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  1. So you think Sheffield will play at the OLP then ? If there's a restart, obviously.
  2. If only the Council had accepted Sheffield's bid instead of a bloke who talked big and delivered little, Johnny.
  3. Sheffield would probably decamp to the Keepmoat because of the building works, increasing capacity to 15,231. Should be sufficient, I would've thought.
  4. Depends. Maybe there's no relegation. Maybe the owner gets fed up of pumping money into his project. Who knows ?
  5. As I said to Johnny, what's the attraction of a half-assed competition ?
  6. I dunno. How did Lahndon and Paris get into $uperleague in 1996 ?
  7. Maybe they'll gain more supporters who'll see it as a discount than they lose by them seeing it as an extra charge. You seem like a glass half empty guy. Cheer up. Look on the Brightside.
  8. You think so ? Suddenly we're interfering with 2021 as well.
  9. Which would mean that the club can reclaim the VAT. Every little helps.
  10. That's down to the deal the club strikes with individual sponsors and the fans. If we look at the deals various soccer clubs have offered, fans seem to have been given a choice of refund, discount against next year's ticket, waiver of refund. Interestingly, amongst the lower leagues, waiver amounts to around 70% of cases. Business sponsors' deals will, no doubt, remain confidential though I'd expect them to have similar options.
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