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  1. Are my eyes deceiving me / wrong result printed......have the all conquering all singing Hunslet club been beaten in what was going to be a stroll for them this season ,according to previous posts , going to be tougher than you thought lads !!!!
  2. Is the game going ahead tomorrow.if so ,any views on the outcome ?
  3. Celtic rooster,its prob Siddal C team......3 open aged teams in the summer leagues.1sts u 21's and u 23'
  4. no doubt the big blond lad who plays for lock lane and scored the winning try v siddal at home will adopt his big hard man tactics again aganst the young uns...he played down siddal for l lane 1sts and never hardly drove the ball in....big soft bully boy
  5. Siddal will prob play all the kids with maybe a couple of forwards with ncl experience a few years ago....to say they will play a lot of the grand final winning team is ridiculous,u cant drop the young lads who have been fantastic in the cup run....lets hope its a spectacle for amateur rugby league,and the yobbos stay away n cause ur trouble else where and not bring the great game of arl into the gutters ....
  6. Lets hope they have some strong officials for the semi final v Siddal....no doubt they will want to do the same as upton tried,ie constant foul play,the majority of the siddal team are 20 and under,and hammered upton 58-18.....They will also want the scalp of the national conference winners....it has all the making off a good game ,lets hope it is
  7. Alreet rammo 23 yes we went over......it was a near perfect performance this year ,I can be a critic but bloody hell Siddal played well,which im sure any miners follower will agree....roll on next season,siddal miners n west hull will be up there again.......can I just commend miners on there sportsmanship at the final whistle ........they are a top club
  8. Any thoughts on the final......one thing for sure,Siddal will never get a better chance than last year 20-2 up at half time n got beat......Think league form goes out of the window on the day,if Siddal can keep tabs on O'Brien then that will be half of the battle,but miners are a great team who throw it about at will...but if siddal play like they have done this season ,hopefully will get the job done this year.........good luck to both teams !!
  9. Plus play on grass every week,then artificial for final ??
  10. Siddal are unbeaten this season at home and with a 6 point cushion in the league they will go into the game with confidence,but if any team can upset the applecart it is west hull,who siddal have had many memorable tussles with in the past..they will get a usual friendly welcome to chevinedge,with many a pint sunk between the supporters who have mutual respect for each other.....see u sat rammo !!!
  11. be interesting to see how much it will have taken out of them for there trip to miners on sat....the other game has the old foes siddal n west hull locking horns at chevinedge ....both should be crackers
  12. Have to agree with davo5,they have been blowing there own trumpet a bit too much,not too dissimilar to Hunslet warriors 3/4 years ago ,look what has happened to them ....could find it a lot tougher next year than expected,cant just try n steamroller the better clubs down the middle,a lot of flair in the backs required
  13. Is their any truth in a couple of rumours that a few of the hunslet lads are going to play for queens over the winter months ?......and also what has gone wrong at your neighbours warriors,looks like you will miss each other as the look like going down
  14. So it Siddal v West hull for a place in the final...with the losers having a 2nd chance,both teams v strong on there own ground,with Siddal unbeaten this season at home .....should be cracking play off games
  15. Big game for miners at Mayfield sat in there quest for 2nd place.....West hull have put a good run together and should see off Lock Lane sat..any thoughts
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