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  1. Been listening your 'Greatest Hits of Sonny and Cher' LP again DP ?
  2. Interesting point raised at the lecture last weekend re the influx of Aussies and Kiwis to England. New QRL History Committee President Steve Ricketts spoke of how the numbers substantially increased between the Kangaroo tours of 1978 and 1986. Guessing the International Transfer Ban may have been lifted during this time. Michael Hagan who was the guest speaker of the day spoke glowingly of his stay in England and admiration for the RL fans in England.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I was thinking more the amateur level stuff and at both senior and junior levels. Was basically curious to know if someone in Ipswich, Bristol, Southhampton or Cornwall had a chance to represent their region or some form of national team.
  4. By the way if not noticed before, 7 of the 8 games are Sydney based teams v non - Sydney based teams. Traditionally these are the games that attract lower crowds in Sydney, whereas here in a festival format the games are well supported.
  5. Yes Brisbane is already a well established RL territory but holding it there has a number of advantages. * Firstly, In reality it would probably only be Brisbane or Sydney that could hold this event. The likes of Melbourne and Perth would in my opinion struggle to have crowds for the whole event. * Suncorp Stadium is located within walking distance of the city and all the accommodation options therein. Unless held at the Sydney Football Stadium, this is not the case for Sydney. A train station is a 5 / 10 min walk away as well. * Free charter transport direct to the stadium is offered from certain parts of town. Free public transportation is offered to ticket holders. * The Caxton Street Precint leading to the Stadium provides bars and restaurants for Pre game gatherings of attending fans. * With the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in close proximity, visitors can make a holiday weekend / short break of it.
  6. Hi all, Here in Australia in a few weeks time we have the annual Affiliated States Championship / Tournament contested by Open age and U/18 teams from Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. The Women's Tournament was a couple of weeks back. (though you'd be hard pressed to find any news about either event from the NRL or ARL ) Does anything happen for the non - heartlands areas in England ? Vaguely remember seeing details of an NCL rep team in years past.
  7. Thought I'd post / advertise this just in case anyone who frequents here happens to live in SEQ or will just happen to be in the area next weekend Regularly get along to these annual lectures and get to mix with the odd ex player, referee, administrator or journo. The scones with jam and cream are always a winner as well https://stevericketts.com.au/2019/05/10/2019-ross-livermore-memorial-lecture-australians-in-england/
  8. Would love to see a game of RL in South America and Asia ...any level. Done so in the other continents of Africa, North America, Europe and Australia (Oceana ?) so adds to the list. Don't like my chances of see anything in Antartica ...but you never know !!! Would love to see an International in PNG and France and North America. Ditto Eastern Europe. (Was at u/20's in Belgrade last year but thinking Open age here) Super League Grand Final and Lord Derby Cup final. Catch an interstate game between Victoria and Western Australia. Cheer on Ireland in Ireland against a team they have a chance against. Go to the Super League Magic Round.
  9. Wonder what other nations would be interested in attending for the Ukraine to have to go through qualifying ?
  10. Was there in Belgrade last year. Hopefully the momentum for this event continues and we see it for many years to come.
  11. Just like to acknowledge young Wellsby. Class player and obviously a quality person as first to shake hands with the Australian boys.
  12. Well done to England from an Aussie International RL enthusiast ! Look forward to seeing the careers of a lot of these lads. One quick correction - The National Under 20's Holden Cup does not exist anymore. NSW and QLD have their own separate comps for 20's and 18's. Think the 20's is a full season whereas the 18's (and 16's) play a 7/8 game season before State and then National finals. Qld set up link here. https://www.qrl.com.au/news/20182/12/1322/historic-draw-alignment-to-benefit-fans/ Hopefully see a few of today's stars in action come RLWC2021.
  13. Sorry mate just seen this now. Was there all day Wednesday. Had an Kangaroos polo shirt on that i presented to the Ukrainian fullback. The kid could play. His chip kick, chase and regather to score an individual try was top class. Did hear a bloke who had Newcastle Thunder connections was going to investigate his potential involvement in their Academy system.
  14. FYI. I have written a short report of my day out for the website " The Footy Almanac". Will be either on front page or in the RL section. Done on the run so a few editing errors ...but i can live with that !
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