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  1. I suppose being a goose this is a good thing. Personally I cannot stomach heights, even have trouble watching TV documentaries when they are covering high structures.
  2. I have been to Batley many times and not even received a fig roll.
  3. It would seem my efforts to forget that season were more successful than I thought.
  4. I read that he played a few games for Widnes but can't remember it for the life of me.
  5. I wonder if Featherstone's minds might be elsewhere on Sunday.
  6. Were as being poor in the second half and managing to chuck away the points is very Widnes like.
  7. Looked like Hull weren't particularly bothered last week to me. Hopefully they'll turn up this week.
  8. Why do the Allams seem to have such a big influence over the goings on at the stadium? Who actually owns the KCOM?
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