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  1. What associated benefits are we as a game reaping John?
  2. I’m worried now the mushy peas sponsors will run for the hills
  3. To be honest I would rather my children led a life similar to Falau’s , fighting,drinking, lying , stealing; gambling etc are not want I want for my kids! The sexuality is up to them to decide.
  4. Yes it might be offensive if he said a colour of people , it might be offensive if he said all lancastrians should burn in hell! He is quoting verses from the bible that him and many others believe in; it may not be palatable for some to hear these views as can be said for those who believe in the teachings of the bible and other religions.
  5. No one really cares about RL and it will soon be forgotten I feel
  6. For some bizarre reason I fancy peanut butter on toast now ! Subliminal marketing or underlying deviant I’m not sure
  7. The left is running rampant and everyone is scared to say anything to them, there is 4% of men in the UK that are gay apparently , how many of that % are interested in RL I’ve no idea. The BBC are leading the charge on everything left as far as I see , if we say it’s ok to be obese or identify as a transgender penguin we are heading down a path that looks very dangerous to me. Old school values are not ALL wrong and people should be able to stand up to say that without been shot down.
  8. Problem is Hirst is a low level player ,just because he’s gay means nothing to me ; he’s an average player. I’m not intending to put the man down ; I’m just looking at it from a Rugby perspective rather than one of sexuality.
  9. They are his strong beliefs and that of many others , so yes he sees he has done no wrong; he is standing up for his religious belief which not everyone agrees with
  10. I agree with a lot that you say but I feel as a game we need to look at why we lose the stars from our game , is it money , lack of an international profile and international Rugby?; we need the stars in our game although not at any cost I must stress
  11. Or maybe very honest , sometimes you have to be prepared to stand up for what you believe in
  12. I’m sure you could be right , I think when you believe in something so much you want to shout it from the rooftops; many believe in some or all that he quoted from the bible ; he probably feels compelled to spread the word of god .
  13. People are scared stiff of expressing their opinions today
  14. People said the same about SBW , he is admired across both codes now despite his past indiscretions
  15. We have a world class athlete with a strong Christian belief , people are entitled to their beliefs; to some he’s wrong to others his quotes are correct
  16. He has stated his beliefs , some of which may not fit in certain sections of society ; you don’t speak for me when you finish sentences with “we know it”
  17. Like I said , most of us ; not all of us
  18. This guy lives a far purer life than most of us can ever imagine , I think as a society we are in danger of the tail wagging the dog ! If that makes me a knuckle dragger so be it
  19. He quoted the bible which he holds in very high esteem, traditional Cristian beliefs are also part of an inclusive society; some may consider them outdated of course but that’s just different opinions.
  20. Mascord I know is quite tight with a high ranking RFL man , so there might be something in it
  21. It was a few of the administrators that were the problem , there was a tremendous amount of positive efforts from many others I may add
  22. It’s the easiest thing in the world to say no if you have no vision
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