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  1. And his dad is John Smith. Played for us in 2005 when we won the league.
  2. They can keep my sponsorship money as well, and I'll continue a fresh sponsorship in 2021 - as long as I haven't gone bust obviously. I appreciate everyone's finances are different at the moment and I certainly wouldn't judge anyone not doing so but if we can stick by the club and basically spend what we were going to spend with them anyway, York City Knights will come out of this in a much stronger position to move forward once normality resumes in that lovely new stadium that's sat waiting for us. Also I thought I'd do this publicly so you can all see what a great guy I am and then tell all your friends and acquaintances to use York's Premier Design & Print Company should the need arise, which will in turn help prevent me going bust. ?
  3. No Vic Yorke either. Disgraceful.
  4. Hope they’ve got a crack cleaning team in to tackle those bogs, there’s far worse diseases than Covid-19 In there.
  5. If our first 4 fixtures had been Whitehaven, Oldham, Batley & Sheffield, we might have had 8 points and be right up there, then this thread would have had the title "York for Super League?".
  6. Wakefield will feel right at home.
  7. Probably 'cos one of them had exactly the same name.
  8. Didn't really start hitting our straps until halfway through the Widnes home game just after Easter last year and we finished third. I'm sure we'll do alright.
  9. Yeah, well funny. So far it'll have cost the club hundreds of thousands with the delay. Add another 6 months and that's enough to sign about 6 SL standard players for the play-offs.
  10. Send a tweet to the guy (supposedly) in charge, tell him you're coming over from Canada specially - Councillor Nigel Ayre - @NigelCllr
  11. If it is it's an absolute disgrace. The club pull out all the stops to get a major event like this to the stadium, including it being on Sky Sports, which will raise the national (and international!) profile of both the club and city and the stadium isn't ready. Almost 1 year overdue on what was supposed to take 16 months to build? It's embarrassing. Who's in charge of it all and what have the delays cost the club now? Are there things in place to compensate the club? We've already missed out on the Bradford game at the new stadium which could have been a full house due to the novelty factor and the number of fans Bradford bring, now it's looking unlikely that the London match will be there either. That's potentially 15k spectators lost over just those 3 games if we lose the double header, hundred of thousands of £££ lost through gate money alone! Proper cheesed off now.
  12. Neither side played very well at all and it was probably the most boring game of Rugby I've seen in years. Never really got going, tiny little bit of handbags at one point which was vaguely entertaining and Lewis Carr from Cas made a decent break. Only other point of note was Scott Murrell's stupid hair and he kept screaming all the time for some reason. Other than that I'm struggling to be honest.
  13. Can you make out the club badge in the flesh, it's a bit difficult to see in pictures. They should have maybe made it a bit bigger.
  14. There's always someone having a moan about something ?
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