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  1. Would there be any dramas with both clubs playing out of the same venue ? New River Stadium for example. Would need some assistance from those who work out the fixtures draw each year but you could make it work to be the hub of Rugby League in London. Having visited NRS as a visiting Aussie tourist a few years back I found it easily accessible and with a warm welcome.
  2. I wouldn't say the site is the bastion of journalistic professionalism. Just a bit hyperbole by a high school keyboard clicker.
  3. Just posted a similiar thread without having seen yours ....Great minds think alike Will remove mine. I do enjoy these clashes and have been to watch a few live here in Brisbane. Hopefully they come back. PS. Any recent (《 10 years) games / tours between England and New Zealand at this level ?
  4. Certainly a dampener for the international game today....but as a code we are resilient and will find our way through to a brighter future. We lost the traditional " one event " world cup in the 80's after saturation in the 70's but kicked started them again mid 90's (1995) with the five events of 2000, 2008, 2013, 2017 and 2021* building on that rekindling. Throw in the rise in competition from a number of countries to challenge Australia and I don't think all is lost on the international scene. If the 2025 edition does head to Oceania I would like to see the same countries from 2017 host ...then one Pacific nation be chosen from a tender process. If they want a game (or two) ... governments need to bid for it. Restrict it to just the Men's tournament. 16 teams retained Womens tournament to be a stand alone tournament on a 4 year cycle commencing 2026. (Think that avoids football and union ?). Be bold with the ever growing womens game and take it to new frontiers or at least those close..ish to a RL country in either distance or time zone. Make it the flagship for the code's rise and global recognition. Japan and Korea .... Spain and Italy ..... USA / Canada acting as co-hosts. Wheelchair and Physical Disability Cups to be run together as a seperate event. Scrap the youth RLWC idea for now. Concentrate on building up regional equivalents in Oceania, Asia, Americas, Africa etc. Continue the good work so far with the European version. Maybe split into divisions ... Cup, Trophy, Plate. As for France ....hold off till 2034 for their future involvement. Celebrate their centenary with a Mens tournament...and an invitational emerging nations mens and/or womens tournament to recognise the new nations to take up the sport...just like France had 100 years before. (6 teams max. 2 pools of 3. Winners play off. Preferably from various global regions). 2029 ? Maybe we have an emerging nations regional champions tournament only if no interest from UK / Oz. Balkans in NH, South America for SH as venues. Disappointing France 2025 is off as this Aussie was heading over to mix international rugby league support with family history celebrations. Might just be an earlier European holiday and a Super League GF now. Obviously we are down today as a code ... but we can recover and get stronger. We have proved this time after time. Did we ditch the Ashes in the 80's after years of total Kangaroos dominance '79 - '86 ? No ... GB got stronger.
  5. RLWC would be 2025 .... Unless that's been changed !
  6. Certainly agree on the knowledge point. That is a requisite for all areas ... game skills, coaching, youth development, schools, administration, publicity and marketing. Many others. Finance is an ingredient in the creation of all these requirements but doing things smart can be just as valuable.
  7. On a day where I have read a lot of doom and gloom about the International game this contest brings hope that our game still has a future for existing and emerging countries.
  8. Nice way to have a lazy Saturday in the UK . Sleep in / lie in till 8.30....then wake up coffee for first half of Cows v Dragons. Cook morning breakfast during half time. Kippers ? Second half with brekkie and another coffee. Quick shower in between games. Watch 1st half of Raiders v Eels. Load up dishwasher and washing machine at half time. Off to the pub for the second half.... Get home in time for Antiques Roadshow
  9. Yes BL, thinking long term has to be the responsibility of the RFL and clubs of all levels across the UK. The Pacific Nations growth didn't just commence with the arrival of email and the internet to assist with communication and profile. You go back to the 70's and 80's. Obviously further back for PNG. Why haven't any northern hemisphere frontiers developed in the same timeframe? Acknowledge that migration from the PI's to Australia or New Zealand has a large part to play here .... but would not West Indian or Eastern European migration be smiliar ? Discussion about France playing clubs or regions to get more experience has been had on this thread. Could it not be nurtured at lower levels as well? Say a country or Invitational team playing games against non heartland areas to start with then progress on to higher competition. When the 1975 RLWC was being played the thought of 2 x 16 team World Cups - a mens and womens - would have been laughable. Yet it is on the cards in 2025. The northern hemisphere has to think about its long term future before England becomes a RL outpost.
  10. Just find it strange that a forum dedicated specifically to the International game is all but ignored with all relevant news going into the " General" forum.
  11. Australian, New Zealand or French referees for the series ?
  12. Only seen a 5 min highlights package but looks like France held England for the first 20 mins (down 10-0) and then for the first 10 mins of the 2nd half. Obviously England cut loose outside these periods. As a neutral and international rugby league advocate I am disappointed in the blowout but it is not the end of the world. Nice to see a neutral ref too .... oh hang on
  13. Southern hemisphere providing quality opposition to the Northern Hemisphere. Fear the day will never come in reverse (Outside England of course)
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