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  1. After watching that you tube stuff, i hope he has signed. Looks just what we are looking for.
  2. Heard he's coming to you mate. But would love him to stay. He's been superb since joining US from NWC.
  3. Why have Hairnets signed him TS?
  4. Really chuffed Dave Hewitt has signed, made a huge difference when he came on loan both in League 1 and in the Championship. Great news and hopefully even more to come.
  5. He shares transport with the coach and he doesn't have the decency to say you are out of contract if you don't put it in writing! Not nice that. Don't care which club it is.
  6. If i was an Hornets player i'd be checking the small print! Stinks what's happened to Bloomers after all his service to the club.
  7. Lewis has been a great player and servant to the club. His goal kicking was excellent but his field kicking was poor and i think that and him not being creative enough have been the reason for him going. I wish him well at Rochdale, well kind of
  8. As I have posted previously, this has been one of the most enjoyable in all the years i've followed the club. I hope we can build on last seasons squad and really establish ourselves in the Championship this coming season. Delighted we still have the same coaching staff and hopefully the backroom staff will be added to.
  9. Shame about Gaz Middlehurst if he's going, been class this season since he arrived.
  10. Absolutely brilliant win for you and i'm so glad we'll have the Oldham vs Rochdale Derby back again. Well done and enjoy!
  11. Well done to Oldham reserves gaining promotion. Roll on next season.
  12. I'm sure with our coaches track record of bringing young players on, we will be on the radar of s few clubs for dual reg. I think it's the relationship between coaches that is important and Scott seems to have done well with his links with Salford and Huddersfield. Saying that, Huddersfield have been good partners as far as i can see and so hope they stay up.
  13. Thanks for the responses from those who attended the meeting and again can i thank you for at least trying to move things forward. I do think it helped but i'm sorry it has upset some of you enough to stop attending. These last two seasons have been brilliant and i hope we can consolidate even further next season. I suppose it's more of watch this space!
  14. At the time you were having meeting with CH, Rugby Oldham, ORSA etc. You said yo couldn't speak about the discussions. If you feel so disillusioned now and those meetings have stopped, why don't you say openly what you discovered through those meetings, what was promised and what is still outstanding? Or possibly you and others involved make a statement? It all seems to be a little bit like 'we know more than you know'
  15. You state half a million in debt but isn't most of that money owed to CH by the club? And the debt with the council is supposed to be under negotiation. If he's done something illegal, he'll pay the penalty but you have hung drawn and quartered already. Unless you've got some sugar daddy who is willing to invest bucket loads of cash give the bloke a break. I've just experienced one of the best seasons in the last 50 odd years of following the club and if it wasn't for CH it wouldn't have happened.
  16. I said Oldham by 20? but i so enjoyed the victory by 2. What an amazing effort by not just Oldham but Whitehaven as well. Sorry to see the two Cumbrian sides go down.
  17. How do you support? telepathy? donations? or just ridicule?
  18. I think we are quite happy at Bower Fold for now and yes let's dream of Super league but these boys have made a huge step by staying in this division this year.
  19. Both teams will have players carrying knocks. That could also have a huge bearing on the game as well. Can't wait for this one. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I would also settle for a drop goal in the 81st minute but honestly feel we will win convincingly. Just watched their win against Dewsbury, nowt for us to worry about.
  21. He left Oldham for a year in Oz and on return signed for Haven but as Champagne said it didn't work out. He's had a good season for us.
  22. Well folks I don't know about you but I can't wait for Sundays tough game against Whitehaven. It's certainly a biggy for both sides and hopefully the Yeds will confirm their place in the Championship for another season. Let's get there in numbers to back the lads. Referee: T Crashley Touch Judges: D Sharpe P Graham Reserve Referee: C Worsley M Com: D Hayes Time Keeper: I OLLERTON
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