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  1. Scotland are without doubt the short-odds favourites, however, there are a few names in the Greece squad that suggest they will not exactly be complete pushovers: - Billy Magoulias (Newtown/Cronulla), Peter Mamouzelos, Nick Mougios (South Sydney), Jake Kambos, Chaise Robinson (Sydney Roosters). Source: https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1765/greece-name-train-on-squad-for-world-cup-qualifiers
  2. GLASGOW according to today's article. Though it will now be Serbia instead of Russia. http://rlif.com/article/8701/
  3. Can we just save time now and give their WC spot to someone else, instead of last-minute!?
  4. Does this mean Illes XIII are promoted to Elite 2 for next season?
  5. Is Lezignan vs Villeneuve being streamed anywhere?
  6. Most pointless thread ever. 50% are in Australasia, 50% in Europe, and they decided to meet halfway. Cost of this will be roughly the same as it would have been had they held it in the UK or Aus. So the OP is blowing up over nothing.
  7. I'm not British, but I too consider it one of THE most important things in our game. Income aside, it's the image we portray, full grandstands looks so much better than empty ones. I don't know how 'obsessing' over pursuing high attendances can possibly be a bad thing?
  8. Right, so essentially, Hemel won't have any involvement or influence in the Ottawa team. The history books will simply read that 'technically', Ottawa were a relocation of Hemel? Is that right?
  9. Can someone please explain to me exactly what relocation is and how it's any different to a club starting from scratch? I've been following the game for years and always hear talk of relocation, but I genuinely don't understand how it works and what the benefits of it are as opposed to starting a club from scratch. Hemel relocating to Ottawa for example, has me a bit confused.
  10. Clearly, someone who was present at the RLEF Congress last weekend (and was probably told that it's confidential until it's officially confirmed) has leaked it to these podcast blokes.
  11. Yes, that and also tag the two politicians in question: @juliosynadinos and @g_vassiliadis
  12. After beating Norway in the qualifiers, Greece is now scheduled to play Scotland in a home match on the 2nd of November. But given the ongoing hostilities against Rugby League there at the moment, there are grave concerns that this match may be prevented from happening, and that it may have to be played abroad. Greek RL has started a hashtag campaign, so if you are using twitter, please do what you can to help their cause by using the hashtag. ...and for those unfamiliar with what is going on in Greece, or for those of you asking 'why?', you can read all about it here. It's been going on since 2015 apparently: http://everythingrugbyleague.com/world-rugby-league-still-undermining-our-games-progress.html
  13. I hope he gets match time there and stays for the rest of the season. They seem to have a high player turnover at WW, so hopefully it's not a short stay for him.
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