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  1. I was joking really, it'd just be nice to see a bit of entertainment. Maybe play Norris at scrum half, haven't seen anything of him this year.
  2. I'd bring Nikau back as well, might not be the best positionally but at least he adds one or two moments of entertainment when he plays and so far we haven't seen much of that. Stick him at half back and let him just do what he wants.
  3. We don't even know if away fans are allowed to go yet.
  4. Whether the Widnes fans deserved a kicking or not, that's not how the law works in this country I'm afraid. Fair enough restraining or holding someone back but affray is a public order offence last time I checked and if someone joined in with giving someone a "deserved beating" they'll still be in serious trouble, especially if they're on film, which they are. Not sure if it's Featherstone Rovers' problem to deal with and I feel sorry for the true fans of the club who are some of the best around, but bits of bother like this do seem to follow the club around for whatever reason. I saw it
  5. Mate of mine lives 10 minutes walk from Wembley, I'd suggest people could park there for free but they can't cos I will be.
  6. ...and the Featherstone & Cas fans will kick off at 5pm.
  7. Sick of hearing about Odsal tbh, yet again everyone has had to bend over backwards to accommodate the place, to the detriment of the actual sport itself now. Holding the game there just smacked of Bradford squeezing as much money as they could out of the fans yet again. Fine, Bradford would have beat us even if they'd played on an adult sized pitch, that's not what people are complaining about despite Jordan Lilley fuelling ill will by whinging to the media about us measuring the pitch, but the place is a millstone around the whole game's neck all cos it got a big crowd in the 50s and Bra
  8. York have Kieran Dixon & Ben Jones-Bishop on the wings so we may as well just not bother with them on Sunday. The touchlines at Bradford will be 8.5m further in on each side than at our home ground.
  9. That is probably what's happened to be fair.
  10. Brilliant stuff is that.
  11. Seems ours are as well, hence more loans than Boris Johnson.
  12. If there are any Knights supporters (or other clubs supporters) who want their own bespoke flag to show your support for when we're allowed back into grounds, give me a shout. We're getting a nice collection between us now and it will all add to making the Monks Cross Multi-Use Megadome more like our home. Sizes & designs to suit, anything you want on a flag can be done within reason. All artwork is included. They also conform to all fire regulations and come with relevant British Standards labelling, for any ground stewards out there
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