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  1. Well deserved for his passion for the game,, congratulations Stevo and enjoy your retirement
  2. I was at Clagate middle school, 2 years below Garry Schofield and with Harry Jepson as Deputy Head, thankfully I never had any chance at any other sport,,,,
  3. Hmmm, tricky one this, I wouldn't really like to call it,, but , what I can say is, as a Leeds fan I used to be much more worried when Cunningham was attacking at dummy half within the 22 than I am with Roby, both fantastic players though,,,
  4. I've just watched a fantastic game of RL,,, two teams playing out of their skin, a referee who was largely invisible and a big crowd enjoying themselves, I can ignore Kieron Cunninghams comment on "calls". He's invested a lot of emotion and energy into what became the most important game of his season, do people really expect coaches not to see things even slightly biased,, what Kieron said afterwards showed his true class, congratulations Saints on a good season and good luck next year,,,,, And onto next week, I can"t wait, please, please let Leeds win it, not just for the retirering trio but because, well, I want the treble,,,,
  5. With regards to Wanes comment on "playing the Ref" is it possible that you do so, like "playing the weather", "playing the conditions" or "playing the opposition". You adapt your style of play to suit things that are out of your control, for example, the Ref is allowing laying on in the tackle, so if you're clever you lay on that bit longer. Similarly if he's not policing the 10m line, you creep forward earlier, maybe a more suitable phrase would be "playing to the Ref. better" Just a thought
  6. Born in Leeds, went through Clapgate and Parkside schools, support Rhinos and Hunslet,,,
  7. Loved Danny Brough's summary " if you turn up half cock, you get battered"
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