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  1. Four have NRL experience, albeit as fringe first-graders: Ilias, Mamouzelos, Magoulias and Tsikrikas.
  2. 1182 to be exact. https://www.facebook.com/100063523870478/posts/pfbid02kuftaT4JuXkZCN6j1fGecNyGopa2wQKWhBdpG3ZPLocQ2uuvm6LJKkMfX2m4CPjGl/?sfnsn=mo
  3. Not surprised this is happening. Anyone whose sole approach to "development" is to leech off union when their players have a day off is destined for failure. This U19 withdrawal is not a one-off and will happen over and over again. Of course, I am not just talking about Scotland, bit several nations are doing it.
  4. Yes and it seems RU no longer has its own federation there either. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_union_in_Greece
  5. What about the trials in Brisbane and Miami for marquee players?
  6. Sounds good, but as it stands, there is not a single RL club in all of Hungary at the moment. So, as I have said since the start, why not start by planting some real seeds first?
  7. Here we go again... It's fair to say that since the launch of @euro_13s in 2020 the world has been a crazy place. We have had a pandemic that confined us to our homes, robbed us of our freedoms and sadly many of us lost loved ones. 2 years later and as we come out of those dark days the game of rugby league is much weaker across Europe. Strong teams have disappeared, others have been weakened and many key ambassadors of clubs have left the game. The game needs a competition like @euro_13s more than ever and so we are planning to launch the inaugural competition in 2023. The competition will have a revised format and we will have a new group of teams but we will have an inaugural competition that will honour key architect and co founder to the @euro_13s project, Tiziano Franchini sadly passed away before the competition was realized. Stay tuned https://www.facebook.com/101409081604589/posts/pfbid02gvnESPz9qBzpfzV3RTL15EpbF6tn3hQ85xmMVB2DSWHwR19oD37RUTfhZJsfHAE3l/
  8. What happened there? Weren't Rotterdam the dominant force in Dutch RL for years?
  9. How sure are you about all this? I am not doubting there is some activity going on there, but having followed them quite closely for the last few years on social media, I do not recall ever seeing anything resembling a domestic league per se.
  10. I think I noticed a few names from London Broncos, in the Skolars team today. Does anyone know exactly how many played?
  11. Agreed, there eems to be a lot of "half truths" in there, similar to what we would often see during the euro 13s myth. Also, last week they forfeited a home match duee to lack of players. Now they are saying they will "boycott" their next away match? Really?
  12. NARL was never a legit entity. Basically a couple of nutters with a twitter page and a few "team" logos to go with it.
  13. And by your logic a World Cup match is on par with a friendly match. #Desperate
  14. No idea what your point is with that, but I should probably remind you that Billy Magoulias plays for Warrington.
  15. I feel your pain mate. But as someone who has probably been at it for less years than you, I am still determined to dig my heels in and fight to make a difference. But I do have moments where I feel like throwing the towel in and walking away. But the problem is, if we all do that, then the game no longer exists.
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