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  1. Spot on! All this talk about 'targeting' certain countries or regions is the wrong approach. Have a look at where there is already some activity going on, and get on it and try and boost their efforts.
  2. Nigel Wood is going on the Chasing Kangaroos podcast on Wednesday and I think this is one of the questions that has been put forward. Will be interesting to see what answer is given.
  3. The RLIF/IRL Can't Be This Stupid Can They? My thoughts exactly when I realised they paid all that money to fly a British ref out, only to ref GB matches and have Aussie refs reffing the Australia matches.
  4. Just two World Cup spots remaining! Winner of Serbia vs Greece and winner of Cook Islands vs USA....
  5. Live stream details confirmed for Italy vs Spain. Kick-off is 15:00 UK time...
  6. FOUR! Stefanos Bastas, although he played this season with Doncaster, is a domestically-produced player. Since got released by Doncaster at season's end and is now with Villegailhenc in French Elite 2.
  7. Do they read this forum I wonder? https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1776/tournament-director-responds-to-world-cup-qualifier-match-day-criticisms
  8. Confirmation that tickets ARE still available and you can pay at the gate....
  9. Great to know that we're are guaranteed a good quality live stream for at least one of these WCQ matches!
  10. Scotland are without doubt the short-odds favourites, however, there are a few names in the Greece squad that suggest they will not exactly be complete pushovers: - Billy Magoulias (Newtown/Cronulla), Peter Mamouzelos, Nick Mougios (South Sydney), Jake Kambos, Chaise Robinson (Sydney Roosters). Source: https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1765/greece-name-train-on-squad-for-world-cup-qualifiers
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