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  1. WOW OH WOW OH WOW Nothing more to say really (ooh have a nice day George)
  2. this time tomorrow will be in heaven. 17yrs waiting to see 5 lush men back together.....excited is NOT the word
  3. I am back home. New boiler, warm radiators, house scrubbed. Why do workmen make such a mess
  4. Finished work for a week off. Was hoping to jump on a plane to the emerald isle. Sadly boiler replacement starting monday has put pay to that
  5. Am home tonight after spending a week back with my parents (boiler is knackered) need a few days of normality. Love them to bits but dear god!!!
  6. Heating not fixed. Looking like boiler knackered Am going staying at mums tonight as need to sleep in a warm house. Michael Buble tribute not a looky like but sound a like & had his mannerisms. Sooooo hungover today but well worth it. Top night
  7. Hoping to have heating today, been 4 days without it (leaky valve on the boiler). I have fire on & electric heaters dotted about the house but my god its cold this morning On a cheerier note out with the girls tonight for my birthday night out (early), Village hotel for meal & Michael Buble tribute. Hope he looks like him
  8. Misty (my cat) has gone to sleep. RIP princess To say I am heartbroken is an understatement
  9. They are here & drilling as I type. Could be here all night apparently. I could be a tired bunny tomorrow
  10. Lets hope not, someone has slipped & broke their leg on the ice due to it this morning. If i was them would be suing U U
  11. I know. Wine is already open & it helps haha. Hope U U come tomorrow
  12. We have a burst pipe in the street outside my house. Phoned United Utilities they have no idea when someone will get to us! Its gonna be fun when it freezes overnight. We can hold our own Dancing on Ice competition. I now have people knocking to tell me about the burst & how dangerous it will be. Seriously considering turning the lights out
  13. Saints have given Oldham 2 turnstyles, sadly its not Meli & Gardner
  14. This is my last Thursday afternoon off. from next week I will be working all day Thursday. The extra money will be a blessing. Following on from the ambitions thread my boss said to me today, when talking about future developments, that she wants to get me up to Nurse Clinician / Practitioner rather than employ another GP. To say I am happy is an understatement
  15. Girlies Christmas Night out tonight, Liverpool conference centre & arena for a Las Vegas casino night. It could get messy!! Have to be there at 7 so soup is on so the glamming up can begin at 3ish........bring it on!!
  16. Am debating whether to venture out later on "special circumstances" I spoke to Dad yesterday & he is making Pea & Ham soup today & I told him if the roads are bad I wouldnt be coming for some however am having second thoughts now. The lure is too strong Wonder if Royal mail will deliver it to me?
  17. Making christmas cake tomorrow, a bit late but just means will have to step up the "feeding" regime
  18. Not seen a flake of snow. It was icey overnight. havent ventured out yet so dont know temp but its cold. Lovely & sunny though
  19. Have had a nervous 24hrs, took my cat to vets for usual vaccinations & check up. she has lost some weight which I knew but they were concerned. Did some bloods & was told today she has kidney failure (early stages). Put her on tablets & will see how goes. I know its daft but she is my family & was devastated last night at the "what ifs"
  20. After watching the Take That documentary I am even more in love with them all now, if thats possible
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