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  1. I honestly think the RFL think everything is fine, well in public anyway
  2. As I keep saying where are the players going to come from? 31 fixtures in the YML only 15 results, and only 8 results in the NWC and a handful of fixtures around the rest of the country, committees and governing bodies have driven the Pennine and Hull leagues into virtual oblivion, U16 and U18 rugby is on its ###### after being robbed of its players by the academy’s. It has got progressively worse in recent times despite Marketing departments saying everything is fantastic
  3. Unfortunately there were games that on the results before the KO were 24-0 and still appeared as a fixture
  4. Not a problem but when the league voted against and as has been said the professionals will get what they want, goes against the grain
  5. Hull FC have regularly played 2 players from Beverley and 1 from Skirlaugh in the reserves and they are the ones I know about, the player from Skirlaugh played against Myton at the weekend and comes and goes as the reserves don’t play every week. So whatever forms they are signing allows them to play for both so some form of dual registration is already in place despite the NCL voting against it
  6. Great records, Where did it all go wrong?
  7. Waterhead and St Annes had league games, 2 associations working against each other, crackers, Next round of the Challenge Cup and National Cup both on 9th March
  8. What the most worrying thing we have a lot of true to life quotes like this but I keep asking why? "Why doesn't the governing body act?"
  9. Norland 16 Toll Bar 28 Scrappy game played in perfect conditions in front of less than 40 people, Norland had 16 players and Toll Bar 15 not brilliant for the YM Premier League
  10. It is a shame as most including the RFL thought the change would benefit the game unfortunately it has not happened, with only 60% of published fixtures taking place last weekend and already postponements in NWC and YML this week it is not good, and this is at the height of the season, the holiday season kicks in soon. The issue now is with the clamber to summer it has left the Pennine in a bad state but overall the OA game is in a worse state than 4 years ago
  11. Yorkshire Mens League Division 3 all games off for the rest of June, all NCL clubs
  12. My NCL club has no game so I may be there, I went to watch them play both Beverley and Wyke as it is not far away
  13. And with no A team, U18, 17,16,15 they will be admitted straight away And Norland who swept all before them in the Hull league saying they were too strong and needed a challenge traveled with 15 on their last away game
  14. I was at our club on Saturday and the crowd was nowhere near 100 the coaches were still mentioning summer in their after game speeches and the way it affects team selection etc Until the RFL admit they may have got it wrong nothing will change, they appear happy with the participation figures but I would ask Masters (How many new players it appears mostly ex players) Touch (My son played in a 6 week 6 a side tournament organised by HKR, mostly local RL players keeping fit) School, College and University (Mostly RL lads look how many were called off) Some weeks my lad was playing 3
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