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  1. I don't think I ever appreciated it at the time as it was the norm, but growing up in Hunslet is the most intensely RL environment I can imagine anywhere on earth IMO. This little pocket of South Leeds (including Belle Isle, Middleton and to an extent Rothwell) is absolutely RL through and through. Every second person you see either played, is playing or will be playing League. With 3 amateur clubs and the semi pro side you just can't help but be linked to the game. I live many miles away now but it does allow me to feel whatever one else must when you enter the area when I return. When I hear about other towns where the game is in decline I just can't ever imagine that in Hunslet and I hope that's always the case.
  2. They're saying it's available from 20th July. Whether it's real or not Huddersfield have definitely let themselves get mugged off a bit by PP. First they released a video skit basically saying they sponsored Hudds as that's the only team they could get with the money they had left to play with and now this. Selling out for the money it seems - something I can imagine any SL club would happily do.....we just don't get the offers.
  3. I think everybody is hoping/praying this is just a PR stunt.
  4. Haha I think the saying "you're not the first and definitely won't be the last" applies perfectly to this subject.
  5. With no Ben Hunt or Widdop i'm surprised he's not in the halves....and i'm only slightly joking. But yeah, I expect his attack workload to be limited with him only just returning so wouldn't be surprised at all to see him give it more than carry it up.
  6. Ah okay - I would've never guessed that as they play out of Rockhampton which is way north of Brisbane, never mind the GC. If Watkins ever was going to play Qld Cup i'd assume it'd be Burleigh or Tweed Heads as they're both in and around the GC at least.
  7. Not that I can see in the Rd 18 teamlists - I'm right in thinking it's Burleigh or Tweed Heads right? https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2019/07/16/intrust-super-cup-round-18-teams/
  8. Yeah I said the same last week mate and then if you read back I had a convo with RP and Dunbar and ultimately agreed that maybe he's been left out to get himself properly ready for next year? Would make sense to be fair and it doesn't look like he's been shipped out to Qld Cup side.
  9. It is broken though. All the points made in the OP are bugbears of many in the game, not least of all fans. With the exception of football (who are having a nightmare with VR decisions) RL uses Video Tech in the least efficient way of all the major sports the currently use it IMO. The only good thing we have is the idea to take the refs call if the VR isn't clear. The NRL bunker is much more affective. I do like the idea of sides having a set number of reviews as well - it would take a degree of the awful appealing for everything culture away from the game.
  10. Let's do this AGAIN and quickly. Okay here goes.... 'People west of the Pennines don't identify as being from Lancashire anymore....' 'It would be a poor man's version of State of Origin' 'Exiles didn't take off the first with arguably better imports....why would it now?' 'GB won't exist again in 4 months' I'm paraphrasing obviously and I know there are plenty of people who support both concepts (including myself) but unless there's been a giant shift, the above is a fair representation (that have been rehashed many times) as to why it won't happen and/or be successful.
  11. Few headlines in this week's NRL teamlists - James Graham is back for the Dragons, Herbie Farnworth keeping his spot in the centres and Watkins continues to be omitted from the Titans squad. Other than that it looks like all 3 Burgess' brothers are out for Souths (George suspended and the other 2 slight injuries), Ryan Sutton looks to have picked up a knock too. The other 3 English Raiders are in as normal and Ryan Hall continues on the wing for the Roosters - really hope he can get over for one this week! https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/07/16/round-18-team-announcements/
  12. I hope 'David' in the comments lumped on his MoS prediction! But yeah, that's pretty much how I remember it went down too, regards his departure at the Raiders. In relation to him playing for England I have no problem with it. I've written before that since being over here he's embraced the English way of life and doing some great work in the community (nothing to do with club obligations) off his own back. He is an Australian but he does seem really proud of his English heritage. I do also think the fact he's playing over here for the foreseeable makes it completely different to the Chris McQueen/Chris Heighington situation, which did very much feel like a couple of blokes were dragged up who had heritage. If what we're hearing is true, Austin had to put his hand up to play - nobody asked him and I think that's important.
  13. I'm pretty sure Cuthbertson isn't part of the quota (British passport) and Rhyse Martin is a PNG international (so Kolpak?). As far as I know the quota players are/will be Merrin, Lui, Seumanufagai and Peteru - so that leaves one spot. Although I'm not entirely sure what Hurrell's status is?
  14. I agree - Victor Radley the same at the Roosters too. Sean O'Loughlin is the last great 13 in SL at the moment. I thought Stevie Ward had potential and Adam Milner a couple of years ago but neither have quite made the position their own for one reason or another.
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