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  1. If you are going to join in, at least get up to date with the discussion.
  2. There was also a Stanley Gath coach load of home fans who came to the Wakefield games right into the 70s who I presume were from that way out. Dewsbury or Ossett.
  3. Just like all scousers begin every sentence with "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as per Jamie Carragher.
  4. Players who one minute are kissing the badge of team A until they sign for team B and then say "once I heard team B were interested I jumped at the chance"
  5. Once went to a Wigan and Cas game and heard a continuous Barmy Army chant for about the last 15 minutes.
  6. Nah! After four weeks of trying, I still can't remember any players I've forgot.
  7. Trolling the trolls! FFS! It's Tom Briscoe is all over again.
  8. One good one last year was Tom Johnstone's appearance from nowhere to wrap up Liam Farrell.
  9. Trinity have been looking to upgrade/replace facilities since way way before Super League was even a tickle in Maurice Lindsay's loins. Omission from the initial Super League set up and two years of failure to get promotion never stopped this background activity. Salford, Hull and then Wakefield all entered Super League thanks to results on the pitch. The specific subsequent requests from Super League, to Wakefield were, some ground safety improvements, provision of suitable corporate/hospitality facilities and pick a stupid name. All three conditions were met.
  10. If you really had followed the 3 completely different failures over the last 20 years you wouldn't need to ask that question. You clearly haven't.
  11. Couple of lines from press release 23rd November: The cost of the works will be funded by a significant contribution from Newmarket Lane Ltd, a joint venture between Yorkcourt Developments and Henry Boot Plc, via a S106 contribution and other private funds facilitated by the Club’s shareholders.
  12. Stay a child as long as you like kid. Getting old aint all it's cracked up to be.
  13. Wakefield adult standing is £249 but many (like me) take the option of pre-purchasing an included shirt (+£50) to give the club more money up front in return for a few freebies such as Polo Shirt, badges and discount vouchers for shop. Giving the club cash up front far outweighs any free games or freebies IMHO.
  14. Feedback from fans during 2020 gave the club an estimated 1000 renewals for the club to use in 2021 budget. On track to surpass that then?
  15. We will see when the League fixtures are released who are the lucky clubs to face Saints prior to the Challenge Cup semi and final dates.
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