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  1. Very little interest in it these days. If I'm in and its on I will probably watch England World Cup games but thats about it. Zero interest in any particular club. Enjoy playing golf but that's about it sporting wise for me.
  2. Have a feeling you might get your wish. Check out next Saturdays schedule.
  3. Played 5 a side football against Paul and had the misfortune of colliding with him. It was like hitting a wall.
  4. The "final restructure " was decided upon after the 1994/95 season was completed if my memory is correct. Which would mean that at the outset of the season, Widnes along with all the other clubs had no idea that there were six "relegation " places
  5. If the championship clubs don't play again this season then where do they stand with season ticket holders?
  6. GB beating Australia in Melbourne. Widnes beating Canberra. Widnes beating Australia (last club side to beat them) Offiahs 10 tries against Leeds. Wigan beating Manly. Widnes beating Wigan to win the league. Wigan beating Widnes to just about clinch the league.
  7. This season, to all intents looks like its on the way to being written off and as such I agree that promotion and relegation should be put on hold. However next season, in the interests of fairness we should relegate two from Super league. After listening to the amount of bleating going on it would seem that most of them are probably more suited to the championship anyway.
  8. Pretty sure it ran for more than one year, seem to recall Gateshead Panthers playing in it as well.
  9. I've always believed that this was the way the final places should have been sorted, let 9th to 14th in division 1 and the top 2 in division 2 play a winter mini league, top four to qualify.
  10. I can remember watching Runcorn a few times in their NPL days, usually in the FA Cup or Trophy. Games against Southport, Grimsby, Wigan Athletic, Gainsborough Trinity and Slough Town come to mind.
  11. Seem to recall that this rule also resulted in a lot more short kick offs resulting in the dominant side often regaining possession immeadiately.
  12. Remember Eric Grothe in full flight getting chopped down round the ankles by Steve Mortimore. That weren't too bad.
  13. Many years ago I caddied for Frank at Widnes Golf Club. He asked me if I fancied caddying for him at a competition in St Helens the following day. I said "Okay" and arranged to meet him at 9am outside a local newsagents. I turned up and the newsagent came out of the shop and asked me if I was supposed to be caddying for Frank Myler. I said "Yes" at which point the newsagent handed me some money. He told me Frank had made a mistake with the time but would pay me anyway. He had no need to do this, he barely knew me from Adam. He was a class act on and off the pitch. RIP Frank.
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