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  1. I am not sure what the club are supposed to do. Turn down promotion, better crowds and more funding? It is tough on such a small fan base but surely they are better off in the Championship than League 1 and if they can beat the weaker sides, they'll hopefully survive and grow stronger over a few seasons. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!
  2. TOSH1960

    Alan Kilshaw

    Many of the players that played under him at Hornets don't speak well of him.
  3. The difference being Avro's had the money to do it because of the sale of their old ground and other funding. How could the rugby develop it with no cash?
  4. TOSH1960

    Danny Langtree

    Delighted for the Yeds and for Danny. He's not been given a chance at Hull and great he's back home! Now for promotion.
  5. By the way, if we win the league, when will the presentation be made? Oxford?
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