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  1. Absolutely gutted at that result, not sure we deserved to lose that. Losing Hill after 20 mins was always going to hurt us though
  2. Behave yourself, knocks are part of the game and every player carries them from week to week Well done on taking deliberate offence, have a cookie.
  3. Hopefully Hull will have left lots of lumps and injuries to take into next week Good result all round for the Giants tbh
  4. I'm hoping Wakey keep imploding and TO pick up a couple more wins Hopefully Ollie Russel will be okay for next week
  5. I'd genuinely have been okay losing to TO this week, I hope this means they are close to getting some important wins
  6. Looks like we'll play a slightly rested team If we lose, I'll take comfort in it making life awkward for Wakey
  7. If Leeds beat wakey, I'd happily see the Giants lose against Tolouse I suspect though it'll be full strength team ahead of the cup final
  8. Oh, sorry, will have 20000 empty seats. Is that better?
  9. Ahh Well that's like how you know when the Giants are doing well
  10. And I think the issue there is manifold, complex and will take a long time and commitment to change
  11. The "cut through" a cup win would generate would be epic I'd say Wigan should throw the game, for the benefit of RL generally
  12. True, I still remember all the complaints about summer rugby... The Giants social media team are doing great work currently
  13. Exactly I am 100% certain Wembley will be half full but I also am certain there won't be pages of soccer forums counting empty seats.
  14. The VAST majority of fans don't visit sites like this though, so I just find the whole process fundamentally pointless and sad. What it does do though is spill onto media pundits and social media and there it does do damage.
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