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  1. Us Aussies are lucky enough to have historic vision of past Kangaroo teams playing their various tour games v the clubs or composite teams like Cumbria. Just wondering if there is much video / vision of the 70's / 80's Lions tour games v regional centres or other rep teams ? Thinking not but happy to be proved wrong ! PS. Have seen footage of a Great Britain v Toowoomba game from the 50's. Will try and find again.
  2. Out of curiosity, where do the London Broncos Academy players mostly come come from ? Are they mostly kids from the north or does London have a decent pathway for local youngsters to come through ?
  3. Not so sure about France. A number of their players in 2018 were in the Catalans set up and actually had to miss the final to provide back up to them. England i can understand but Wales, Ireland and Scotland could have somebody...most likely a heritage player...who could be a bolter for a World Cup squad. If the Euros are played this year and a few 19 year olds are getting a gig it could be a chance to happen. Ditto Italy. Was a young fellow from England in their squad in 2018 who went ok. With the extra time and increase in age could be a few other heritage players from both hemispheres who might be a bolter. A 20 yr old Anthony Minichello like player would be handy in either comp. As an aside be great if a curtain raiser to the RLWC final was an U20's Emerging Nations clash.
  4. Just curious to know if there would be any up and coming players for France, Ireland, Scotland or Wales who could potentially play in both of these tournaments next year ? Sure a couple u/19's lads played in the Opens European Championship in 2018 after repping in the Belgrade based tournament earlier in the year. Wonder if any Italian 20's could break through?
  5. Hi all, Been able to locate and watch the first test in this series but had no luck in locating the other two. If anyone can assist I'd be most obliged. NB. Have asked the question on the YouTube account where the first test is shown but no reply forthcoming unfortunately. PS. There is a great compilation on YouTube of the club games. Chris Anderson ...who had toured in '78... doesn't hold back when asked about the difference in playing standards between the two tours !
  6. Dare say this is another Rugby League event in jeopardy if not already cancelled ?
  7. Was only wondering about this issue on the weekend ! Spooky ! Yeah a bit of bad luck for the English boys. Real real shame that an U/20's Tri / Quad series is not on the radar.
  8. That's it folks - Shows over for this year https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2020/03/27/2020-qrl-statewide-competitions-cancelled/ Some handy players for English clubs if the game gets back on over there and the quota system / govt regulations allow them to come over.
  9. Curiosity has got to me. Who are the current / incumbent coaches of all the teams who have qualified for the Mens and Womens RLWC ? Happy to see the details of any other countries coaches as well.
  10. Thanks for sharing DP. Thought the Fijian outfit fought back strongly.
  11. Been listening your 'Greatest Hits of Sonny and Cher' LP again DP ?
  12. Interesting point raised at the lecture last weekend re the influx of Aussies and Kiwis to England. New QRL History Committee President Steve Ricketts spoke of how the numbers substantially increased between the Kangaroo tours of 1978 and 1986. Guessing the International Transfer Ban may have been lifted during this time. Michael Hagan who was the guest speaker of the day spoke glowingly of his stay in England and admiration for the RL fans in England.
  13. Thanks for the insight. I was thinking more the amateur level stuff and at both senior and junior levels. Was basically curious to know if someone in Ipswich, Bristol, Southhampton or Cornwall had a chance to represent their region or some form of national team.
  14. By the way if not noticed before, 7 of the 8 games are Sydney based teams v non - Sydney based teams. Traditionally these are the games that attract lower crowds in Sydney, whereas here in a festival format the games are well supported.
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