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  1. Agree. Fev play the higher placed winner from Week 1. Which could be 3rd, 4th or 5th. Toulouse play the other lot.
  2. No, but one of them could have a win confiscated for a Covid breach or something.
  3. A "bumping cylinder" !! I like it.
  4. Is that right, Mark ? Sheffield played their first post-takeover fixture at Victory Park on 28 Dec 1999. (Yes, I know it's over a year since you posted it but I've only just seen it.)
  5. I believe you'll find it's interplanetary.
  6. It's not false because they'll be two games short - 14 instead of 16. But they are indeed stirring because they weren't required to play 70% so failing to do so is irrelevant. It was agreed that they would have to play everyone at least once (hence the "home" games against Swinton and Widnes being fulfilled at Sale) and that part time teams wouldn't be required to go. At the time, it wasn't known how long that would last. Turns out it was the entire regular season.
  7. It is true but it was agreed that they didn't have to. What's not clear is whether Fev offered to fulfil the game at the time or whether they've suddenly become anxious to play the game after losing last month. Bit churlish if the latter and I'm not surprised Toulouse declined. Either way, Toulouse would need to lose another game for Fev to finish top, even if Fev won in Toulouse. Might happen, might not. Who have they got left to play ?
  8. I thought it was three - all after Sheffield Eagles had finished their season. I may be wrong. Originally, it was to be half of their home fixtures.
  9. Au contraire. It was the Huddersfield club which was liquidated.
  10. It's the pathway which creates the interest.
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