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  1. Disagree Coming top after 27 rounds is a phenomenal achievement Winning a couple of knockout games is less so
  2. Which to me shows how poor the playoff system is for crowning a champion
  3. As well as Leeds have played tonight, this result entirely underline why I think the playoffs are a very poor way to crown the champions If Saints don't get crowned champions, it makes an absolute mockery of the regular season
  4. Very much agree with what Daz said, but anyone who thinks the Giants are dull and predictable needs to take their head out their backside, and maybe stop listening to abysmal commentary teams. Awful today, poor for the last few weeks but 4th best attack in the league, try scorers all over the park and some absolute belters scored this season Awful end to a bloody great season
  5. Well, kind of expected that today Excellent from Salford, very poor from Huddersfield- as we have been for the last month or more. I'm not saying since we did the swap for King, but you know...since then Good luck to Salford next week, hope you get to OT
  6. Giants form continue from the last month or so, as does Salford. Fair score at the half, but more rugby played in the first quarter than all of last night
  7. Ref kept warning one side and waving play on to the other. No wonder they lost their temper
  8. Both sides were awful, but once again Leeds won with spoiling, niggle, !@#£house tactics with an appallingly one sided ref
  9. Both teams have been utterly shocking, both teams have been shining examples of playing to spoil and niggle and the ref has shown an appalling lack of judgement and control
  10. Salford have been in superb form the last few weeks, the Giants form has been patchy, but we're at home and naming as strong a squad as we can - I wonder if part of our form has been player rotation. Anyway, discipline and defence will see us smother Salford who will try to go round us from kick off. Control the middle, let the forwards grind them down and we'll have enough polish to win it. That steel that took us to the Cup Final will be important.
  11. This all just absolutely highlights why a lack of tests serves the game incredibly poorly on so many levels for so many reasons. If IMG do anything useful it should be to put the international game as top billing. To touch on what UTK just said though, I remember when Luke Robinson was picked as England 9 - a dearth of injuries saw him as about 5th choice and this forum and others were full of nothing but criticism of him before a ball was kicked. He went onto be England's player of the tournament, so since then I'm way more inclined to listen to the idea of picking on form, not club or past reputation, since that's won us nothing. Hard to see who to pick in any position, because the perception is "no one is test level". Except we have ZERO idea who is or isn't, how many great club players have been a damp squib at test level. A lot more than players not considered good enough actually shone at test level, like Robbo (and Kev Brown in the same series, also hugely criticised). We have some excellent fullbacks, at the wrong clubs. Same with wingers and centres. Just they wear the wrong Jersey each week. Halfbacks, likewise (Russell at the Giants is one of the most measured and best organisers in SL, nothing flash but its him that gets the Giants dowfield for Tui & Fages to shine - kinda like Robbo did for Brough). Forward, jeez if there's one area we can compete it's there. I'm amazed Hill isn't being considered. Epic this season, but in reality we could pick a hat full of superb players. We won't win by following the same formula, sadly I suspect our best outcome will be a short Wayne tenure. TL:DR. Ultimately we will struggle because we dont play enough tests, also take your club specks off and admit that other clubs have some amazing talent.
  12. I love reading this thread back at the end of the season. Second only to looking back at the opinions of so called experts. Tbf, I don't think anyone could have seen Wire's fall from grace this season, or that Leeds would recover so well so quickly
  13. Probably playing with an injury because Leeds are desperate for quality leadership in the middle
  14. How many coaches will Hull go through before they realise it might be the players?
  15. Why? You did us a huge favour. I'm more annoyed that you poached Leeming, but it's good to see him in great form. Hope he gets picked for England
  16. If it was at Leeds, I'd agree, but away from Headingly without the ref trying to appease the South Stand it'll be tough. Catalans players to spring up like Lazarus next week
  17. Jesus, I take back what I said about Wakefield fans Multiple times the Giants had a clear advantage and the ref pulled it back, including that penalty that Josh Jones picked up and the Wakey line busted. Wakefield were lounging offside all game, and were laid on in the ruck so long the had moss on them. Oh and since you mention it, the Giants also lost players during the game, amazingly only one penalty against wakey for a head shot. The Giants didn't get out of 2nd gear against the perennial bottom feeders and still won. Oh and the touch judges eyes must have been painted on for the number of forward passes he missed from Wakey There, is that better? Did I do it right this time?
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