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  1. Slightly pointless thread this. Also, I am curious as to how you would consider someone on a full-time Qld Cup contract to be "untapped talent"?
  2. My French is rusty, but I believe it says, upon buying your ticket, you can nominate which amateur French club you want to receive 30% of the cost of your tickets. Sounds like a great initiative there by the French Fed.
  3. Where did you see Italy on the list? Wales not playing, yet Scotland playing is an interesting one. I do not believe teams qualify for this, they simply send an expressio of interest. Perhaps money was an issue for some? Either way, pretty exciting to USA joining, will be interesting to see how they go!
  4. For those who are unaware, the two groups are: Group A: Wales, Ireland, Netherlands Group B: France, Greece Serbia 1st place in each group (almost certain to be Wales and France) go directly to the World Cup. 2nd place in each group play against in each other in October. Winner progresses to the World Series, which is a playoff between the remaining nations across confederations for the last WC spot. 3rd place in each group is eliminated. Results so far: Wales 28-10 Ireland France 58-0 Greece This weekend: Greece vs Serbia (Sat) Ireland vs Netherlands (Sun)
  5. Great to see the increase! I can't help but wonder what is going on at Warrington though. A (13%) drop is a surprise given the season they are having.
  6. So if OT is redeveloped into a state-of-the-art facility, isn't there are chance, that they might never let us go near it again? Or quadruple the rent if they do?
  7. I agree, stay at OT for as long as it's available (and just pray it does not rain on GF day). If that becomes unavailable I would say St James' Park is the next best option.
  8. I follow the Dutch fed and all their clubs, on all platforms. The only thing posted anywhere is on Amsterdam Cobras page, a team photo and "yeah the boys" in the description. Really strange indeed, especially by the standards they set kast year. Did something happen, perhaps a few forfeits?
  9. How do London's amateur participation numbers compare to regions such as the north-east or even Cumbria? Does anyone have the figures?
  10. I think calling it a 'scam' is rather excessive, harsh and malicious. I donated a small amount to this campaign. I did so knowing that their future was (still is) extremely uncertain. My understanding was, that they were about 10k in the hole, and this fundraiser would have allowed them to proceed onto the next chapter with a clean slate. I do not feel 'robbed'. And as someone who has spent a large chunk of my life involved in grassroots rugby league, believe me, there is not 'profit' to be made from amateur rugby league. So basically, we all chipped in to lessen somebody's (Skolar's owners?) debts, that is my take on the situation. As bad as things are looking, we should not despair. It seems certain that they will withdraw this season, let's hope they can regroup and then re-enter next season at any level whatsoever.
  11. It is quite frustrating trying to find details on the BSL competition, they seem to play a lot of games, but they put out very little info.
  12. Disagree. A player goes down, the others choose not to tackle him and there is an awkward stand off. How long do we wait? For the full-time siren?
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