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  1. What is the most transferrable skill from your cricket career to your rugby league career???
  2. At what point did being a professional sportsman feel like a normal thing to do for a living???
  3. At what point did being a professional sportsman feel like a normal thing to do for a living???
  4. Would anyone else find a more prominent role for Jenna Brooks??? Seems a bit lost on Boots n All.
  5. I actually have a bit of a rant at the telly when this form of subjective judging takes place. Did Chetna get lucky??? Yes. Was she the best baker because of that luck??? Yes. Should that matter in terms of the competition??? Not for me. The way I would like to see it work is that everyone gets ranked in each round. The three ‘scores’ are then added up with the person with the lowest score winning and the person with the highest score being eliminated. Only if scores are tied should there be a discussion. Rant over. Lot of love in our house for Chetna.
  6. Excellent. Get ready on the edge of my seat, pick my favourite and then complain all the way through about everyone else.
  7. I thought I was going to Portsmouth on Tuesday. I'm actually going on Wednesday. Plans haven't changed I just got the day wrong.
  8. Get to see my parents this weekend but as a result I won't get to see Mother-in-Law.
  9. Just drawn up my exit plan that will let me move from my current role to my new one. I had to question what my boss will be doing while I do everything he needs me to do and then what will be left for him to do after I have gone!!! The lack of a reply was good enough for me Plus MiL returns from her holiday today.
  10. Moving our bed into the 'utility' room tonight to make space for the new bed that arrives on Friday.
  11. Mother in Law is staying with us tonight before the trip tomorrow.
  12. I'm just off for a coffee with my Mother in Law so that I can take her flat keys from her.
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