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  1. No, it's still in Lancashire but Cheshire Council empty their bins. It's the Law.
  2. Warrington's in Lancashire. Just for clarification.
  3. The snag with that is that the receiving team still has their second set in possession first so they still get first crack at a drop goal. Team Kick-off has had the ball once but they weren't allowed to score in their set. I don't see how you can avoid that. However you dress it up.
  4. Three sets of laws ? I can remember when all four test nations were playing to different laws.
  5. Typical. Just plonk teams in places where you'd like to have one and hope the fans rock up. It's a tried and tested method. Unfortunately, the tests haven't been all that successful.
  6. Easy to pick on other folk for not spending their money in the way you want.
  7. They were welcomed. They were given concessions. They asked for more concessions.
  8. Aye, but the club still couldn't make it pay. Or, at least, lose an acceptable amount.
  9. I've no objection to "outsiders" (whatever that means) getting involved in Rugby League. However, I'm getting a bit fed up with "outsiders" not getting involved when a new club is set up on their doorstep.
  10. The time was not right for Toulouse to be promoted.
  11. So what do you advise ? Setting up clubs in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Glasgow and Milan ?
  12. That's rich ! I'm not complaining. I'm saying that the problem that you're complaining about, in your negative way, doesn't exist.
  13. Have a look at the fixture list. All those Friday night games are "a few miles away" ?
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