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  1. His girlfriend has been very vocal on her social media accounts saying it's complete rubbish and she's very settled in the UK. She's a lawyer and due to start a job at a firm in Manchester soon. Bateman also bought a house near Bolton when he returned - none of that points to him wanting an NRL return...although money does change things in a short career I guess.
  2. Very nice - could see NQ cowboys pinching this for next season with a couple of minor tweaks.
  3. Quite right - doing percentages in reverse isn't my strongest skill. 67-75% is more accurate I'd guess. Point is the same though - very unrealistic.
  4. He was reportedly on closer to £300k at Wire (which makes sense for a marquee half). Again though, I agree, absolutely no chance he's took a 200% pay cut to go to Leeds. Also @MJM you asked for who would be interested - clearly HKR were at some point https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-kr-blake-austin-offer-5564585
  5. Sorry MJM but this is all in your opinion, unless you have actual inside info with regards: - What money he was on at Wire - What Leeds were willing to pay for him - Various other clubs finances - Contact with SL coaches I'm not trying to invalidate your opinion - it's worth as much as mine, but I feel like you've gone further to the point of passing this off as fact and i'm now just hoping you can offer something more concrete as to where any of this has come from?
  6. Him and Kyle Flanagan - get them over here a few years with a clause about NRL return and we could have Jackson Hastings version 2.0 and 3.0.
  7. Literally anywhere - Huddersfield/Salford to name a couple. A half back of Austin's stature isn't signing a one year deal for 75k to 'prove himself'. I agree it'll be between him and Gale for an extension but he won't have accepted that much in the meantime.
  8. Austin left because he wasn't really needed - why would you replace him?
  9. Players move for money - period. If Austin knew he wasn't going to get the same money he got at Wire, he'd have gone wherever offered him next most. That won't have been Leeds if it's anything like 75k you're talking about. Where have you got this 75-100k figure from by the way?
  10. Not sure that makes sense to me? Surely if you're getting someone cheap you sign for longer?
  11. Not a prayer he's signing a 1 year deal for anything like 75k!
  12. Think this is one of those deals where it works out for everyone. Wire would be fair to say they don't really need him anymore (or at least certainly not at anything like what money he's currently on), Leeds definitely need strong cover in the halves (and possibly a fight between Gale and him for contract extension isn't a bad thing) and Austin just wants a decent pay day at this stage of his career and ideally at a club that will be challenging for honours.
  13. That's interesting - it would appear each stadium has it's own ticketing policy. Headingley for example didn't offer any free tickets (believe me I tried haha) to adults but the admission was for both games in full.
  14. Not read the whole thread but i've seen a few trying to play down the success of The Hundred been in part due to 'lots of free tickets' - does anybody actually have any evidence of that? Most prices for adults are relatively in line with RL and kids tickets been as cheap as they are is just common sense really. The first weekend back of unrestricted crowds saw RL massively beaten on attendance by a new game/format with completely new teams. This should be a worry to SL and going back to the thread title, yes RL could learn a lot from cricket!
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