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  1. Sam Cook, another hooker, signs on until the end of 2025.
  2. Castleford will be paying them for advertising.
  3. And he's still played more full games for us than Will Dagger.
  4. I really don’t understand why the club needs to have so much secrecy surrounding players and injuries. They have a “press conference” every week and say nothing of any note.
  5. Can’t believe our luck these last few days.
  6. No I didn’t. Could see the effort going in, the lads were trying all game but it just wasn’t happening. Swinton were good value for their lead as well so it wasn’t one of those games where I felt robbed of my time by staying to watch. Still can’t believe what I witnessed, it was like we’d pressed a boost button or something from the moment Dagger set off to catch that kick. I’ve seen plenty of “game of two halves” but not many “games of 7/8th and a 1/8th”.
  7. Imagine at 22-0 down with 12 minutes left, you decided “sod this, I’m off home.”
  8. Most effective bit of his York career so far.
  9. One of the maddest games I’ve ever seen at Swinton today. Swinton full value for their lead and York offered nothing whatsoever for 65 minutes and were poor in all areas. Defence was poor, attack non existent, discipline was an issue again, then Dagger (who’d had his usual sit down for 10 minutes due to committing a professional foul) catches a kick on the full and flies into a Swinton player at 100mph, gets hit high with the shoulder and the Swinton player sees a red card. Then York suddenly come to life and score 5 converted tries in 12 minutes to win the game with Swinton hardly touching the ball again. Almost comical really, both sets of players looked shocked at the end.
  10. I'd be playing Litten over Dagger. In fact, I'd see if Hull fancied a swap.
  11. Can't have anything nice.
  12. I reckon that must have been a mistake.
  13. Knights match is at 3pm with the All Stars game at 5pm.
  14. I wouldn't call for a coaches head and haven't for Hendo and I certainly don't agree with booing & heckling the coach, but anyone who parts with their money to watch a game is a supporter and entitled to an opinion. I don't like this "so-called supporter" line when people are critical of the club or it's staff because if people have genuine reasons to be critical then those concerns should be listened to. That Whitehaven match was an absolute shambles so it was obvious fans would lash out at the coach, now we've won well everyone praises the players. That's how sport works and I'm pretty sure the coaching staff have thick enough skins to deal with it.
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