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  1. Mmmmm - they're the sort of kits I like. I don't like them too busy.
  2. Is that who you want to qualify or who you think will qualify ?
  3. Not really. I think you're assujming that clubs will sign a player and then rush out to announce it to the press whereas I'm thinking that clubs will sign players and then announce it in a manner that (they hope) keeps interest going over the close season.
  4. I reckon that nearly every club has got around 25 players already signed up. They just haven't announced them.
  5. I'm not sure it's a great time to announce signings at the moment. The focus is turning to the RLWC.
  6. Signed? Sportsmen don't sign deals. They pen them.
  7. Ah - but what if they're eight point tries?
  8. Which is the main reason it won't last more than a season. A giant-killing is part of the charm of the cup, yet it'd likely disappear with two legged ties
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