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  1. Neither side played very well at all and it was probably the most boring game of Rugby I've seen in years. Never really got going, tiny little bit of handbags at one point which was vaguely entertaining and Lewis Carr from Cas made a decent break. Only other point of note was Scott Murrell's stupid hair and he kept screaming all the time for some reason. Other than that I'm struggling to be honest.
  2. Can you make out the club badge in the flesh, it's a bit difficult to see in pictures. They should have maybe made it a bit bigger.
  3. There's always someone having a moan about something
  4. Love the reactions to pre-season games. Fev 12-4 down, 5 minutes left, their fans giving it "It's been a good run out, they don't mean anything these games, just a training exercise anyway, blow off a few cobwebs, there's loads of kids in the team" then they score a try to level it at the death and the drum comes out and they celebrate like they've won the cup.
  5. Didn't answer it because it was totally irrelevant mate.
  6. I’ve got a mate called Dave too. He’s a fireman. How many fires have you put out?
  7. We've got the best setup we've ever had, best coach we've ever had, probably the best squad we've ever had too with players like Clarkson, Kienhorst & Washbrook signed for next year and you come on here moaning about a 19 year old kid we've taken on trial? Give your head a shake.
  8. He's 19 and played more games of SL last year than most Championship props. The Championship coach of the year has seen enough in him to give him a trial at the Championship club of the year. But Dave on the internet says he's not sure about this one based on how much he weighs. Alright then.
  9. Still interested, just struggling for time. I’ve messaged you.
  10. Could be playing 3 matches in 2 days if we get to the Challenge Cup final.
  11. The lad played 6 SL games last year, I'm sure Fordy knows what he's getting.
  12. I was hoping to never watch us play at Bootham Crescent again.
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