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  1. Agree again. Not really been thought through this, has it?
  2. Agreed, which removes the need for ridiculous catchment points. You play in a large city, you already have an advantage so long as the interest is there..
  3. Cas would get 0.5 points for catchment, the likes of Toulouse and Bradford would get 1.5 points. Cas would need to improve nine league places to overcome this additional point the other two have been gifted. I'd say Cas have plenty to grumble about.
  4. Are Crusaders going to be able to get the Widnes game on in North Wales?
  5. If that was 2018 then Widnes took a few thousand to the 1895 cup final that day.
  6. Isn't there supposed to be some news this week.
  7. Tom, next doors cat could tell you the strongest clubs in Superleague and could probably do it without having to compile a dodgy spreadsheet. It might have a bit of trouble though, all things being equal perming the best five from the next dozen.
  8. Oh I don't know, higher a few bands here, lower a few bands there, keep the joke that is catchment but penalise those who don't utilise it and we could probably relegate Leeds. In effect nullify all Leeds advantages and hit them where you can. Would that be ok, no it would be nonsense. But those a bit lower down the chain than Leeds are having to put up with this. Performance, attendance, finance, facilities, all things that could be used to sort the stronger clubs are being negated by bandings that are ridiculous.
  9. Start with performance, a club with a small catchment needs to finish nine places higher (9 x 0.1143) just to nullify the advantage a team from a large catchment area has been gifted. A team pulling 7,400 can score less than a team puling 5,250 because their attendance gain counts for nothing and they lose out on utilisation. Financially, if I'm reading it right you can lose a million and score as well as a club that's lost a tenner. TV viewers, who are you playing, what night is it on, what channel is it on? Low scoring criteria, wide bands, gifted points, what's not to like?
  10. Those bands have been set to deliver what they want.
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