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  1. What is always a possibility, albeit a boring one, is that the RFL have done the best anyone could do to try and keep the Bulls alive and at their home ground. The problems with the Bulls are not due to the RFL, but years of bad management, going back to their heyday when they were winning SL. The worst the RFL can be accused of is keeping them alive too long.
  2. So far the Giants have done a lot of work to address recent problems, mostly off field/back room. I'm confident they will be mid table tbh. Unless another off season disaster happens like it has for the past few years After that, who knows. Probably Saints top again, Wire flattering to deceive. Salford falling away. Wigan misfiring (and Hastings looking poor in the Wigan system) Hull remaining a basket case, Leeds still wondering where the next Golden Generation is (and like Wigan signing big names that dont fit into their systems) Hull KR looking to dodge bottom, Wakefield hoping to keep Fafita fit as long as possible The big one is Toronto, will they go one better than London? Can they stay up? I think they might just make it. But at who's expense.
  3. For the first paragraph, I'd totally agree if they were keeping their spine together, and especially their jewel player. Given they are losing such quality the jury is out on their long term prospects still. For the second paragraph, I do totally agree.
  4. Poor crowd, team only playing for the last 10 minutes, fans complaining about the ref before losing in first stage...did the Giants make the playoffs after all?
  5. More messing about in the ruck leading to fewer dummy runs?
  6. Hahahahaha Oh, you're serious? Well when I'm sat in a shiny new Belle Vue, I'll believe it. But its been 20 odd years in coming
  7. Its not the weakend team that's so much the issue, but the implication that the weakest team might not be relegated because the fixture list isnt balanced and there is a disparity between the top and bottom Hull KR could have settled the season last week, but bottled it, Smith has right to be concerned but I think is concerned about the wrong things Ultimately London did way better than expected, but still went back down immediately, chances are that other than an existing club imploding the same will happen. The game simply cannot support automatic relegation, not without accepting that if we have it then only 6 teams will have any real chance of being stable from season to season, the other 6 simply will be fighting over the scraps. I watched this format for 40 years, it absolutely failed
  8. Leeming with an epic 40/20 to give field position, no one stops Jerry in the corner. Genuinely good game, for a team with their mind on Mad Monday, Catalan came to play and their young players stood up, mind you so did ours. Bird retiring means Super League has 33% less sh!thousery in it now. Tomkins could take another 33% with him.
  9. Any own who supports relegation has never seen their team go through it, and should be made to
  10. Great appointment, I think losing Spuggy before the season kicked off caused a lot of disruption at the giants sadly I hope he comes back as head coach some day
  11. There should be a poll on how many penalties Tomkins and Bird try to milk
  12. I've been watching the Giants too long to say anything other than a Catalans win...
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