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  1. I've no idea what makes you think this but just so you're aware, Manchester United makes more from corporate/VIP hospitality then any other Premier League club* and just about the richest club in the world, which tells me they know quite a lot about marketing and business in general. Also, why would you not want to sell tickets to community clubs? Selling corporate sponsorship for a one off game really isn't going to make up the difference of 20,000 less tickets to sell. *Can't include Tottenham in this as they haven't had a full season at their new stadium yet.
  2. This is great news! Even the most ardent naysayers can't find a negative in this story.....surely? All I would ask is, does anybody have the actual numbers? Be good to know how it compares with other major sporting events on Sky this summer too?
  3. I agree - confidence in a team is more important than anything 1,2 or 3 star players can bring.
  4. As others have said, it would be disingenuous to make losing three of their best players this season won’t have a massive impact, but it’s certainly not the doom and gloom some are predicting. K Brown will be solid if maybe not spectacular - same can probably be said for Sarginson. They obviously need to bring in a couple more, but then after that they still have the same strong nucleus they had this year. Evalds, Lussick, Mossop, Dudson and in the latter part of the year Lolohea will all still be there and most importantly so will Ian Watson.
  5. A 'Where are they now?' thread would be something I'd be really interested in!
  6. Yeah I think that will be what happens and I agree - they're just about our best two players in defence. Was just toying with the idea because for me Graham isn't what he once was in the 13 jumper and looking at another strong in defence middle who can put a few plays on, Whitehead could be that man. If Josh Jones was more proven at the top level i'd definitely like to see this tried out.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see Blake Austin play in the centres. Also, for me E Whitehead is a good option for 13.
  8. Percival and Knowles withdrew i'm lead to believe. Watts is down there for the 9's so does seem odd he's not in this squad.
  9. Philbin is there for the 'craic'. It's a shame Morgan Knowles withdrew as he surely would've made the squad. I've no issue with Coote as he declared himself a Scottish international way before he came to Super League and his form warrants it. Personally don't want to go into the heritage debate again as it's been done to death - the rules are the the rules. FWIW my spine would be Widdop, Lomax, Hastings, Hodgson. Whitehead at 13. Hardaker should be on the bench every game IMO - most versatile player we have.
  10. I get the comparison you're making, about the fact the women's game is amateur and the further progress that could be made if it was pro - I agree by the way. I just think the comments about 'the hits were as hard, the handling as good etc' as top level men's amateur (so the NCL essentially) doesn't help the argument that the women's game is a great spectacle on it's own merits, as many (including myself) know that not to be the case.
  11. Sorry RP but you should have just stuck with what you then go on to say - there is no value or point in comparing the men's to the women's game. The highlighted statement is just ridiculous to be honest and I say that in the knowledge of both supporting and coaching in the women's game.
  12. Be interesting to see how they use RTS and CNK as surely both have to start. Personally I’d like to see CNK at FB and RTS in the centres.
  13. I mean that attendance would require approx 8,000 needing to be sat on the roof....
  14. Find it a bit odd that the part of this you call a disgrace is the media coverage of it? How can the media make this look worse than it was? And yes, it's exactly assaults like this which make me worry about my own sons playing. I'm seriously questioning whether you saw the full incident as you talk about '3 got what he deserved' - well no not really, he barely had a hand laid on him. It's the sucker punch 3 puts on the number 5 Chorley player after the brawl we're all talking about.
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