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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us sign another couple of halfs and go with at least 4 in the squad plus players who can slot in when needed.
  2. Dagger is definitely involved with one of the Valkerie anyway. His Mrs is Georgie Hetherington.
  3. That's why I said "shouldn't" and "but". Also didn't say we WOULD have won either, I said you wouldn't have beaten us.
  4. York have had about 7 key players out for most games this season, still managed to win 9 out of the last 10. Shouldn't use injuries or referees as an excuse but you wouldn't have beaten us at Mount Pleasant if we'd had a half-back on the pitch. Maybe that visit to Wembley to get beaten by Halifax in the Mickey Mouse Cup wasn't worth it in the end as it seems to have totally ruined your season.
  5. York are more than good enough now, form over the last 10 games and we're equal top. Imagine if we scrape into the play-offs, anything could happen.
  6. Ref had a great game, some things go your way, some don't. I want to see the game flow which he let happen last night, and that's why York won as we had more flair than Batley. You tried to grind us down, it didn't work for the full 80 and we had too much out wide for you to deal with. You were the better team for the first half hour and the first 10 after half time but didn't capitalise on it, it's not down to the ref that, that's down to you not being good enough on the night.
  7. You clearly weren’t and didn’t.
  8. But it was a try.
  9. 5 of every position to cover for all eventualities would suit me.
  10. I think he’s been a great signing for us and it’s no coincidence our performances started improving when we signed him. I’d be delighted if he signs for us again next year.
  11. If we'd won those 2 games against Whitehaven this season we'd have been in a battle for 3rd with Bradford on Sunday and they'd already be as good as down. Shows how tight the league has been this year.
  12. Deary me... https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/crime/police-in-feathersone-yesterday-man-rushed-to-hospital-and-pair-arrested-after-hammer-attack-in-featherstone-yesterday-4272215 https://twitter.com/AaronBower/status/1696900864374349991?s=20
  13. 6 years we've been training there now, in actual world class facilities. But the school playing fields were better...
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