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  1. So your prediction of "I see only defeat for York and a battle to avoid relegation..." was for the 2020 season not this one then? Sorry, my mistake.
  2. Looks like I was right then eh?
  3. That's what they said about us playing in the Championship...
  4. Special mention for the officials last night, best refereeing I’ve seen this season.
  5. Someone wants doing under the trade descriptions act for that.
  6. Unless York go up instead obvs.
  7. Used to be able to leave your door unlocked as well.
  8. If we had our own reserve team and those players were included in the squad numbers, you could see a player with 50 on his back.
  9. He's never seen a Championship game in his life I reckon.
  10. Should be ready for Sunday, John.
  11. Season ticket holders are welcome to a discount with me, should they or their place of work need and design or print services.
  12. According to YouTube comment from the Knights "Because RFL rules say we aren't allowed to put out longer than two minutes of footage within 48 hours of the match finishing...When we put the extended highlights out, they won't be sped up!"
  13. Can't see us keeping them scoreless. I'm going for 147-2
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