF will beat Leeds famous surge from 5th.
  10. The match had enough relevance for the BBC to produce that Watersplash Final documentary just a couple of years back so who knows?
  11. Willie Poching has legendary status at Trinity for his efforts as a player so I hope he can make a long term success as Head Coach too. great news IMHO
  12. The opening post states that the Don Fox moment was ranked 99 in a list of the top 100 iconic sporting moments so you won't have many people to argue with. I think the point is that "your average Joe Public", with no mention of age, sees this as the top RL moment. Not surprising when it's rolled out by the BBC so regularly. For me it's comparable to Geoff Hurst's last goal and they think it's all over.
  13. That may be similar to Don Fox but I honestly had never heard of that guy or remembered the incident. I do remember Ben Stokes last over in that cricket final, which he does seem to have moved on from OK.
  14. So he misses the whole of Warrington's play off run? Shame.
  15. Roy Bell? Fev, Wakey and Cas. Mr Las Palmas might have some details although he may have edited the Wakey bits out.
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