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  1. It is but could they have made it a bit more intresting ? Replicate his signature at least
  2. A good idea but it looks a very boring design in my opinion
  3. Hi , things are changing here as Union was pushed and sponsored heavily ; now the boys are not told what sport they can play and they are now preferring league ! There are some commited people who are rolling out schools programmes and its getting traction. My job for next year is to bring Uk teams here for games , its a fantastic location for holidays either for families or just blokes ( no current womens team)
  4. Hi, I'm looking to organise 3 or 4 teams to come over to Montenegro next summer and would like to here from interested clubs that fancy some fun in the sun ! Also in the short term I'm requiring 2 big units that fancy playing here in November the 6th this year, club will pay expenses ; drop me a line if either option are of interest.
  5. How minority are we going ? It seems to me we are getting more minority all the time hence the smaller tv deals and less or no money for the lower levels; is that doing well?
  6. I think Lewis brought proffesionalism and credibilty to the sport within the higher reaches of uk sport and media ; Woods and Rimmer have taken us backwards in that respect I feel
  7. We do well not to have been killed yet ,but i fear we might get killed pretty soon! We certainly are not on an upwarc curve like other sports
  8. Flying everyone from the South of France where there was a few roors of the game left
  9. They made a real pigs ear of Paris , you get idiots who say we have done that and failed whilst not thinking what could we have done better
  10. Ive long held the view that RL is dying on its feet but that feels like saying its going to snow at Christmas this year ! We stagger on as a sport with inept people running the game into the ground with some on tremendous salaries that a small time game like ours cannot afford im sure. There appears to be zero vision and zero optomism in the game since Lewis departed , ive totally given up on the sport and rarely read anything about it anymore;its the same old same old as we slide down the slippery slope. We have very little credibility ,cash or influence and we are virtually invisible as a sport to the British public; our only nationally recognised person is Kevin Sinfield who is jumping ship . Unless the Aussies grab us and try make something of us I fear its going to snow at Christmas very soon.
  11. Im outside uk , but there is at least something there but this year nothing at all
  12. There seems no space on the main BBC sports page for RL , i cant recall one mention of a single game! Every other non descript sport but ours
  13. No time for egos with regards to RL and Oldham; the game needs to understand where its heading
  14. 34, he is going to France elite 2 apparentley; i could imagine hes got 2 years in him. He can honestly do the lot
  15. Will try find out , hes an all action ball play playing running tackling machine 13
  16. Went to watch Montenegro v Nis yesterday in my home town of Tivat!! The lads in this region prefere League over Union ; ive been blue in the face telling them that they are better suited to league! 2 or 3 good players ; one especially good and would be a decent semi pro
  17. RiP Jeff , it was great to see you play , great off the cuff player; i remember a move widnes used to do where the ball would be thrown to 3 men stood in a line with runners going at different angles,, Jeff decided if in doubt flatten all 3 !
  18. You are correct, im constantly broke for some reason
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