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  1. Hi there Phil, just pop along and enjoy it.
  2. Well folks it's just before Christmas and I have decided that I'm doing it again and I been working on setting up my matrix, I just need the numbers against players to input. Merry Christmas every one.
  3. A Merry Christmas to all and Frank you must be now into Christmas Eve night.
  4. Luke Blake added to the list.
  5. No it's a take away coffee house now.
  6. Hi there Phil I wondered when you would be on here lol, just waiting for the rest of the Major Announcement now.
  7. What no other details, like date and time for those interested in friendlies.
  8. Honestly what's this got to do with us.
  9. Ben Kaye added to the players list now.
  10. With the new season getting nearer as anybody heard what the admission prices are for the new year yet, and even are they doing season tickets again and if so when will they be on sale. That looks like one of my Christmas presents up the spout then. Yes I have emailed both Kevin and Paul but had no replies from them.
  11. That is because BISSA are proactive which is more than the club are.
  12. Cold spell, what cold spell, now 1963 was a cold spell and my mum used to tell me 1947 was cold.
  13. Just to let you know we have Dale Morton again.
  14. Nah, I bought the retro shirt to take with me to Toronto, I'll post a pici of it later, out at the moment.
  15. Hi there gang still not 100% certain to be doing it, I'll make my mind up before Christmas.
  16. Hello there Phil thank you along with BatleyBird, I usually get the team sheet about 5 before kick off, then during the match I follow Facebook they give the try scorers but rarely the goal kicker so then I usually go onto the opponents facebook and it's usually there. But yes I will mention if I'm not going to a match.
  17. Ah now I get it thank you very much, I have put my name down on the Woodman trip to London as I've never been to any of their grounds.
  18. Thank you BatleyBird my only problem was I didn't always go to away matches and getting info from Facebook was like pulling teeth, they were OK with the tries but hardly ever mentioned the goal kickers I had to ask them. If I go ahead and do it I have it all worked out as I've done it since 2017.
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