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  1. Is there only Leigh and Bradford up for 12th place now then?
  2. Well I've just had a win on the lottery and donated it to the club so make of that what you will.
  3. There's going to be a few surprised faces when they announce York.
  4. Hopefully City can get some games in at the new stadium, get any teething troubles sorted and the Covid vaccine be in full effect before we start the league season v Leeds Rhinos in front of a full house in March.
  5. So should York be relegated to League 1 and Hunslet into the Championship then? Is that fair?
  6. Except those results against West Wales & London Skolars were part of a season that wasn't voided and went towards York winning the league obviously.
  7. You didn't say which league, you said "results on the pitch for a number of years". York have 3 years of being a consistent, winning side and won most of their games. Including anything for 2020 is just a way to make you feel better.
  8. In the last 3 completed league seasons, York have had an 80% win ratio. Anyone got the stats for the other applicants?
  9. Skylights were on Soccer AM back in February, if that's one of the promotion criteria.
  10. It's a York band, Skylights - song is called What You Are, youtube link: Also Shed Seven did the Grand Final so York bands have got previous in the game. See, we even do pop culture too so it's not just chocolate, trains and Pen-Y-Ghent we've got going for us here in York!
  11. Ah OK, so this is a bad thing then? Alright cheers.
  12. I see former BBC Director General and ex-Chairman of the FA Greg Dyke is backing York's bid: https://www.totalrl.com/greg-dyke-goes-in-to-bat-for-york/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=greg-dyke-goes-in-to-bat-for-york
  13. I take it you missed all that Northern Union stuff that went on in Huddersfield in 1895 then?
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