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  1. All the strengths that Leeds had became massive millstones in 2020 and 2021. They made huge losses.
  2. Maybe he just wants less work. He's at that time of life. To say that he's out of his depth is nonsense, bearing in mind what he's achieved over the last 38 years.
  3. We did try scoring team kicking off twenty odd years ago. The trouble was that the receiving team got the ball but not in a very favourable position. Obviously, there's no obligation for the kick off to be from half way but nobody thought of that and the experiment was abandoned.
  4. You reckon the Championship clubs would prefer a huge division of twenty-odd teams, as unrealistically proposed on this very forum a few months ago? Sometimes sacrificing a few quid can save you thousands. In case you missed it first time round, who knows?
  5. You're a smart one. Yes, it's on the West Riding side of the river.
  6. Maybe the deal is that travel will be funded. Who knows?
  7. It was 38-22 at half time. Johnny Woodcock scored a converted try in the first minute of the second half to make it 44-22 and that was the widest margin at any point in the game. Scoring went..... 6-0, 12-0, 12-6, 16-6, 16-10, 20-10, 20-16, 26-16, 26-22, 32-22, 38-22, 44-22, 44-28, 44-34, 44-40, 44-46. So by no means as dramatic as York but still a decent effort.
  8. Hmmm - I didn't think we were that far in front. I'll check up. Meanwhile, we lost 36-32 at London a couple of seasons ago after leading 32-0 at halftime. But the real drama is in wiping the lead out inside the last 12 minutes, not so much the size of the lead.
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