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  1. https://kirkleestogether.co.uk/2020/03/17/we-have-got-a-deal-to-buy-the-birthplace-of-rugby-league-over-the-line/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn Kirklees have bought the building to put it back into use, and ensure its continued existence as part of our history and heritage
  2. I take your point, but when the reporting is "poor saints", it kind of rankles, and is poor, lazy reporting.
  3. I've just watched the replay of the game and as @daz39 said, the media should be raving about the Giants defence in that game. To say Saints were below par is absolutely horse ****. They threw the kitchen sink at the Giants, they played with phenomenal pace but the Giants held firm, after 2 frankly soft first half tries, but Lomax is dead set the best halfback in the country right now. Regan Grace put in some amazing defensive reads too, saving more than one walk in try by his fingertips. The "no try" for Saints was dead set correct. Massive obstruction. And how does Alex Warmsley get away with walking off the mark every single time he plays the ball. Literally. Every time, five paces forwards while he flaps for a penalty. Finally, and another chippy shoulder. Jake Wardle's try should also be getting massive raves. Getting talked about in this game is 90% club, 10% ability.
  4. Though if you're listening to radio blunderside "3rd man in at the knees" is as likely to be the HKR man kneeing a defender in the face
  5. The other difference from last week is having MacIntosh back in the side, a very good fullback
  6. They stand more of a chance than every other club in Superleague combined
  7. They are team that's breezed through the league, twice and never really been challenged Their coach was successful at the club with an embarrassment of riches on and off the field, who came unstuck when those riches dried up
  8. Toronto are making plenty of mistakes, but the Ref is giving them absolutely **** all
  9. Good question, Toronto arent helping themselves but have got some tough calls so far
  10. If Liam Kay was any good, Toronto would have scored twice now
  11. It's very odd But better than listening to the usual commentary
  12. If you need to know how bad Wire were, Myler is man of the Match...
  13. There might be, no one reads it under 80 though and online it's the worst kind of clickbait
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