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  1. This is painful to watch, we are woefully organised in defence but more concerning is we don't seem to want to tackle.
  2. Whenever I see a Canberra away game on TV they always seem to have a decent following with them. Just wondered, whats the travelling time to Sydney, how many do they take when they are playing well and of this number how many travel from Canberra as opposed to living in Sydney.
  3. Whats Steve Anderson up to these days. He always seemed like a man with a plan and had Warrington travelling in the right direction.
  4. Why do we get just the second line of Old Faithful dubbed on to the "atmosphere" when Hull games are shown. In all the years I've heard Hull fans sing it, never once have they just sang the second line. Dub the first line or the first two lines but just the second line? Its sending me paranoid.
  5. Watched Widnes v Leeds yesterday and while I didn't mind Eddie, Stevo sent me up the wall. Oh, and the good whole "momentum rule" turned up. Both of them seemed to believe you could chuck the ball as far forward as you like as long as you run past it before its caught. Talk about confusing viewers.
  6. Wonder how this will affect Cas this season?
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