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  1. Planning for after rugby, job plus a playing contract with less training and less travel So will probably double his money
  2. I'd book carcassonne, as Avignon to toulouse is almost the same as Avignon to carcassonne with a détour to Perpignan, from the narbonne junction its 30 mins to perpignan. Carcassonne to toulouse airport is a good hour from carcassonne.
  3. No deadly serious, also u19s are allowed four 20 year olds(first year seniors) in their squad for each game, I believe due to lack of numbers at some clubs, I've 36 players next season plus a few more now with the first year senior players I can use, it'll be difficult keeping everyone happy.
  4. Eddie yes I think it will lose credibility especially as the fédération are thinking of bringing promotion and relegation between the two leagues. Which will spoil the elite 2 as teams can't afford and don't want to play in elite 1 so may lose on purpose so not having to ruin their club by going into elite 1, No news yet on magic weekend but I heard that it may be at the catalans ground.
  5. A rule has been brought in for elite 1 and 2 clubs, 2 bonus points for a u19s team and 2 points for a women's team, I think it falsifies the league, limoux will get four points as they have both(just about in the u19s as they've spent all summer phoning my best u19s at lezignan 6 or 7 players ) st gaudens will start on 0 points as they're struggling to keep a float never mind create new teams. They did this a few years ago with points for a woman's team, lezignan got one together and they where put straight into the league, the problem was non of the women had ever played before and played against teams like lyon and had 4 women taken to hospital. Lyon had a few internationals in the team, it got messy! Its just been announced for the upcoming season, so no real time to plan or recruit. I'm sure fcl xiii will be along to comment as I've taken part of his post from a Facebook post and used it in this message.
  6. How many French players are left in the toulouse squad now Gordon?
  7. They get a few hundred, it's villeneuve minervois where I used to coach/play at the end of my playing days. I'm currently involved in the lezignan club coaching my kids in the junior sections and the u19s(who follow the first team fixtures playing the curtain raiser so I see the crowds etc)
  8. Let's hope they get some fans to the games if they start winning
  9. Season starting at the end of October, https://www.ffr13.fr/actualite-a-la-une/ligue-elite-de-rugby-a-xiii-les-calendriers-devoiles/
  10. I would like to see the valencia team enter the French league and leave a reserve team in the Spanish league.
  11. I've never seen these buildings are they close to the airport?
  12. In his defense he probably didn't réalisé what rl is really like down here and what it's worth to broadcasters.
  13. In the paper today, 2 live games and two delayed live games in August,it also says sky may pay for a few games to be filmed in perpignan, L'équipe will be fitting rl in around champions league discussions and commentary. Looks like super league will just be a time filler at first, let's hope it gets good viewing figures then l'équipe might get a little more excited about super league.
  14. At the beginning the catalans paid, then they did it for free, then bein gave money, the reason Bernard didn't renew was because bein wouldn't give any more money and asked the catalans to pay production costs again I think
  15. https://www.lequipe.fr/lachainelequipe/ Try this and see if you can watch the direct
  16. Bein never paid for the rights, it cost the catalans for bein to film the games I think you can watch on l'équipe TV on the net unless it's crypted outside of France
  17. They only have rights to the petanque and cycling, they even act out the commentary of ligue 1 games in front of a crowd cut out! Bernard as said that he went back to them and ask them to test the water and promised them big viewing figures, if they do the équipe tv may pay the filming costs of home games Fingers crossed
  18. https://treizemondial.fr/leeds-ne-veut-pas-venir-jouer-a-perpignan/
  19. I'll try and find it, it was an interview in french about the game that got called off, leeds said they wouldn't travel back to France to play the game as it should now be played in England
  20. Leeds already said they don't want to come as the catalans will have an unfair advantage having a crowd, as Bernard says in the interview the catalans play every other week in front of a one sided crowd, although this isn't the English clubs fault.
  21. In the local paper today, teams don't want to come to perpignan as they'll have an unfair advantage as they will have 4999 fans, They want catalans to play all their games in England. Bernard is not happy https://www.lindependant.fr/2020/07/10/dragons-catalans-pas-de-matches-a-brutus-en-2020-8974645.php
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