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  1. Regarding Carnegie they seem to be taking a lot of home games away from their home ground even if they are cup games, not just one a year. Also they seem to be taking them to areas that already have fairly successful union set ups, and to be fair probably aren't far off Carnegie anyway, and also don't need a leg up. Yorkshire Cricket is the county wide team that's at a guess why they have so many members in North Yorkshire, I'm suggesting it may be benificial for Knights to explore been a team for North Yorkshire, or at least ways to go about that. The council point I agree is a massive one, yes I guess they won't be happy at all after the hole fiasco of the Stadium saga, but I'm sure they wouldn't be to averse to a one off game away from the city, if it helps build the club and most of all makes the wider area aware of the Knights. True, but as non of them are an event that can be built up on our behalf, and with all due respect other than Toronto, Toulouse and possibly Cumbrian teams not places you would likely ever want to go to. To lose one game a year from your season ticket because your club are trying to build their brand to a wider audience and get upset about it in my opinion is very selfish, but again that is my view and I believe I look at the wider picture, although I concede it may be entirely wrong. Although the way I see it the sporting landscape is changing rapidly and clubs have to operate differently to be relevant, which the Knights do well anyway. This was just an observation of Scarborough extending their ground and I had a little lightbulb moment on how it could benefit the York and enable us to expand our roots across the North of Yorkshire. I have enjoyed the discussion with Haxby and Deano as it definitely shows it's not necessarily the good idea I thought it was, but anything that gets us talking about RL and the Knights is good, isn't it? As an aside, we organised a North Yorkshire Cup last year with 5 sides in it which I felt was pretty successful, with the final held at Knaresborough between the Lokos and NEAB A and that attracted a fairly healthy crowd, maybe 100-150, now that could have been all families of the players but I'd be surprised if it was. It was a very entertaining game too so hopefully it inspired some Knaresboroughnians into the sport.
  2. I see where you are coming from and agree to an extent, if you’re taking several games away from your home base then yes your fans will start to become disillusioned with the concept. I was thinking only one game a year as a Knights ‘Big Day Out’ to showcase us to the rest of North Yorkshire. I don’t know where Carnegie were taking their games but am I right in saying there are other clubs in the same division, Doncaster and Rotherham, perhaps it was stepping on their fan’s toes, a bit like if we were to try and take Yorkshire and took a game to Batley, admittedly RL is more saturated in the county than RU. I’m talking about North Yorkshire though, where we’re the only professional rugby team in a county of near 1million people. You say that county cricket has been played in Scarborough for many years, presumably there was a year one to start the tradition, also you mention many fans go and make a weekend of it, could this not be something Knights fans could do. Let’s face it we don’t really have many ‘events’ to go to, so this could be a big deal once a year, plus how many professional rugby games do the good people of Scarborough, Harrogate et al get to see live in their home town, it could bring a few out. Obviously this is all a bit of a pipe dream and a may not at all be feasible, your concerns are genuine and show things like this need to be approached with caution and may not work at all, but just because it hasn’t worked for one it doesn’t mean it won’t work for another. For me it’s more about tapping in to the vast potential that the North Riding has to offer us, we must have one of the biggest catchment areas in RL on our doorstep it'd be good to try and utilise it, but this way could be the wrong way there are lots of other ways of roping in the people of our beautiful county.
  3. Tis' a good argument, the thoroughly outlined the pros and cons of the idea. I agree with your observations wholeheartedly.
  4. The Knights big day out, our very own Summer Bash in a much nicer town than Blackpool, if we go to Whitby , I'm joking Scarbados is lovely too. Then our 'Posh Play-about' in Harrogate. If other people are like me and love visiting new grounds to watch RL then it could get a good following if it is attainable and commercially viable, although there are benefits away from making money.
  5. With the news that Scarborough FC have just announced they have received funding for their Flamingo Land Stadium to increase capacity to just over 2,800. (link), it got me musing about games on the road and whether they would be beneficial. Yes, I realise we are getting a brand-new community stadium which we really need to utilise and start getting good crowds (hopefully an average of 2,500-3,000 next year) and in my opinion try to sell out one game per year. But I also feel we need to try and expand not only our fanbase but our playing pool throughout North Yorkshire. We have aspirations of being York’s premier sporting team which by default will probably make us North Yorkshire’s too (if we say Middlesbrough still isn’t in the county), and I feel we should try and represent that, with taking one game on the road against a not so well supported team. There are a few other stadiums in North Yorkshire with an okay capacity, Harrogate Town’s Wetherby Road ground has a 3,800 capacity. Pickering Town have a 1,500 capacity. Tadcaster Albion a capacity of 2,000. Whitby’s Turnbull ground has a 3,500 capacity. Of these listed above I only think an extended Scarborough, Harrogate and possibly Tadcaster would be of any worth. Pickering is too small and Whitby probably too far. I feel we should take games to these places to help an existing or kick-start an amateur club there with the addition of gaining a few extra fans too. If we want to become a solid Championship club and even dare I say it one day aspire to SL, I strongly believe we need to run an academy or reserves or whatever rugby league decides the way forward for juniors. We have in the past had brilliant success from this bringing through stars such as Greg Minikin, Harry Carter, Ed Smith (where is he now?), Kriss Brining, the Dents etc. and that was from let’s face it a sub standard set up for what I think our club should be aiming for. There is an abundance of talent in York with players such as Joe Porter and Matt Chilton coming from the amateur game, and I could name a fair few who have been at SL academies that when dropped were sadly lost to the game. Perhaps if they were at their home town (county) club they may have stayed in the game. If they didn’t quite make the grade they would be sent back to their original club to be monitored and encouraged, which James Ford is a big advocate of, to see if they develop anymore and if not, they go back to the amateur ranks a better playing giving back to the community game. Scarborough for instance have lost their open age team this year and I am unaware if they are running any junior sides, this for me should be a concern for the Knights. One of our clubs’ best players in Brining is from the town and I know many players from the coast who have played for not only our previous academy but also for both Hull clubs as well, the Pirates should be a club we assist on getting back on their feet as I think there is a rich pool of players in Scarborough. There are also many fans the travel down the A165 to watch FC or KR when we should be trying to get them to travel down the 64 and what better way to show they are appreciated than give them a game. Harrogate does not have an RL club but both it and Knaresborough have dabbled in the past and let us not forget Wetherby is 15 minutes down the road and they have a great club in the Bulldogs which produced Minikin possibly our most successfully developed player in recent times. Many fans travel down the road to watch the Rhinos too, perhaps a few could be swayed. There are plenty of other areas in the county that are ripe for harvest too, Selby is a big one and again the community club there need a big helping hand, one of the best players in recent times in Gareth Ellis is from the area, imagine if we could have a player of his calibre for a few years. Union is big in the county too and there are some very good teams with quality players to be ‘nabbed’ there too. I really think we should be trying to add to our player pool by helping existing teams to flourish and help kickstart some clubs in the surrounding towns. Yes, I know it costs money and I know it isn’t as easy as just building something and they will come but our new management team has shown we’re a now different beast and that it works hard and has the drive to make the Knights as big as we possibly can make it. Perhaps giving a helping hand to the rest of the county may help that. A little and good way of doing this could be by taking games on the road. Scarborough Harrogate Tadcaster Whitby Pickering
  6. Ha, yeah you're probably right. But you know, if...if they were all running about now in their pomp, be good viewing wouldn't it.
  7. Imagine if that was your squad to embark on a SL season, treble winners? A bit light on backs, but if they didn’t get injured. No real hooker. The pack and back up, wow. 1. Johnathon Davies 2. Martin Offiah 3. Garry Schofield 4. Keith Senior 5. Jason Robinson 6. Ellery Hanley 7. Paul Cooke 8. Jamie Peacock 9. Robbie Hunter-Paul 10. Adrian Morley 11. Dennis Betts 12. Mal Reilly 13. Johnny Whitley 14. Paul Sculthorpe 15. Barrie McDermott 16. Chris Joynt 17. Eorl Crabtree Squad. Phil Clarke / Jerome Guisset / Andy Lynch / Terry O'Connor
  8. So currently I'm 5000 out I'm my guestimates. Hope Salford get 8000!
  9. Yeah, a little over ambitious, as MZH alluded to, there was a good initative to shift some tickets, didn't quite work. Let's hope the rest of the team can drag us out.
  10. I'll go with interested rather than obsessed, that works a little better.
  11. Is it this? http://www.totalrl.com/st-helens-loan-young-forward-to-york/ If so, great news. If it is in addition to this then even better.
  12. I'm ever the optimist, so hopefully the more fanciful figures will come into fruition. I’m hoping to beat last weeks total which is highly possible.
  13. Ah but I'm not a full-blown Hull fan or in fact from Hull. I'm from York and subsequently a Knights fan. I just support both and if the twain shall meet, I’d obviously want York to win. This actually makes me more perverse doesn’t it?
  14. Might as well start it early. I try not to be too obsessed with attendances, but it is a good gauge to see where we are as a sport. Round 2 coming up, can we surpass R1's figure of 56,736? Hull FC v Castleford Tigers – 13,000+ Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos – 14,000+ Warrington Wolves v Hull KR – 12,000+ Catalan Dragons v Huddersfield Giants – 9,000+ Salford Red Devils v London Broncos – 3,000+ Wakefield Trinity v St Helens – 5,000+ Total: 56,000+ So, if those crowds are anyway near correct we will be around a similar figure. I believe I may have been a little conservative in a few estimates though. Hull, I think is about right; It’s the first home game and ticket sales are going well and Cas may bring a few, could push 14k. Wigan, I hope will be bigger than that; first home game and are probably expecting to beat Leeds, the Rhinos could bring a few more as LUFC aren’t playing but being a Friday it may just equal out, 15k? Warrington, will be buoyed after last weeks victory and Hull KR travel well, second game at home in a week though, 13k? Perpignan, first home game for the CC holders should hopefully put a few on the gate, a few Giants will make the journey but with the South of France not being its usual sunny destination in February perhaps not as many as would travel in summer, 10k? Salford, a very impressive performance last week and their first home game, could be one of the few opportunities the Red Devil’s faithful get to see their team at their very best due to a small squad, when injuries will seriously weaken them, although London will be confident the home fans will be assured it is 2 points in the bag, 4k? Wakefield, first game at home this year, the supporters will be hoping for a much better performance than last week and maybe quietly confident of an upset as Saints seem to struggle at Belle Vue, Saints will also bring a good following, 6k? So anywhere between 50 – 62k. I don’t think the Championship will get anywhere near last weekends figure, with Bradford, Widnes, Leigh and York all being away. Toulouse, Featherstone, Halifax and Barrow should get good crowds, 1,500 – 2,500? I think the rest will be 1,000+, Bradford fans will travel well to Swinton, York will take a good number to Dewsbury, and the Toronto affect should help Rochdale, it won’t be last week’s 3,000 average but hopefully around 1,700. Plus, a plethora of CC ties, 13 (great number) to be exact, with hopefully at the very least a 100 at each game, giving another 1,300 - 2,000. So I would say around 75,000 people watching RL live this weekend, not too mention the hundreds of thousands watching it on tele or listening it on the radio. Not too bad for a regional minority sport eh?
  15. Perversely being a Hull fan, I wouldn't mind Cas winning. As much as I like Lee Radford and his winning of the two CCs will obviously make him a Hull legend, I just feel we need a new coach to take us up a notch. I'd like Radford to stay at club possibly as an assistant, but a new quality man at the helm, I think can take us to the top bracket of clubs. So another loss may help us toward that. What's Tony Smith up to these days?
  16. I'm in, but again much like RP I will probably forget about it (unless I'm winning ?), so keeping it updated would be good. Thanks,
  17. Doncaster is 20 minutes from York on train, and the added bonus of the women' semi-finals too. In fact York is a fantastic place to base yourself. Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sheffield 1hr, Hull, Leeds, Doncaster and Huddersfield under an hour, London (Kings Cross) and most of the Lancahsire grounds 1.5-2hr. Cov and Worky a bit further afield but in all York is this best placed city to be in ? No I don't work for Visit York, but seriously if you are around the North with good rail links close by you've fell lucky here.
  18. I'm looking forward to it, I love going to new stadiums to watch rugby. Although there isn't much presence in Teeside there is a lot close by, In and around Newcastle, Peterlee, Catterick, Scarborough and let's not forget it's an hour up the road for us from York. Can't wait.
  19. As mentioned previously, very good presentation and professional which makes the organisers look like they know what they are doing. Some exciting venues, definitely will be going to Newcastle, Arsenal, Middlesbrough and Sheffield. A visit to the usual KCom, Huddersfield, Donny and Leeds will be on the cards. Will probably get along to Cov and Bolton too, and a trip up to Lakes, all dependent on timings. Obviously Old Trafford for Final is a must. The only negative comment is some venues getting a few games each, are we really going to sell Donny out 3 times over? I hope so but there are some big asks in there. I am confident each and every one of the England games will sell out along with the Semi Finals, the quarters to push close to doing so too. I wonder what the overall capacity of the games is? Massively looking forward to the women’s tournament and really glad they have given it the standing it deserves and I'm also extremely happy York is getting a number of games. A big thumbs up from me.
  20. How good is this? Very professional, and it's coming across as a big deal, which it is. Impressed, very impressed.
  21. Aye, I can't even fathom why they have done it, there is no real need to advertise to a wider audience other than existing clubs, who would have joined it regardless; they were obviuosly hoping to piggyback on the name of cricket but to what end? Why not just 'National 20's League' NTL?
  22. It looks like it is this: https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54079/rugby-football-league-launches-rlt RLT20, T being 'transitional' To be fair it seems a good concept, hopefully it will address the loss of a lot of younger adults that aren't ready to 'step up' to full open age.
  23. Thanks very much, a bargain. Let's hope the weather holds.
  24. Does anyone have any information on how much the admission at Cas will be tomorrow? Also do we think it'll just be the main stand open? Thanks.
  25. Just to be pedantic, York is not or has ever been in North Yorkshire. Traditionally it’s the City of York and the three Ridings (of York’s Shire), of the North (North Yorkshire and the lost lands of Middlesbrough et al), West (Now West and South Yorks) and the East Riding (still the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull). But there is a recognised unity between all of us that we are the one county. Again this could change like it has many times in the past, I suppose we could go back to calling it The Kingdom of Jorvik, or why not encompass the rest of the North and call ourselves Danelaw, Northumbria or even further back and call ourselves Brigantes and Parisii. Times and peoples identity change constantly we’ve just been lucky enough to be born in a period and place where we are known as Yorkshire folk, long may it continue, but if I were born a thousand years from this point forward or back I would/will probably see myself as something different. Still the greatest place on earth (subjective I know) which it will be until we end up under water, cooked by the Sun or frozen by an expanding universe.
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