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  1. Hull KR have Addy-nuff it seems.
  2. One trick pony in attack as well.
  3. The replay of the York v Fev game from the other week is on the OurLeague app, the replay of the Leigh game is on there too.
  4. Acorn just won promotion to the premier and Heworth are in the play-offs first season back in the NCL. Some great work going on with the Knights and amateur clubs and it'll only get better.
  5. We'll be playing at Magic Weekend John. Probably get Cas or maybe Leeds?. Looking forward to it.
  6. Mainly council funded with money from a shopping centre development next door plus about £2m from the Football Foundation and sale of Bootham Crescent. Total cost is about £40 million, massive cinema, leisure complex & NHS health centre type stuff in there. Can't wait to be in there now, it's gone on far too long, joint stadium for both clubs was first talked about in 2000 and that proposal not happening is what ended York Wasps effectively. This stadium project caused numerous problems for the Knights until we got a new owner, now relationships with the council and Football club seem to be really productive so it should be the best thing that's ever happened to RL in North Yorkshire.
  7. Everything is geared up for Toronto to win and get promoted though, it would almost be a superhuman effort to do it. But it's just 17 blokes running around a field after all, so anything could happen. If we did happen to win the Grand Final, I'd be mightily disappointed if we turned down a place in SL. Go up, take the money on offer and enjoy the experience cos it might never happen again.
  8. To be fair 3 tries were down to him. Shame for you they were York ones though
  9. Do you want me to comment on every aspect of the game, that Fev lost?
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