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  1. Same here with firefox. It had cleared up previously, was fine yesterday but first time I visit here today, suspected web forgery.
  2. Huddersfield were never offered the opportunity to play in the WCS last year as they were never invited. Warrington qualified as they got further in the play offs. The idea that they declined it is an urban myth.
  3. Sport requires winners and losers. People watch for the uncertainty. Leigh or any other club can only exist with other, competitive clubs to play against. For this reason the EU does not consider sporting clubs, within the same sport, to be in financial competition.
  4. It's not a restraint of trade as there is no financial competition.
  5. 29-10 final score. Eliis, Murphy (2), Mcgillevary and Crabtree, and O'Brien and Penny with the tries. A win at Warrington and Danny Brough kicks a drop goal. Miracles do happen
  6. Slayer guitarist and founder member Jeff Hanneman has passed away at the ridiculously young age of 49. A member of one of the "big four" of thrash and a hugely influential band Jeff will be a sad loss to the world of rock/metal. RIP Jeff. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/entertainment2/56257598-223/hanneman-jeff-slayer-bite.html.csp
  7. Not true the RFL tell clubs which kits to play in. I can only assume someone in the RFL is colour blind and thought the home kit would clash with the referees lime green ensemble.
  8. So you expect us to have a higher average attendance than Leeds, a city three times the size? A team that hasn't drawn an attendance of 20,000 for the last three years despite being back to back to back Champions? It isn't very realistic is it?
  9. Season tickets and pre-booked tickets allow clubs to plan for gameday in respect to stewarding, how many snackbars and entrances to open. It is one of the reasons clubs like people to pre-purchase tickets for games. I could only see the scheme working if people specified the matches they wished to see before they bought the tickets, which is what Huddersfield did with their flexi-ticket offer. Unfortunately this would make the flexi part of the scheme less flexible.
  10. I never realised not being beaten by Bradford was one of the creteria for Superleague membership. Does this also mean that Catalans, Harlequins, Crusaders, Salford, Hull KR and Wigan are also in danger of losing their licenses as well?
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