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  1. Your point being? One team won in cruise control. The other had 40 points put on them. To call Leigh under-achievers is harsh on underachievement
  2. Mate of mine couldn't make the game today, turned Radio Manc off because it was patently so insane. As he said "Twitter was better. Let that sink in, twitter was better than Radio Manc" Giants never really looked like they had to get our of 3rd today, and typically we're mostly very good but just switched off to let Leigh score, one eye on Mad Monday I'm sure. But you can see the changes Watto has wrought, and with the new additions and a full preseason it could be a good season ahead. Ollie Russel has had a stack of game time this season and is absolutely looking the business at 7 for us and with Will Pryce in the mix we have some superb talent in the halves. Bring on 2022!
  3. News flash, most under 30s are skint. Over the years the Giants have tried all manner of things, changing the main kick off times, what day they play games, freebies, bulk advertising etc It must also be noted that this pricing structure is just in line with the ticket costs for the Covid curtailed season, and season ticket holders who didn't have their money back were promised their ticket prices would be fixed at the same amount. But yeah, let's not actual facts get in the way of talking @#$%
  4. You can tell it's season ticket time, the Giants are getting a kicking for doing anything and everything for trying to get new fans, casual fans, fans who got out of the habit of going to a game, etc all into the ground We get slated for our crowds, slated when fans are rewarded for loyalty and slated for charging £25 a ticket Can't win
  5. Comments about some players not taking coaching and playing for themselves were very telling, and in hindsight you can see it in some players performances in the last couple of years Next season though, no hiding
  6. This. Pundits, especially on Sky, are best listened to on mute. This season was always an obvious rebuild job (and once again we lost so many games by a score). There is a new character emerging in the team, even in the losses, despite or maybe because of, the horrific injury list that hit us this season
  7. Ken Davey took a club in the edge of bankruptcy to the League Leaders Shield, challenge cup finalists one of the best academies in the game, playing out of a world class stadium (which the soccer club wouldnt have got either, if not for the Giants inclusion) that they jointly own, not rent and he has been probably over loyal to his coaches over the years. Could some things be better? Hell yes, but he has always built for long term gains, not flash in the pan then gone
  8. 2 divisions of 10 means the same problem we have now with relegation, small leagues have been tried before and abandoned because they dont achieve their stated aims...how many times has the league changed in the last 10 years? How often has it changed since 1973? Other than that, we absolutely need some positivity from chairman and pundits alike Also, why are people suggesting the Giants wont be in the top 10? They've only been out of the top 10 once since 2002, finishing higher than 10th all but twice.
  9. Is that it now for Leigh? No chance to make up the points?
  10. What I mean is, there were no rules for skipping a game because of covid If we apply the same measure, Leeds should have been fined and forfeited the game
  11. Looking at what has gone on previously is how you can interpret how the rules will be applied though. Wasnt there a colossal furore last year when Leeds bailed on going to Catalan just before lockdown? No rules in place then but mitigating circumstances accounted for and no charge levelled at Leeds (rightly so imo) Why not mitigation taken into account here? For the reasons already noted. It seems, from here, that there has been a huge disparity on how the rules have been applied or how some clubs are treated.
  12. Cant see the Giants taking the points here, still just too much SC not playing.
  13. Not at all, but you singled out one club in what seemed to be a very specific way. Oh, and the answer is no club has grown their numbers in the last decade and all clubs have seen spectator numbers decline. I'm sure there are a variety of reasons for this; economics, league structure and game scheduling being key ones but it's a factor that's blighted all clubs, not just one What can be said though is that the giants crowds have declined even in the face of some real success in the first half of the decade and a lot of effort to attract fans throughout- and a lot of effort has been expanded by the Giants What they still do though is a lot of community work, support of local talent and making sure their infrastructure is sound rather than buying in journeyman to gain a flash in the pan season
  14. Yeah, he was a yard in front of the kicker, close but still offside
  15. How many clubs have grown crowds? One? Three? Or none.
  16. Reynolds was offside, keeps offside, then gets in the way Correct call Doesnt help with commentators who arent paying attention and dont know the rules
  17. Now do that for all the clubs in the last decade. Lets see how many have kept numbers up
  18. Some teams have been doing that for years, its not a new thing Some teams used to deliberately give an offside penalty away knowing 2 points was better than 4, assuming the ref called the penalty (or it was the perception this happened)
  19. To play devils advocate, an RL career is no longer or shorter than anyone elses chosen gig, apart from a few careers Jobs arent for life any more, I dont do the same job or career i started at 18, for example. Very different, in fact. One thing we do know is that support and career planning for young players is hugely improved now, compared to when someone like Leon Pryce was a player. The "short career" argument is a bit of a red herring these days imo. That's not to say I dont think RL players should be paid more, I really think they should (but then I think I should be paid more)
  20. Never blame the ref for awarding penalties the players commit
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