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  1. Hmmm. Remember Anthony Mullally going to Brisbane. Whatever happened to him?
  2. Intrigued by this so worked out Widnes' trips next season. Came out at 3,695 miles for the round trips or 5,912 Kms.
  3. Always thought Tony Myler was light years ahead of Edwards when it came down to pure talent. To me Edwards was a very intelligent player who made the maximum of his abilility.
  4. Seem to recall Hull KR pulling off a similar move a couple of times. think it was in the middle eights a couple of years back.
  5. A beige coloured Hillman Avenger. Utter ######. Wouldn't start if it was wet but did collect water by the gallon in the boot.
  6. You've been on here long enough to know you could have been away for ten years.
  7. Went to Stalybridge when my lot played them in the Cup this year. Tidy little ground, nothing wrong with it.
  8. What was the attendance? Didn't Newtown always used to put out the same figure, something like 6 thousand and odd which I believe was their last attendance when in the premier competition.
  9. Seem to remember Hull KR loaning you a few half way through the season. Junior Vaivai was instrumental in you winning at Widnes.
  10. Remember back around 2000 Widnes won at Hunslet, lost at Dewsbury and then had to go back to Hunslet. Where we lost!!!
  11. Widnes have just announced that the kick off for the Toronto game on 21st July has been put back to 17:05 to accomodate Sky TV coverage. https://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/news/article/56234/toronto-kick-off-time-moved
  12. Was at Post Office road on Sunday and Fev should be congratulated on what they've achieved there. Very tidy little ground. As for getting promoted, I think Toronto are well ahead on the pitch. Wouldn't put it past Fev though to make the play off final. What would be funny then would be watching people on here back track about promoting both finalists to make a top flight of 14.
  13. Been on Watersheddings loads of times. The first time was a CCQF in 1975. If my memories right 10,000 plus were in attendance.
  14. Just rewatched it Pointless answers: Batley, Leigh, Liversedge, Stockport, Brighouse Rangers, Broughton Rangers and Tyldesley. 1 pointers: Manningham, Runcorn and Oldham.
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