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  1. I’ve dug out a bit of info from Feb last year. Sent to me from someone close to the club......”Herbie has clock 9.8m per second week before last.The fastest time this season at the club. then last week he up the stakes by clocking 10m per second the third fastest recorded in the NRL from this and last season. He will get stronger and faster....”.
  2. So where does that leave all the players that are not Lancs or Yorkshire? You might not have noticed but, Rugby League is not confined to’The Pennines’ these days. What about Cumbrian lads, London products etc ??
  3. The reason I picked up on the Evalds reference that you made, was because I remember speaking to Brian Foley (Wigan) about him. He told me that he was an extremely talented player, but there were too many fullbacks in the Wigan system ahead of him. Therefore, moves were made to find him an alternative club. Hence the move to Salford. I accept that he developed further at Salford, but, he was a Wigan project. So you are very wrong in saying his professional development had nothing to do with Wigan.
  4. Signed on a Wigan scholarship in 2006 https://www.brighouseecho.co.uk/sport/wigan-swoop-to-sign-schoolboy-players-1-797183
  5. Salford had nothing to do with Evalds development as a young player. He was a product of the Wigan Academy system.
  6. In your opinion......exactly.........not in mine. You’re right, we could speculate for hours.....but not tonight. Up early tomorrow. Good night and God bless. ??
  7. Were Wigan stronger when Williams replaced Blake Green? Clubs go through transition. It’s all hypothetical, were Wigan stronger before Bateman and Williams ?? Will they be stronger in a couple of years with Harry Smith and Jake Shorrocks ? Who knows how they will develop? They could become twice the players that Bateman and Williams were for Wigan.
  8. Don't know. I'm not a Wigan fan. But whoever they replaced 'moved on', whether they retired or switched clubs. Do you know? But whatever happened they were replaced.
  9. Was Bateman and Williams as good as the players that they immediately replaced on their debut seasons ??
  10. Wigan losing Bateman and George Williams has reduced the value of Wigan in what way ?. Some good young players coming through there.
  11. No....you’re wrong........I’m getting the hang of this forum lark. ?? Better players move on.....other players, younger players are given a chance, exposed to full time training. How many players are lost to the game because their pathway is blocked by players already in situ. More opportunities for aspiring players
  12. While not getting more participants playing the game at grassroots level, I’m of the opinion that Toronto, in a roundabout way, are creating more opportunities for aspiring players to play at a professional or semi pro level. I’ve mentioned this before. For every player that leaves a club to play for Toronto, creates an opportunity for a player to take up their former position at said club. If those players didn’t upsticks, they would be blocking the progress of another player. If Toronto didn’t exist their current players would still be at their former clubs and the players that have replaced them would still be in the reserves or lost to the game.
  13. Nice bit of skill from Herbie Farnworth at the NRL nines........pity the commentators misidentified him.... IMG_2679.MOV
  14. Why ?? I’d love my grandson to play for Wales. Iestyn Harris wouldn’t have done so either according to your criteria.
  15. Yes it is. A 41min drive, when it’s clear. And it never is. It is definitely not ‘just over the river ‘
  16. UK national daily’s starting to take notice. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/meet-herbie-farnworth-ex-manchester-17372149
  17. Quite a few clips on Norths Devils website. Impressive stats to.
  18. Herbie to debut. Good luck to the lad. Shame it’s not on Sky. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2019/07/02/team-list-round-16-v-sharks/
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