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  1. Featherstone Rovers v Leigh by 10 Toronto Wolfpack v Toulouse by 4 Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale by 12 Halifax v Dewsbury by 14 London Broncos v Sheffield by 44 Swinton Lions v Barrow by 10
  2. Rochdale Hornets v Batley Bulldogs by 16 Barrow Raiders v Dewsbury Rams by 18 Sheffield Eagles v London Broncos by 28
  3. Toronto Wolfpack v Swinton Lions KO 16:30 - Toronto by 36 Toulouse Olympique XIII v Featherstone Rovers - Toulouse by 10 Dewsbury Rams v Rochdale Hornets - Rochdale by 8 London Broncos v Leigh Centurians - Broncos by 10 Sheffield Eagles v Halifax RLFC - Halifax by 18 Barrow Raiders v Batley Bulldogs - Barrow by 12
  4. Swinton Lions v Toulouse Olympique by 16 London Broncos v Dewsbury Rams KO by 22 Toronto Wolfpack v Halifax by14 Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs by 18 Leigh Centurions v Barrow Raiders by 24 Rochdale Hornets v Sheffield Eagles by12
  5. Ah, my bad. In my opinion I don't think the Pennine League or winter rugby league are long for this world anyway. Also having played in the atrcious conditions over the past couple of months I don't think the season should start until the end of April anyway. April/May - October/November, with a couple of weeks break in August maybe. Basically miss December - March/April.
  6. London by 18 Toulouse by 8 Fev by 16 Toronto by 12 Halifax by 22 Leigh by 28
  7. Teeside could be a growth area that both Newcastle and York could benifit from.
  8. The tables haven't been updated because the leagues haven't started yet, I believe the first fixtures for the top divisions start this weekend with the rest starting later this month. The friendly table is there and is updated when you add all the details into 'leaguenet', well I know ours have been anyway. If we haven't put the information in we get a warning email from the RFL that says we have X amount of time or a fine will be issued which was agreed at the begining of the season.
  9. Toulouse Olympique v Barrow Raiders by 30 Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack by 18 Featherstone Rovers v Dewsbury Rams by 20 Halifax v London Broncos by 8 Leigh Centurions v Rochdale Hornets by 36 Swinton Lions v Sheffield Eagles by 10
  10. As Gav says about 2 hour ago. There is a group on Facebook with updates. Think it it’s called York Community Stadium or some such.
  11. Well phase one of operation SL is coming together.
  12. Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Rams by 10 Featherstone Rovers v Toronto Wolfpack by 10 Halifax v Barrow Raiders by 6 London Broncos v Toulouse Olympique by 16 Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets by 10 Swinton Lions v Leigh Centurions by 26 ROUND 9 Toulouse Olympique XIII vs Toronto Wolfpack by 18 Barrow Raiders vs Swinton Lions by 16 Dewsbury Rams vs Halifax RLFC by 4 Leigh Centurions vs London Broncos by 10 Rochdale Hornets vs Featherstone Rovers by 16 Sheffield Eagles vs Batley Bulldogs by 8
  13. I am sure the Knights foundation will have plans to get back to the outlying towns and villages, again it's a combination of time, resource, volunteers and funds that will be holding them back not willing. The York College Academy was pretty successful when it was up and running. It was another victim of the Knights demise though. I know York College are hoping to acquire the funding to get it back up and running. As we are wanting to use the pitch which will be right in front of our changing rooms, which will be much better than using the school pitch through the hedge. We were supposed to find out this week.
  14. Yes NEAB and Heworth have I believe a full complement of juniors, with Heworth winning best junior sports club in York this year I've heard. York Acorn when I was a junior many years ago always had a full junior section, although they don't now they only have a couple of age groups missing and I am sure they are trying to rectify it. I'm not sure the juniors are in full swing yet so perhaps that is why they didn't have many up? For my club, York Lokomotive been realtivley new (and fairly nomadic), we are yet to have any juniors we did have our Little Lokos (u7s-u9s) which was quite sucessful but due to a number of reasons we had to knock it on the head, we are hopefully trying to get it back up and running this year. We have also tried to start an u14s but again this is proving difficult, although we won't give up.
  15. Could York make an SL team, probably yes. Should York be an SL team, for me no. I think SL teams should be big profitable money making clubs with crowds upwards of 10,000 with good commercial arms and a recognisable brand, although that vision is a long way off and probably never likely to come into fruition. The game is held back by the clubs pinioning themselves and those who have the potential to grow. Regarding York, I would love the Knights to be an SL side, there is no better place in the country (proven) and for me, the world to live in or visit, but as I have written above I just don’t think a York club would have the potential the be a viable ‘super’ club. I think they could and should be one of the top championship clubs. Realistically I think we could attract crowds of 3000-4000 in the top echelons of the 2nd division and be in and around the top of the table each year, truthfully I think we should be bigger than Batley, Dewsbury and probably even Fev but we have a long way to go before we reach those levels. I would love to be proven wrong and in a decades time we are threatening to outgrow the new stadium and happily competing in SL. For now though we need to get out of League 1 in the next couple of years and continue to grow our crowd and bring back our reserves / academy which has produced some cracking players overs the past few years. Team wise, I think we have the potential to go up this year and in James Ford we have an excellent coach who has a keen eye for good young (and even the right ‘experienced’) players and the nous to bring them on and help them fulfil their potential. Club wise, we are in a very good place in fact we are in Nirvana to where we were 2 years ago. I believe in John Flatman we have a very astute owner who knows where he wants to take the club and the potential of it. We have of course this boards own Gav Wilson, pushing our brand and doing an incredible job of it too. There is also the foundation run by Neil Gulliver and Adam Prentis who are doing some fantastic work in and around the schools of York and into North Yorkshire. I am also sure everyone else involved with the club are working extremely hard and most importantly all seem to have the same remit and goals for the club. As I have mentioned above I really do feel we need to reintroduce the academy / reserves (the game as a whole need to), we have had some great success here in previous years with the likes of Greg Minikin, Kriss Brining, Ed Smith, Harry Carter et al coming through recently Fordy has dipped into the amateur game unearthing star forward Joe Porter and this year half back Liam Jackson who has bags of potential, he also has given trails to other quality York lads such as Matt Chilton but rather than keep them hanging on and not playing the game he has released them back to their clubs where they are monitored and I believe still in touch about their progress. There is lots of prospective pro’s in York in fact you could probably make competitive League 1 side out of the talent running around with the amateur clubs in the York & District. Over the years there have been a lot of York juniors go to SL academies in Hull, Leeds, Cas, Bradford etc. although some return to the game after been ‘let go’ a lot do not return to playing and are lost to the game, these are the players York need to be picking up and been local I believe they will be treated better and encouraged a lot more to stay with the game rather than just be dumped. There are 4 amateur clubs in the city, Acorn, Heworth, Lokos and New Earswick as well as other clubs in the area in which the Knights should be looking to, Catterick, Scarborough, Sherburn, Selby, Wetherby and also they should be trying to poach the best RU talent from the area too where there are many good clubs in York, Malton, Pocklington, Harrogate, Wharfedale etc. Crowd wise, I think we are at about 1000-1200 average and I think we can mobilise 1500-2000 for bigger games and surpass 2500-3000 for the biggest games, this I believe is no way near our potential. There are many rugby fans and the city who do not attend every game or even every other, I myself are one of these people. I probably go to maybe 5-6 games a season then there are players at my amateur club that go maybe once or twice or even never at all, and mine is by far the smallest amateur club in the city so this will be replicated tenfold at the other clubs. Then you have the fans of SL clubs in the city, I know of many that go to Leeds, Hull, Cas and even Bradford religiously, the club need to somehow capture these people before they get tied into clubs out of the city. As for potential fans York has a population of just under 200,000 the nearby Selby District 80,000, Ryedale 50,000, Scarborough around 60,000, Harrogate and District 80,000. North Yorkshire as a whole is around 600,000 added to York’s population that gives us a county wide 800,000 (I do realise a lot of these places are nearer to other clubs than York) to go at so there is the potential to grow. So to recap York easily has the potential to be an SL club in their current guise, I just think that we don’t have the potential to be what an SL club should be, that is definitely not to say we shouldn’t try to be.
  16. Rochdale Hornets v Toronto Wolfpack by 34 Toulouse Olympique v Halifax by 24 Barrow Raiders v Sheffield Eagles by 20 Batley Bulldogs v Featherstone Rovers by 10 Leigh Centurions v Dewsbury Rams by 12 Swinton Lions v London Broncos by 26
  17. I do get your point, but it’s an occasion to be celebrated we are welcoming an ‘exoctic’ premier team to our city, one in which I believe we have never played before. Personally this is a game that excites me, Fev or Widnes et al coming to town wouldn’t. Hull KR would have been good due to our ‘realtionship’ with them. I’m my opinion you can’t see the cup as just a big pay day (although yes it is nice) you have to see it as an occasion, a chance at a one off to show off the sport to your city and your potential fan base, get them down impress them hopefully they will return and you build from there. Much better than a one off payment. Also putting the effort in is absolutely worth the hard work, half of 3000 paying costumers is 1500, half of 1500 is 750, I know that’s worth the effort. There is also the chance of Cats saying keep the gate money. Clubs have to do for themselves and stop expecting others to do for them, if not get out of the way and let those who do get on with it. Apoligies that seemed a bit over the top to you comment, but it’s a little of how a feel.
  18. Here’s hoping, a very much doubt we’ll come through, but then that was my thought when we played you last year, what a day that turned out to be.
  19. I’m with Gav, I’m excited that Catalan are coming to York, it’s something different from the status quo. Also the way the club are now they are forward thinking and modern enough to know you don’t have to rely on away fans for a big crowd.
  20. Dewsbury Rams v Toulouse Olympique - by 16 Featherstone Rovers v Swinton Lions - by 30 Halifax v Leigh Centurions - by 6 London Broncos v Batley Bulldogs - by 22 Rochdale Hornets v Barrow Raiders - by 10 Sheffield Eagles v Toronto Wolfpack - by 40
  21. Toulouse Olympique v Rochdale Hornets - by 40 Barrow Raiders v Dewsbury Rams - by 8 Batley Bulldogs v Halifax - by 6 Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers - by 14 Sheffield Eagles v London Broncos - London by 30 Swinton Lions v Toronto Wolfpack - Toronto by 34
  22. Batley Bulldogs v Barrow Raiders - by 10 Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions - by 16 Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles - by 16 Leigh Centurions v Toulouse Olympique - by 12 London Broncos v Toronto Wolfpack - by 4 Rochdale Hornets v Halifax - by 30
  23. Toulouse Olympique v Sheffield Eagles - by 24 Barrow Raiders v Leigh Centurions - by 8 Halifax v Toronto Wolfpack - by 18 London Broncos v Featherstone Rovers - by 6 Rochdale Hornets v Dewsbury Rams - by 10 Swinton Lions v Batley Bulldogs - by 10
  24. Barrow Raiders v Toronto Wolfpack by 20 Dewsbury Rams v London Broncos by 12 Featherstone Rovers v Toulouse Olympique by 8 Halifax v Sheffield Eagles by 12 Leigh Centurions v Batley Bulldogs by 20 Swinton Lions v Rochdale Hornets by 8
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