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  1. Despite tightening restrictions in both countries, is still set to go ahead this Saturday:
  2. Jaguars is currently in 3rd place, by some distance. So all this fuss for nothing in the end. Hopefully both parties just move on and don't waste any more time or energy on this petty disagreement.
  3. Interesting. Is Belize RL even a registered legal entity to be putting out "statements" or is it just a facebook page?
  4. 50 days since Euro 13 social media accounts have shown any signs of life. From posting almost daily to defeaning silence. I wonder how the clubs that signed up are feeling right now.
  5. Who?? I am confused. I thought it was Worcester (then also Birmingham) Jaguars!? Are you telling me there is now a 3rd team?
  6. Again, I agree with all of that, but does not do anything to convince me that del capo knows nothing, as you stated.
  7. I agree that it is not nice when someone "sinks the boot in". But why is your go-to response always "you know nothing!" whenever you hear something that you don't like or agree with? You seem to do it on just about every thread.
  8. I find it a bit disappointing that we are already having the conversation (though I can understand why). I just wish we would all show a bit more optimism and I think this is a discussion that should start happening some time around March next year, with a final decision being made some time around June. I don't think anything good can come from prematurely discussing this, to me it just wreaks of pessimism, which will never be good for ticket sales.
  9. Nice timing!! https://www.giantsrl.com/article/7394/stevens-&-michael-to-rejoin-camp
  10. Of course they do not publicly acknowledge every bit of gossip going around on the internet. I am just highly skeptical because that same "reporter", in that same article said Scotland is a full member therefore has 4 votes. It only takes 5 seconds of research on RLEF site to see that is not true. So you have to wonder how reliable the rest of his info is.
  11. Has the "9 unhappy countries" actually been verified? Because I cannot see much evidence of this being true. The minutes indeed, should be more revealing, hopefully they are uploaded to the official site soon.
  12. RLEF AGM was yesterday, any news on the outcome?
  13. How has Brett Dallas (c) not been mentioned yet!?
  14. No idea, not sure if they plan to add it back onto the site... For what it's worth, there is also a European version of this, but it appears to be about 4 years old now, so of course will not be completely accurate: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=el&mid=1z180nEN18FpUPC5w9e_Vk17y0Fc&ll=50.495225343968634%2C2.6220141705994138&z=4
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