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  1. As far as I know, we're just the GB Lions this year. Ireland not included. They're probably relieved. Still, your average foreigner doesn't get the difference between England and the UK.
  2. The UK ? Have they ever had a team ? It depends how you view the Northern Union team pre-1921.
  3. What will people think when they turn up at a building site ?
  4. Dunno - didn't Boris cabbage a six year old at some photo opportunity a few years ago ?
  5. Aye, but the split weekends that create the byes are scheduled around the State of Origin games, are they not ?
  6. Nothing to do with the RFL. That was the miners' strike.
  7. You're wrong there, Johnny. The Captain Morgan Trophy was for the eight quarterfinalists of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Cups. If you got that far, you were in it. You couldn't say no. Not sure about the BBC Floodlit Cup but I think you could only get out of it if you didn't have lights. I wasn't into reading the Official Guide at that time.
  8. Well, I liked it. It needs a few tweaks - no midweek games would be good - but it gives Championship clubs a realistic chance of winning summat.
  9. A lot of clubs are propped up by a rich bloke. And not just in Rugby League. Nothing to see here. Move along, please.
  10. Bit of clarification needed in the OP. "The ball carrying arm" is different from "the ball". The reference to ball carrying arm is more to do with a tackle being complete. For a drop out - or a try - we need to consider what's happening to the ball.
  11. When the whole project's done, it'll be big enough to stage the Challenge Cup Final.
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