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  1. I was hoping to never watch us play at Bootham Crescent again.
  2. He’ll have retired by then.
  3. With Clarkson getting through 30-40 odd tackles a game it'd take a lot of pressure off Spears in defence though.
  4. Jordan Baldwinson on board for next year.
  5. My mistake, sorry! Hope he does sign on again though, great player for us last year, definitely stronger with him in the side.
  6. He re-signed ages ago didn’t he?
  7. Proper forward this lad, developing a bit of a gnarly side to his game as well, seems to love a bit of the rough stuff and upsets the opposition. Pleased he’s re-signed as he’s always one of the most consistent performers when he’s in the field.
  8. Made a really good break in one game that we scored from, can’t remember who it was against though. Did his bit in what was a great season. Best of luck to the lad at Batley, hope they get relegated etc etc.
  9. Good signing for Doncaster that. Look to be building a decent squad for a tilt at promotion.
  10. Will Sharp just announced: http://yorkcityknights.com/club/knights-seal-sharp-shooter-2020/?fbclid=IwAR2DwXK8O5eePnpI1wmiG2dJ9MTbhFzXnfHGaDV-SEYe0LHHWHu5k1WhVOw
  11. Some pictures showing progress of the stadium here: https://www.yorkmix.com/inside-york-stadium-31-pictures-show-real-progress-ahead-of-end-of-year-completion/ Nearly there!
  12. Yeah, I remember once the anticipation of a major signing to be announced at the end of year dinner and we announced George Raynor from Hunslet.
  13. I hope he fails miserably and you get relegated.
  14. Had to have a bit of a think about this as I'm not a fan of DR at all. If you look at last season, we needed a few loans and ended up borrowing players like Cain Southernwood, Danny King, Lewis Heckford, Harry Aldous - all players from lower down the ladder than us. Hopefully this DR with Cas will now mean we now get access to players on the fringe of SL when we need them due to injuries etc rather than borrowing players who aren't getting a game at League 1 clubs. As long as it's used like that then fair dos.
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