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  1. Can a player start to strip the ball before the other players drop off?
  2. Thought a few times we should have had set restarts will have to watch it back. Your right about discipline cost us particularly first half. Good game though could have gone either way. Up the Trin
  3. https://www.afl-architects.com/news/plans-submitted-for-wakefield-trinity-stadium-redevelopment Up the Trin
  4. My COVID app pinged the other week saying I’d been in contact with someone Covid positive the week before and I had to isolate for 6 days. Don’t know how it’s measured there was no code on the app.
  5. Every season they seem to price their season tickets extremely low. With the team and coaching set up Huddersfield have this season they could be pushing top 4 at £9 a match for an adult season ticket. It’s good while Ken Davy can keep subsidising it.
  6. Totally agree not bothered about his sexuality, I am bothered about his standard of refereeing.
  7. We’ve got the most settled and best squad we had in years, more players signing contract extensions than ever before in recent seasons. Can’t be treated that abysmally. Up the Trin Love this club Love this City
  8. Looking at the squads a Fev will walk it, they won’t get a better chance of promotion.
  9. Bradford bought them they then went bust and out of existence. Shame as Wakefield RUFC had a good history, remember they had a decent team in the 80s.
  10. Agreed would be good RL areas, always puzzled me that such working class areas like Darlington/Hartlepool, Rugby Union has such a presence.
  11. Haven’t looked at the league format. All games held at one venue is it only for opening weekend or is it ongoing like last season? Take it that it’s classed as a home game for the first named side. Looking forward to it anyway a good weekend of Rugby League.
  12. Good opening fixture, can’t wait. Up the Trin
  13. 1 Wigan 2 Huddersfield 3 Warrington 4 St Helens 5 Hull FC 6 Catalans 7 Leeds 8 Wakefield 9 Cas 10 HKR 11 Salford 12 Leigh Will it matter if COVID causes problems?
  14. The foundation along with the club are doing fantastic work in the community, we’re doing very well off the field and the squads looking good on it. Up the Trin
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