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  1. Now I may be wrong here, but I get the impression you’re a glass half empty sort of person?
  2. So, considering inflation is at at least 10%, they've in effect reduced ticket prices by keeping them the same AND given free parking and kept under 16s free. Can't moan at that.
  3. Could do what Bradford used to do and sell season tickets for about £50, then go bust. Obviously there's a balancing act but you can't moan that they've not discounted season tickets again, and the club is a business that's trying to grow which it can't do if it's income doesn't increase. If we keep prices the same, we'll go backwards and end up playing the likes of West Wales, Cornwall & Dewsbury. Also, in my opinion we need to start making RL a premium product, and discounting the hell out of it to keep the few fans we've got happy does it no favours, look at the Grand Final & Challenge Cup, struggle every year to fill it yet a RU international there's a waiting list.
  4. Best of luck to the lad if he's leaving, he'll go well for them and he's been great for us. No disrespect to players like Jack and I'd happily keep him, but if we want to be serious challengers in this division, we need to be aiming higher.
  5. Wait until you see how much crisps have gone up this year.
  6. Can see a few buying Fev ones instead now then...
  7. Stocky has got a job in London, don’t think keeping him was even an option really.
  8. I hope it's Pauli on a long contract.
  9. Good signing for London that. Hasn't quite kicked on as much as I thought he could though, looked to be a potential SL player at one point, great step and footwork for a big lad, decent bit of pace as well. I would have been more than happy for York to sign him for another season. He's from down that way and he's got a job in London so it makes sense to sign for the Broncos. Best of luck to him, he's been great for us.
  10. Marcus Stock to London Broncos: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/marcus-stock-london-broncos-york-25000094?int_source=nba
  11. Rumours on the Workington forum it's Conor Fitzsimmons on his way from Workington. Played yesterday, number 8.
  12. Ryan King & Nikau Williams have both been announced as leaving Whitehaven. I'd be happy with either but I've been particularly impressed with Williams every time I've seen him.
  13. I remember thinking the same when we signed someone from Coventry...
  14. Good, a bit of common sense.
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