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  1. Article on Herbie in April’s Rugby League World.
  2. Is a fullback really. Being introduced on the wing with the intention of moving to fullback eventually
  3. https://northsdevilsrlfc.com/category/videos/ Highlights Devils v Bears.
  4. https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2019/03/10/key-farnworth-points-haul-steers-devils-over-bears/?fbclid=IwAR0Oh6vNMlTw0IBd7RUZSMLc0tqWfieR2xswligTxRwZgEaI0chhG-Xp27g
  5. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2019/02/16/young-guns-fire-in-broncos-trial-win/ Farnworth given the kicking duties
  6. Yes. Had quite a bit of time out with a hand injury that reoccurred. Like i said, his appearances are controlled by Brisbane. I always think of being a fringe player as someone who drifts in and out of a side through not being picked regularly. Norths would have him for every game if they could. I get what you mean though, he's only played 9 games.
  7. I wouldn't call Farnworth a fringe player for a Broncos feeder team. His appearances for Norths Devils are being controlled by the Broncos to a great extent. I wouldn't be surprised to see him make his NRL debut this season.
  8. Nope. They were chasing him but he didn’t sign. Played a bit at St. Pats and Newton Storm.
  9. He's been going over to Queensland during the summer since 2014. An incredibly driven young man. He’s from Barrowford near Burnley. Never been on the books of any SL side, although they wanted him. http://www.pendletoday.co.uk/sport/more-sport/herbie-makes-dream-move-to-the-broncos-1-8382042
  10. Two poms, Farnworth and Savelio, starting for Brisbane in their first trial match of the season. Looking forward to see how they go this season. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/02/12/payne-haas-to-return-as-broncos-name-first-trial-team-list/
  11. A few lads from Tod play with us (Burnley & Pendle) during the summer. They are looking to get Tod going again to play in the Pennine League during the winter. Was a bit much to ask for this year, but hopefully with a bit longer to prepare things will get moving for 2014. We'll give as much support as possible.
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