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  1. Excellent idea, we could start with trying to get Pledge on board.
  2. Remember one game at Knowsley Road on New Years day played in an absolute pea souper. I believe we lost.
  3. Absolutely stunned when I heard this. There are no words.
  4. I watched that game on TV, I think it was one of the Welsh channels. Was the score 20 - 22 or something like that?
  5. I was at the cup game against Widnes. It was not a nice atmosphere.
  6. Hmmm. Remember Anthony Mullally going to Brisbane. Whatever happened to him?
  7. Intrigued by this so worked out Widnes' trips next season. Came out at 3,695 miles for the round trips or 5,912 Kms.
  8. Always thought Tony Myler was light years ahead of Edwards when it came down to pure talent. To me Edwards was a very intelligent player who made the maximum of his abilility.
  9. Seem to recall Hull KR pulling off a similar move a couple of times. think it was in the middle eights a couple of years back.
  10. A beige coloured Hillman Avenger. Utter ######. Wouldn't start if it was wet but did collect water by the gallon in the boot.
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