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  1. Yep agree with all the above re Thompson - overall one of Bulldogs best (which I appreciate isn't hard at present) but still the same concerns in some of his defensive play. Certainly got less 'handsy' than last season, but never quite looks like he's dominant in the tackle.
  2. Can I come and stand with you, mate? Some very odd takes on a few matters on these boards over the past week. Some very predictable, others i'm genuinely shocked by.
  3. Yeah I think that statement has helped understand things and as I said earlier (pages and pages ago) this is the right outcome. Nb. Club/Clubb was used 19 times in that statement.
  4. You're not wrong! I've just found the actual article about it on the FA website. Hopefully it'll improve! https://www.thefa.com/news/2021/may/04/england-football-unveiled-20210504
  5. That website looks very low grade if it is actually associated with England/The FA.
  6. If he never said it then he's been right not to apologise and no further action required would be the obvious outcome, no?
  7. That might be true in actual court - but this isn't going there, it's going to a disciplinary committee. As me and Tommy discussed earlier, they can take more than an evidence based approach. Probability can come into it. To be clear from my point of view, I don't want to see anybody get vilified for something they never did, but i'd be even more concerned if a person who reports racism sees no consequences because suitable evidence couldn't be found.
  8. You think by now if Clubb was vehemently denying he said anything a statement wouldn't have been released?
  9. Yeah that definitely seems to be the case. Was either the Canberra or Bulldogs game last week where 6 again was signalled for offside and the hit up that was simultaneously unfolding was dropped cold and it was just ruled as any normal knock on. I guess that's an example where the 6 again definitely offers an advantage in terms of speed/fatigue but no actually advantage period.
  10. I think there's a point to say if Clubb came/comes out and said something along the lines of he didn't realise how this kind of language was deemed racist, apologises, agrees to go on some re-education program and takes his medicine with the ban, then there is a route back for him. Fighting it by saying he either never said or just saying nothing will be worse long term IMO.
  11. There is precedent for situations like this - where there's no actual evidence but an accusation is made. Leeds United goalkeeper Kiko Casilla was accused of making a racist comment against a Charlton player last year (can't remember if you're an LUFC fan Tommy, if so i'm sure you're aware) and in the end the independent commission ruled based on probability that Jonathan Leko was telling the truth and that Kiko Casilla's account was a lie and/or fabricated. He was banned him for 8 games. This case was slightly different in the sense Leko's team mate also said he heard the comments made by Cas
  12. I think it's been quite clearly explained why this is not the same - but yes a slur using a person's country is still xenophobia. Whether you personally would mind it or not isn't really the point here.
  13. You ask a fair question, Barnyia. In short, no it is absolutely not ok - if a country is mentioned as a slur to somebody then that is being xenophobic. As @Tommygilf articulated perfectly however, this (alleged) case wouldn't be considered in that way because of the incorrect and pejorative context it was said, lends itself more to racism.
  14. Yeah I listened to that and couldn't help thinking Carney was speaking about a 'policy' that certainly doesn't formally exist and if it did would be extremely controversial at best, very racist at worst. I don't have any written quotes to add to validate this, but from memory when Wane has been asked about this in the past he more talks about players that have come through the 'system' in England being his priority, rather than a player's heritage. I think Wane does need to set his position out clearly on this though, because he's very close to getting some accusations thrown his way too.
  15. You could be right - but then this surely bumps up the price quite a bit for any other broadcasters to purchase and as I mentioned before, it would be groundbreaking if this happens, as nobody is currently doing that.
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