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  1. Yes..a stunning 24-18 win against the Cougars gives the Bears a chance of making the top 6 playoffs.Maybe a tall order with 6 away(2 home) games to go..assuming their trip to Town is off. The Bears let plenty of points in..284 in 9 but will be full of confidence. Probably 5 teams chasing 3 playoff spots assuming Barrow,Town and Donny should qualify.Hornets have 6 home(2 away) and are unbeaten at home,having won at Cougars and taken Town very close they should make the playoffs.Cougars..yet to win away and with 5 away(3 home) should have enough quality. That leaves Hunslet,Crusaders a
  2. Just after halfway through the regular season...47 games played/43 to go. The race for the top 3 places probably down to 4 teams,have to include Cougars now although with only 3 home games(6 away) left they need to start winning away from home.Workington at home and Don's away are key games..crucial visit to Bears on friday.Due to unveil major NRL signing this week. Donny have 6 home/3 away left and entertain Raiders/Cougars and Town. Workington with 4home/5 away must visit Cougars and Don's with Barrow to come at home. Barrow..4home/4 away ..travel to Donny and Town
  3. Kick off now 14.00 Just in case people don't have facebook/Twitter access.Could be a points fest.. Cougars have scored 290 points in their 8 games(average 36)..won 4 from 5 home games including a 44-18 triumph against Donny.Not to be taken lightly.
  4. ..next up..Stebonheath..sadly looking like behind closed doors.Talking to the Cru fans yesterday they weren't expecting to get to their game in Colwyn Bay v The Bears.No Welsh Government announcement expected to relax measures either.Unless anyone knows otherwise..?
  5. Challenge Cup(rounds 1 and 2) 20/1 and 27/8 march Oldham away ..presumably at the Vestacare stadium(aka Whitebank)..as someone once said..its not white..theres no bank and it's not a stadium Win that and another away day to either Swinton or ....Newcastle the following weekend.
  6. Georgy Gambaro..now at Carcassonne playing on right wing .Anybody missing live RL can tune into the French Elite league ..today (10.1.21)Carcassonne are at Villeneuve and Georgy is playing. Arnaud Bartes...no sign of Arnaud this season..last seen at Lezignan? Mendy Saloty is in the Avignon squad Paul Seguier..in the Catalan Dragons squad with a new one year deal.
  7. ..Thursday at 14.00..all is revealed."One club will be a fabulous addition to the Bet Fred Championship" How do we take that..surely it's between the Raiders and Newcastle..no disrespect to Rochdale,Doncaster or Worky?
  8. Would you include cup matches on Conference grounds against senior clubs? I'm up to 96 grounds..84 in England/Wales..11 in France...1 in Spain but if Mayfield v Barrow in the Cup is allowed that would be 97.A further 31 Conference grounds gives a grand total of 128 grounds where RL has been watched. My rarity is RSC Lescure Arthes...just outside Albi...on a superb Easter weekend that included Albi on the Saturday,RSC on Sunday and finishing with Catalans v Salford on Easter Monday...formidable!
  9. A strong case...a lot depends on who the panel choose for Super League..if its Toulouse then they've gone for large city with excellent stadium,established rugby union fanbase..potential for growth.If it's the Leythers or Fev then it's back to the heartlands/m62 corridor.If its Toulouse then Newcastle could be favourites using the same criteria..if its Fev or Leigh then Barrow might have a chance?
  10. No more Ottowa for 20/21...could be for ever?With the Championship down to 13 when one of the 8 possibles gets the nod for Sooper Dooper League and League 1 having 11 teams..what next?Probably more sense to run with 3 x 12 but 12/13/11 would be a nonsense.Is the proposal for a League 1 team to be promoted to the Champ to give 12/14/10?If so ..what are the criteria?Interesting times.
  11. Now that the Leythers have withdrawn their interest in the 2020 Autumn comp..that leaves 4 clubs...Batley,Bratfut,Dewsbury and the Raiders.Is there any way that this could work...mini league or straight k.o.?
  12. Now that this season is no more do we assume League 1 will be a 12 team comp. with Ottowa adding to the current 11 sides?Could be an interesting league with a revitalised Rochdale,Newcastle and the unknown quantity of Ottowa competing with the Raiders.
  13. 2019 fixtures were released on the 25th November
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