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  1. If Oldham even win one of the first 3 you will still be behind us
  2. Yes but lose to us and you'll have to win 3 games more than us with only 6 remaining. With Dewsbury your next game
  3. Gutted to miss Swinton & Bradford. But can't wait to play Workington again.
  4. It was patronising because you made the assumption i had no understanding of the age we live in and the value of the revenue the program brings - simples. The club have apologised but said it is due to circumstances beyond their control. https://www.facebook.com/roughyeds/ I think i said this at the start - hey ho!
  5. Good luck with that. 4 out of 7 after 5 out of 23 will be impressive. Have you been drinking with Wispa?
  6. Grimmer has done a great job filling a problem position for the team, hopefully with the new signings he might might get a chance in his own position.
  7. Please don't patronise me Tubey. I have spent literally millions on printing, i'm also well aware of the digital age having been involved in the forefront of the electronics industry for many years. I am also aware that the club needs money and programs raise valuable revenue. But you seem to be assuming it's the clubs fault! As ever it would be helpful if they made a statement but they haven't. I understand some of your frustrations but they are not always to blame.
  8. There are people on here who know far more of the details why there hasn't been anything for a while. I have just overheard a conversation which isn't for me to disclose. I have said above what i've heard.
  9. If you beat us and Haven and we just beat Haven, you would still be a point behind us! That's why i said you need to win 2 more games than us. But can't see us playing as badly again but yes let's see.
  10. Workie were the better side yesterday without doubt but we didn't turn up, gave you a 12 point lead and still nearly pipped you. I'm certainly happier to be playing you at our place than yours in the 8s and also glad we have a 3 point start on both you and Haven, meaning you have to win two more games than us to overtake us. Tough ask that.
  11. I know one of the people who put the work into it were disappointed and said it was the printer. Don't has any reason to disbelieve him.
  12. I believe they have been let down by the printer.
  13. Great if we were that bad, we should smash em next time
  14. Well done to your guys today. Deserved the win and half backs made the difference. Ours playing together for the first time and yours superb. Our old boy Forber had a cracker and Sammut is class. Obviously want us to stay up but really hope at least one Cumbrian side stays up with us.
  15. We can't knock the lads for effort but lacked leadership today. I thought Hewitts kicking game was good but Gaz struggled. We only got on top in the forwards for short periods and the penalties killed us. Also a really poor start, conceding 12 points again before we got on the board. I am sure we will stay up and with a couple of players to come in i can't wait for the 8s. The 3 point lead we have on the two bottom teams could be crucial. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!
  16. Getting excited already! Really looking forward to this huge game. Safe journey down to Workie fans. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Really looking forward to tomorrow. Workington away was one of the few games i've missed this season and i believe we played poorly that day. Both teams coming into some form and so it should be a cracker. Also competition for places is heating up as well. Exciting times. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I honestly believe CH has been dumped on so many times, he struggles to share and extend his work with others. But personally i can see his faults but i'm so grateful for all he has done and continues to do. I'm quite happy to be shot at also Charlie Onwards and upwards for the Yeds !!!
  19. I thought he did well at Oldham during a time when they were struggling with lots of injuries. Totally committed and worked hard.
  20. Great that we've got Keiran Gill as well until the end of the season with the possibility of a season long loan next year. Great news
  21. Perhaps making way for the Canadians.
  22. TOSH1960


    I think there's slightly more pressure on the away team 5 points behind to be honest but still a pressure game for both sides. Really looking forward to the game and certainly don't want to be leaving the Championship just yet.
  23. TOSH1960


    I don't think you should naturally associate Suzzy with wispa. I think the game will be tight and Workie have been playing well recently. But so have Oldham, take away Bradford which we wouldn't have targeted we've been doing ok as well. Should be a good battle and whoever loses it still comes down to who does best in the 8s.
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