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  1. I honestly don't know why people even entertain him.
  2. Can't miss what you've never had I suppose, but it does stick in the throat a bit that he's been paid handsomely for a full season sat on the sidelines (obviously through no fault of his own) then he gets fit and goes to Fev. Nice one, cheers for all the input.
  3. Me three. Hope it's a top day for everyone to round off our second best season in the Championship!
  4. The football club can’t have the Rugby Club getting bigger gates can they? Wouldn’t look good especially as they got a grant to pay towards the ground and see it as theirs despite doing virtually nothing to push the new place. Theres no other logical reason for the SMC to not tell the Knights the attendance.
  5. They won't tell the Knights Sunday's attendance because it was more than they got on Saturday for the football.
  6. Must have impressed at his recent audition.
  7. What Atkins does there is perfectly legal. You're possibly thinking of a cannonball tackle, where the 3rd/4th man in attacks the legs of a stationary attacker while he's being held upright by other defenders. Like what John Davies did earlier in the season against us and got binned for.
  8. Tyme Dow-Nikau was superb as well, great defensively and two well worked tries, would have put his winger away for one as well had Perry got his positioning right. One of the best performances by a centre for us this year, should be his position to lose now.
  9. Other than the Halifax game when he was clearly playing on one leg, he’s been MOM every time he’s played. First game for about 3 months, had a hand in everything today, orchestrated the pace of the game, scored a hat-trick, put some decent tackles in and came of unscathed from a fairly long term injury. And he’s our player not a loan. Other than buying you a couple of beers after the match and giving you a lift home I’m not sure what more he could have done tbh.
  10. Great game, great result. Even if we'd have lost I'd have enjoyed the match as it was probably the most enjoyable game I've seen this season. Even when we were behind I still thought we looked the better team as Widnes' tries all seemed to come off a lucky bounce or decision. O'Hagan was outstanding today, the lad is absolute class and makes it look effortless and I've no doubt had he been fit all year we'd have been comfortably sat in the play-off positions. Tyme Dow-Nikau was immense as well, great in defence and attack and took his tries well. Referee was abysmal, off sides and forward passes missed, penalties for nothing, poor positioning and struggled to keep up with the game, a really poor performance from him and the 6 again rule and lack of scrums seems to be causing the referees as much problems as the players.
  11. Mikey Lewis' loan spell has been extended on a week-by-week basis, so he'll be staying at York until he isn't.
  12. Just go hide in the bogs after the Doncaster game.
  13. Hull KR have had their match postponed so I'd hope Lewis is staying at least another week. I'd love to see O'Hagan fit as the games he played at the start of the season he looked the real deal.
  14. He'll be back for the semi then up to speed for the final then. Fine with that.
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