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  1. Agree with that - don't get me wrong I think it's well documented that Hall left it too late to really have a fair crack at the NRL. That said, how the Fox/9 commentators go on about him sometimes it's like they're angry this near on 33 SL veteran is even allowed to be on the field! He's looked solid if not spectacular in the recent games i've seen him in - does he make mistakes? Of course he does but as you point out so does Tupou - neither are helped by the fact the Morris twins are in the form of their lives. Even Tedesco looks pretty ordinary across that backline at the moment with them two stealing the show.
  2. Great work by Wigan - not sure it'll change the direction of the tide of players going from SL to NRL but this is definitely one back!
  3. Yeah sure I think that's what this Fox segment was pointing out - if JB did get 800k then you'd probably have some pretty upset blokes in Wighton/Papalii etc when you consider what they've brought to the team past few years. Agree with your second para also - I get it's a short career in relative terms but you see so many move for big money and then it just doesn't work out. Shannon Boyd springs to mind.
  4. Reckon that makes sense then mate - if the deal is say A$2 - 2.5m overall but over 5 years then that's between 400 - 500k per season which would put him lower than the others.
  5. He did get an upgrade mate yeah - end of last season. Reckon they wanted to tie him down before they had a Bateman situation! Also, @Allora the length of Croker's deal might explain why he's not in the top earners - more money but spread over more years? Would make sense at his age to get a deal like that maybe.
  6. Well he's only co-captain now with Hodgson haha. But no, I was surprised too - Croker was about 7th or 8th from memory.
  7. Whitehead is on a fair bit more money than Bateman, so I can imagine he is happy with his money. Saw an article when all this came out which was talking about how Bateman would compare to his team mates if they gave him the A$800k he was after -Whitehead is 5th highest earner after Wighton, Papalii, CNK and Hodgson.
  8. More broadly speaking about Sky's interest/loyalty to RL moving forward. As a couple of you know I actually work for Sky - not the broadcast side of things, more Technology/Development. I'm certainly not claiming to have inside knowledge or say anything confidential/controversial, but I can say based on what I see and hear RL is definitely part of Sky's future. I work with the guys who do app development for the various sports Sky covers and everything that gets mentioned includes RL. Now that might not seem too significant, considering we obviously do broadcast RL at the moment, but anybody who knows about tech and certainly app/web development will tell - you don't spend money working on shiny new features for something you're not invested in longer term. Sky certainly don't anyway. Linking it back to this thread, Sky very much see RL as Super League and I don't imagine that changing. The next contract should allow teams outside the SL to negotiate their own broadcast deal IMO.
  9. Maybe it was intentional....maybe I just noticed how that reads after you pointed it out. Guess we'll never know ?
  10. This was always going to end this way sadly. As I think @Dunbar pointed out - the issue here stems back to initial terms of his contract. It's one thing to say it can be renegotiated every year but if you don't have the means with your cap to do so then you're on to a raw deal from the off. On the flip side, it seems Bateman has allowed himself to be lead by this Moses character and had him believing he's worth A$ 800k+ a year - you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who is agreeing he is. Bulldogs might pay it because of the situation they're in but I reckon he'll be closer to 650k - 700k mark. Agreed with Batemen calling that journo out at the time but whether or not he actually asked for a release is semantics now - he is leaving which was the main headline and that's what people will remember and what IMO has made him not look so great coming out of all this.
  11. Yes, you'd be exactly right to think - but it's actually a combination of a couple of things. This is quite an old image but that is still the origins of the west stand we know today and you'll see the tunnel bang on the half way with the pitch going to within about 20 metres of the path on the old South Stand/Scratching Shed end (left stand by the road for anyone reading not familiar with ER). Jump forward to today (first image) and you can see the South stand comes out much further so the pitch had to be shifted to the right - this was seemingly planned for when they properly built the Kop end though as for years before they rebuilt South there was an almost comical amount of space behind that goal at the Kop (second image) until the pitch was shifted to the right. So in short (pun intended) the pitch needs to find only about 10m in total - the short 10 at the 30m line is about 6m by my reckoning (so plus 4m each half and make the in goal areas a metre deeper. I think there's enough room (just!) when you look where the current in goals end and imagine them pushed back further with the adjustments i've mentioned. The run offs don't dip like OT but would make the back of in goal areas very close to advertising boards similar to Wigan.
  12. I love Elland Rd (can you guess I'm a LUFC fan?) and also love the idea that if RL was to have a 'home' Leeds is the perfect choice. All that said and to prove my bias doesn't stretch that far, until they can figure out out to make the playing surface full size for RL I don't think it should be there. Once again, I know this doesn't bother most but it really does me - the most frustrating thing is it shouldn't be a hard problem to solve. Here's hoping that can be done if/when some agreement is made.
  13. Now do Instagram. Would appear they have much higher followings in the NRL on that platform when compared with SL clubs. Edit: Had a quick glance and NO Super League club has over 100k on Instagram - Leeds are top with 68k NRL on the other hand has 11 over 100k! Broncos - 260k Warriors - 211k Souths - 206k Cowboys - 181k Roosters - 177k Eels - 145k Bulldogs - 129k Dragons - 108k Raiders - 107k Wests - 105k Panthers - 101k Added to that the NRL itself has near on a million compared with RFL and SL combined not even hitting 100k. I think the NRL still trumps the SL when it comes to exposure via social media overall.
  14. There's no designated 'ultras' or hooligans like you get in football. That said, it very much can happen on a given day and because RL and rugby in general isn't policed in the same way football is, when it does kick off there's not much to stop it - especially outside the ground. Certainly back in the days I played in the Pennine Leagues I can safely say some grounds you went to were more intimidating than anything i've witnessed in football at the same level. I took some friends who had little knowledge of RL to the CC final a few years back. We was in the Green Man pub's huge beer garden and they couldn't believe both sets of fans were allowed to mingle together and the good nature of it all....then somebody threw a plastic beer cup into a group of opposing fans. What followed was some of the worst mass brawling i've ever seen with only a handful of stewards trying to get order back - must have been 5 minutes before any police enter the area and even then not enough to get it under control straight away. So yeah overall RL fans are better behaved is my view, but any moral high ground we used to think we had over football is long gone IMO.
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