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  1. Dave has put this on the website and there are links to print. http://www.roughyeds.co.uk/championship-fixtures-2017/
  2. I went and enjoyed the occasion but yes it was very similar to the World Cup final which I also went to. A bit of a non event in some way but all credit to the Ozzies, they played full on from first whistle with lots of pace, physicality and skill. Sadly they look to be in a league of their own.
  3. Also some great backroom support from Huddersfield. That has had an impact on conditioning.
  4. It's great that both teams are back in the Championship again as well. Should be a great season.
  5. Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Like 34 says. Heart Kiwi's, head Ozzies. Looking forward to a great game at Anfield.
  7. I think it's 6 points isn't it. Not sure but thought I'd read that somewhere.
  8. Totally agree brooksy, Cover for Turner and another back rower to replace Will Hope/Middlehurst. Briscoe won't be around for quite a while and so we lack cover. That's unless we have dual reg players lined up. There's is the possibility Ste Nield could provide some cover in the backs, if he continues his recovery.
  9. I understand the incentive to market the club better. I also see the need to attract more new and younger fans but whatever the new name, we will always be the Roughyeds or the Yeds.
  10. Tyson is a great signing and both he and Nathan Chappell can do the job for us in the centre or second row. Gaz was a great grafter and a joy to watch but so are both these lads. The squad overall looks much stronger than last year. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!
  11. Soon be at Rochdale then Baron with the others.
  12. Really pleased Adam is coming back, class player, great lad. The squad is looking a lot stronger than last season. Exciting times.
  13. Dave Aldred is an amazing kicking coach. I was blessed by him in both Union and League but it doesn't just rub off. You have to work hard and some do and succeed and others fail miserably.
  14. Also the underhand way they got rid of him. Not nice at all.
  15. Craig is a cracking lad and we saw in the limited game time he got last season, how much quality and aggression he brings to the pitch. Let's hope for a quick recovery. Another good signing
  16. TOSH1960


    I think Adam Neal if he signs would make a great skipper. He was impressive as pack leader.
  17. Hi Monkey, Are things now sorted with the club? Hope things worked out ok for you in the end.
  18. Is this really important?
  19. I have just seen a Sheffield fan putting their tremendous turnaround in the season down to Chappell. I know one player doesn't make a team but that's some recommendation!
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