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  1. I can remember watching Runcorn a few times in their NPL days, usually in the FA Cup or Trophy. Games against Southport, Grimsby, Wigan Athletic, Gainsborough Trinity and Slough Town come to mind.
  2. Seem to recall that this rule also resulted in a lot more short kick offs resulting in the dominant side often regaining possession immeadiately.
  3. Remember Eric Grothe in full flight getting chopped down round the ankles by Steve Mortimore. That weren't too bad.
  4. Many years ago I caddied for Frank at Widnes Golf Club. He asked me if I fancied caddying for him at a competition in St Helens the following day. I said "Okay" and arranged to meet him at 9am outside a local newsagents. I turned up and the newsagent came out of the shop and asked me if I was supposed to be caddying for Frank Myler. I said "Yes" at which point the newsagent handed me some money. He told me Frank had made a mistake with the time but would pay me anyway. He had no need to do this, he barely knew me from Adam. He was a class act on and off the pitch. RIP Frank.
  5. I remember that game, frightening that it was 16 years ago.
  6. London were pretty impressive tbh. Played the conditions very well in the first half and literally bullied us, We never moved forward when defending and were woeful defending our line. London scored five tries in the first half, the total distance covered with ball in hand to score four of them must have been about ten yards. The fifth was our customary interception gift to Kieran Dixon. Second half with the wind behind us was more of a contest but we still managed to chuck a second interception and then for good measure they collected a Widnes chip through and scored off that. All in all a good day for the Bronco's, not so good for Widnes.
  7. Thought it was being played before the final this year.
  8. No doubt they'll be whingeing about Leigh wrecking the pitch.
  9. Excellent idea, we could start with trying to get Pledge on board.
  10. Remember one game at Knowsley Road on New Years day played in an absolute pea souper. I believe we lost.
  11. Absolutely stunned when I heard this. There are no words.
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