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  1. https://www.zerotackle.com/rugby-league/players/luke-thompson/ Sorry it was 6 runs last week, 9 this for 65 mètres
  2. He seems to be just getting through games, he seems to be a little lost, I know 13 for the bulldogs is a third prop but he seems out of position, he is always the support player in the hit ups and not very convincing as he just runs at the side of the player with a non convincing running style that he's going to be passed to, I'm sure after a good pré season he'll make a big impact. I read he only made 6 hit ups in the last game, he usually picks his runs after a quick play the ball at saints and then makes good mètres but the bulldogs are being dominated so that won't help him either
  3. It's being shown on équipe tv at 1pm don't tell me the score I reckon nowadays its impossible to not know the result 18 hours after the game,
  4. His wife had the baby on Wednesday, so either not wanting to travel, or needs to quarantine after being at the birth? Or doesn't want to risk going to England catching that nasty virus.
  5. Another highlights reel for Williams tonight? The defense never know if he's going to kick pass or run.
  6. We're still allowed 5000 people in the stadium if any teams manage to come over, the French don't seem too worried where I am.
  7. The 14 days aren't in place in France yet, it'll be spoken about on Thursday apparently
  8. France now have to impose a quarantine to brits coming to France due to an agreement I've just read,
  9. You can get a free test in all towns, they're even advertised on the radio, you don't need to have symptoms to be tested, so people without symptoms are testing positive, hospital admissions are down, Madness
  10. No it wasn't her. It was a short haired lady. She did well except for saying it's a shame there's no scrums as the catalans are dominant in the scrums. Candice Roland is her name, just found it
  11. If they give the rights for free to l'équipe someone needs to pay the production costs of the home games, Also they need to show the games live and not the day after like they're doing for two out of the four games
  12. Yes its available on the French version of Freeview box, Its great its on there but there doesn't seem to be any excitement or interest from the channel
  13. Saturday the live game has been pushed to Sunday to show motor racing repeat and a cycle race, then a chat show about ligue 1 I'm not sure they'll be willing to pay the broadcast costs for the home games, I hope I'm wrong,
  14. They show biathlon, petanque, cycling, champion league and ligue 1 commentary in front of a pretend crowd, lots of chat shows, 4th division rugby union, fencing, which are all promoted on the site and in the newspaper, the super league doesn't seem to get this, they even delayed the showing of the game against Castleford after a repeat of cycle race over ran, they didn't show the cas game and aren't showing the salford game live as it clashes with a chat show or something,
  15. I reckon the équipe are just filling air time for free and not that interested really, I even read that it's the catalans that pay the commentators but I'm not sure that's true.
  16. The first game was a bloke with Giles dumas and the cas game a woman with Giles dumas, decent commentary, Giles gives good comments but as a one tone boring voice,
  17. A few lucky kicks and passes, and just in the right place at the right time to make the tackles, he's having a nightmare first season
  18. In both ways as drink water didn't do much in his last game, and Albert's last game he played really well with morgue in the halfs
  19. I doubt it as there's no reason why the players can't work in the governments eyes I'd guess, so no wages paid by the French government, just as Toronto weren't probably allowed to be furloughed.
  20. They'd probably have to stay in England or end their season,
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