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  1. He appears very loved up with this girl from Manchester - I very much doubt he's not coming back. For how long is the only thing I'm not sure on.
  2. Not sure that's true. I work with a guy who's from Invercargill (south island) but worked in Auckland and i've asked him before about RL in NZ. There's no doubt RL is most popular in Auckland than anywhere else, which he attributes in no small part to the number of league loving Pacific islanders that live there. Whether that makes it more popular in the city than RU i'm not sure, but he tells me whilst RL is played in the south island it's dwarfed in comparison to RU and even cricket.
  3. I agree we'll only ever likely see this used when teams are playing a particularly deep exit set and whilst I don't expect it to be used anymore than the 40\20, I don't think it'll be less either. As you rightly point out, actual attempts may only come late on in games but the required adjustment by the defending team will be throughout the game you would imagine? Regarding it only been used by the losing team - you could apply that to pretty much every high risk play.
  4. Where have you heard this DD? Feels very much like they're doing whatever they can to get out of the deal. It'll be very disappointing if this is how Hastings ends his time in SL.
  5. So you think it's 'flawed' because teams won't drop players out of the defensive line to cover the 20/40 option? That's a very risky move surely? And if they do drop players back, regardless of whether a team coming out of their 20 decide to use it or not, it is working as designed as it changes the defensive picture they face.
  6. Whilst I agree BLK have seemingly had issues in the past, I'm skeptical as to whether this is the case here. TWP have form for not releasing their jersey until well into the New Year. In the past i've assumed that's because the deal for manufacturer was done quite late on, but we've known it's BLK for quite some time now.
  7. Not that I myself would read too much into it, he has been on his Instagram plenty and he still hasn't updated that from Salford either.... Definitely starting to think this is a 'no smoke without fire' situation however. Interesting to note he along with Blake Austin appear to have the longest extended leave after the GB tour (which makes sense with their families being in Aus) but Austin is due to return today whereas there is no indication Hastings is coming back any time soon? I get each club may have different policies but you'd think Wigan would want their star half back in training asap with the season just over 6 weeks away?
  8. So for all TWP do well, are we meant to believe their kit not yet been released as some marketing masterpiece......or they've just not got it ready yet? It's due to be made by BLK but do we know if they've kept Air Transit as primary sponsor etc? I know our Canadian friends will tell us the North American market is different to over here but potentially missing Christmas sales has got to be an error, surely?
  9. Couple of things - neither of which confirm anything but may shed some light on his thinking. On the one hand he's having a house built back in Sydney/Shellharbour which isn't really a shock as I don't think anybody is naive to the fact he does want to go back to Aus eventually. What makes me think that won't be as immediate as some think is whilst he's been back home (after the tour) he flew his girlfriend out there to meet his mum and two sisters - his girlfriend is from Manchester. Now I'm not saying his NRL return hinges on this but would be a strange move to do that and then up sticks and walk out on Wigan? Personally think he'll do one season for Wigan and it'll be announced around midseason that he'll be leaving.
  10. That's called novelty - it wears off. That's not a model - that's an endless pit of money Toronto is very fortunate to have at it's disposal. Optimism is a feeling/emotion - by itself it never actually changed anything. Trust me Kayak, you will be dragged down to our level of despair no matter how positive you try to be - we'll beat you with experience.
  11. Yeah they really are up in arms about it, which is always positive. Or to put this another way - Prior > Peteru and Singleton
  12. *Slow clap* *Slow clap* *Slow clap* You rascal - I guess we'll all have to start getting up earlier with jokers like you about.......
  13. There was good reason this thread didn't exist....... I'll keep my eyes/ears peeled for next time Russell Crowe is at the Oscars and if he doesn't mention RL then that just goes to show the oppression has sadly spilt into North American, thus denying any opportunity for the game to flourish from the outset. Sad.
  14. Very much a double edged sword pal. Great that lads that come through are getting picked up but the unfortunate knock on affect of this is a weaker AO side. Sure you'll still go alright this year.
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