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  1. It's usually a pretty good guide to the size of a club.
  2. My point is we are no where near having even half a dozen stand out clubs. Forget about whether 7,000 fans in a dump is better or worse than 4,500 in a decent stadium. If we go down this line keep it simple. Tell them if they average 10,000 fans a game over the previous season then they are class A this year, if not then they are not and are relegation possibles. Since we only have about four clubs who meet the criteria and none of them, well maybe Hull excepted look likely to finish bottom in the immediate future then the problem is solved.
  3. I reckon the bar will have to be set pretty low to get any where near a dozen class A clubs. Average attendance alone should rule half of them out (if not more). Add in crappy stadiums and even access to stadiums. No doubt it will be the usual fudge.
  4. Drop goal certainly hit the post and looked like it went over. Ref was more or less stood under the posts from memory.
  5. Fair point, you've usually turned up at Widnes in decent numbers to be fair. Best of luck next week.
  6. Well done to Salford and it looked like an excellent turn out from their fans. Interested to know if the cancellation of the football today increased their following?
  7. It was way worse in the 70's, I've been on coaches that got bricked at Bramley. As for female's kicking off, anyone else remember "Shoe girl" from Hull wielding a stiletto?
  8. Quite impressed with Fax tonight. We had loads of ball and field position but no guile. Thought they handled most of what we did throw at them comfortably and scrambled well on the odd occasions they needed to. With ball in hand they just seemed to run harder than we did. With regards to the play offs they look like they have the potential to do some damage when in possession. Not sure they will find it as easy to defend though if they allow better teams than us the same sort of field position.
  9. Seen some terrible decisions recently, thinking Bevan French diving over with him receiving the ball stood in touch, fortunately denied by the video referee. Also a Jones Bishop "try" given for Sheffield against Widnes that was an actual joke he was that far in touch.
  10. Like I said, didn't look good from my seat but if there's no case to answer then so be it.
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