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  1. The article doesn't provide much detail as to the reasons, but it all sounds amicable and who knows? Maybe he even got head-hunted by another organisation? (hopefully in Rugby League still)
  2. After just 18 months in the job. https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1808/chris-thair-to-leave-rlef
  3. Since we all have downtime now, here is a 40-minute documentary about Greece's journey to the World Cup. It actually aired on national TV last week in Greece and they have now released a version with English subtitles as well: https://video.vice.com/gr/video/a-greek-rugby-team-is-going-to-the-world-cup/5e6a349803d3fb7859547ee4
  4. Fascinating insight there, thanks Yanto! Was it just me, or did the standard then seem better than what it is now? Of course they don't play anymore, so I am just comparing Serbia then, to Serbia now when I say that.
  5. No, I'm not sure at all, I am just going by what the title says. That's why I was hoping someone could shed some light.
  6. Here is one from the vault that I randomly found today! I have to stay, I am stunned by what a good standard of rugby league they are playing! There doesn't seem to be much information out there, so if anyone can shed any more light on this game, I'd really appreciate it! Any details at all. I would ask 'what ever happened to Georgia?' but I am pretty sure their time in League was just a few union players experimenting and was very short-lived.
  7. Not crazy about any of them to be honest. But, that aside, this is very exciting news! I have been to Slovenia and I loved it, I always tell people it's the most under-rated country in Europe! Tell us more if you can! Who is behind it? Do they have players? Any chance of playing a match any time soon? They should get the word out to see if any teams want to tour (once the corona virus dust settles of course).
  8. I am not a subscriber, so not sure if the question is directed at me or not. But I think keeping an online presence would make sense. That being said, would your audience not be interested in reading NRL news? Because as long as they keep that going, perhaps it might still be worth keeping your publications going? With more emphasis on NRL of course.
  9. I cannot see Vancouver ever being an option. It is just that much further from the UK than Ontario.
  10. I cannot see Vancouver ever being an option. It is just that much further from the UK than Ontario.
  11. I cannot see Vancouver ever being an option. It is just that much further from the UK than Ontario.
  12. Fair enough, which is why my only gripe with that whole article is the part where he says they are going for the 'organic' approach. Just don't say it, especially if you contradict it only a few sentences later.
  13. That was a really great read and fills but with optimism! But.... at the same time, one thing is troubling me. He seems to be in conflict with himself in his vision for the Ottawa club. He says he wants to go for an organic approach, then right after that, says he wants to reach championship within 2 years and admits that there probably won't be any Canadians in the team (and that it's ok, because in Canada all their sporting teams are filled with imports, and very few Canadians). So, without local players, it will never become an actual hotbed. It can still be successful (in a Melbourne Storm way), but not in a 'hotbed' way.
  14. Good point, but with the global financial crisis that is expected to immediately follow this, we might see a bigger strain on them and players having to ditch RL for their jobs. But I suppose that is always an ongoing threat to survival of fragile teams/countries.
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