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  1. I switched from Pizza Hut to Papa John's when they did that lucrative Super League deal.
  2. Cheers. Yeah i did not mean to put the others down. I just personally like the Dolphins because they are an out and out league team, fairly new and a good old underdog of Dutch RL.
  3. Unfortunately, as soon as he knocked on, he blew the whistle, instead of waiting to see if their was advantage. So half of the players stopped playing anyway. It was by no means a a certain try. But yes, a mistake none the less.
  4. Harderwijk Dolphins. My personal favourite. I think they are the only Dutch team playing league only. The others I believe, are dual-code.
  5. Harderwijk Dolphins. My personal favourite. I think they are the only Dutch team playing league only. The others I believe, are dual-code.
  6. I watched both games. Enjoyed both and the streaming quality was brilliant!
  7. I always dread these off-season articles that mention rule changes. But thank God, for once, I agree with every one of them. They are basically just righting some wrongs. A few examples of NRL "innovation/experimentation" gone too far. Nice to see common sense prevail.
  8. Absolutely nothing to see here people. Did you actually read the description of their twitter page? Algeria RL is the governing body for rugby league in Algeria. It does not yet exist; held in trust. AlgeriaRL@yahoo.com. Support our shopping link Steve Mascord has made twitter accounts for 30-odd nations (where RL does not yet exist) and put this same title on every one of them. If you go his "afghanistan" RL account, you will see he is even selling merch. Of a non-existent entity. Quite bizarre really.
  9. Ukraine vs Russia today, live on European Rugby League facebook page. 12 noon UK time, 10pm Sydney. My prediction is Ukraine by 24.
  10. Big win for today against Russia. The Russians very much in a rebuilding phase, had 9 debutants playing. https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2029/serbia-prove-too-strong-for-russia-in-eu Russia now play Ukraine on Wednesday and then Ukraine vs Serbia will be next weekend. Both games are being live streamed on the Euro Rugby League facebook page.
  11. They started off very active, running regular coaching clinics and training sessions in New Caledonia and Solomon Islands. But now over this last year or so, to have gone very quiet. Does anyone know what is going on with them?
  12. The Alicante 9s was meant to be in on 2 weeks from now. Does anyone know if it is still happening?
  13. Gee I wish you hadn't said that. I genuinely disliked him all these years but reading that, now makes me feel I need to reconsider
  14. Everybody, just relax. He will obviously get a life ban, there is no other option. Just let them follow standard procedure. Horrible incident, but I find both clubs' reactions excellent and very professional. Please stop the nitpicking.
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