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  1. Thanks. I thought the album cover was a good clue, but apparently not good enough for some.
  2. No - there was one. The ref just overruled the umpire and awarded the point in one of them. So one in - what - a hundred ? - shots at goal. How many goal attempts are there in a Rugby League game ? Ten ? It's just not worth the financial outlay. Taller posts is the answer.
  3. Parochial ? That would be a parish, not a county.
  4. How many times a match is Hawkeye called upon ? I don't think there was one yesterday in the Cats- Déise game. Not that I was counting, like. It's only available at Croker and Thurles so I'm not convinced it's all that portable. How many grounds would we need it at ?
  5. Amber, Tommy. Bradford have never played in gold.
  6. Don't kid yourself. Gary would want Bradford. It used to be a huge payday.
  7. Bu99er that. The fans are the heart and soul of the club.
  8. Just saying Rugby League in Gateshead lasted more than one season. I'm not saying you should've attended the games. Just that you should acknowledge that they happened.
  9. Did you look up their Divisions 2 and 3 record ?
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