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  1. They stuck with flipping between Classic and Canterbury for the past 30 or so years - two decent names in the rugby world.
  2. A lot of people do and in every sport. See, I get the argument Rhinos are a big catch for a company who will no doubt see themselves as up and coming in this area. I remember Liverpool signing with the relatively unknown (in football anyway) Warrior a few years back. But that made commercial sense for LFC to do that because Warrior paid them a ridiculous amount of money. RL and Leeds specifically in this case seem to get neither the 'big' name or bumper money of the 'lesser' name. Unless they create the best jersey Leeds have had in the past 10-12 years I see no way they'll hit the same numbers they have been with ISC next season.
  3. SL in 10 years - 'Rhinos sign another 10 year deal with <insert edgy brand name> sportswear company'
  4. Yeah and didn't they do Leeds Carnegie gear as well? I don't know anyone personally but anecdotally I remember people saying they weren't happy.
  5. Calling it now - this contract won't last longer than 3 years. O'Neills really looks like a great option now......
  6. Well there it is.....*sigh* I'll reserve judgement on the design/quality of the jerseys until they're actually produced, obviously. The most concerning thing in that statement for me is there's no talk of a 'record deal' in fact quite the opposite - they mention 'challenging financial times' which considering it's a 10 year deal has me hoping Leeds haven't sold themselves short here.
  7. Where's @Chrispmartha when we need him?! A Rhinos Adidas concept kit (that will definitely never happen) would be phenomenal!
  8. This absolutely is the way to go! It sees huge success in the NA big leagues and in RL terms does make the sport look like a much bigger addition to their portfolio than say one or two clubs. Mentioning O'Neills again, whilst as I've said they've not set the world alight with their RL kits so far, they do already have this 'supply all' model with GAA so it's the kind of contract they're familiar with.
  9. Agreed - when we're talking about global brands like Adidas/Nike. But a brand like Canterbury, which is huge in rugby circles, shouldn't be out of the question and I truly believe would make a difference both in terms of volume and achievable price position. I don't disagree with that - long overdue IMO.
  10. But whilst that's true, I think that's what my original point comes back to, WMS. Rhinos know their sales numbers pretty reliably for say the past 15 years (ISC era). Since LUFC's 2004 demise there's no denying the Rhinos fate (until very recent) has been the polar opposite. ISC has built itself up to be a very well respected brand in RL. So combing the resurgence of LUFC with the completely unrelated but reality that the Rhinos aren't at their best and then throwing in a new kit supplier - I do worry the Rhinos will suffer heavy in this commercial area. To put it another way - the Rhinos need to do whatever it takes to make themselves attractive to a fanbase being eaten away at - whether that be at the gate or in the club shop. An unknown/budget brand like Oxen won't help that.
  11. Yeah as much as I'd like to think they'll consider this, I'm resigned to the fact they almost certainly won't. Which is a shame because when the inevitable happens people will just point the fact LUFC were promoted, but is more complex than that alone. As per the above, I agree they most likely will. Doesn't mean they should be though and I think it does a disservice to Rhinos and RL fans in general to expect they'll keep buying these jerseys at the same or similar prices to higher end brands in other sports. Without a doubt a better known manufacturer/supplier increases shirt sales, regardless of the club's popularity.
  12. See the weird thing with O'Neills is i've always loved GAA jerseys (Kerry for me!) but I just can't get on board with what they've produced so far for RL. Be interesting to see what they come up with in the NRL when they actually make their own designs, opposed to inheriting them for the last supplier in the case on the Knights and Panthers.
  13. Completely agree with this. A Premier League Leeds United historically does have an impact on the popularity of the Rhinos, in all senses. This would not be the time to make it an easy decision for fans not to purchase Rhinos kit/merch because of a poor supplier. I'm sure this isn't lost on the marketing team the Rhinos have and fingers crossed Oxen will be overlooked for a bigger/better name. For anybody who thinks the manufacturer/supplier doesn't matter that much, I'd suggest you either don't have children (who care about it massively) or your team changes supplier quite frequently and therefore used to the change.
  14. Yeah I think this has been on the cards for quite a while, Tommy. I think Leeds' situation was a little more complex than most however due to the length of the contract they signed. As others have said, all signs point towards Oxen taking over but I for one would love to see Canterbury get back involved. Most likely, O'Neill's will continue to expand their reach in both SL and the NRL over the next few years. Just having a quick look through the NRL - pretty much half are still done by ISC. After that you have O'Neill's and Dynasty Sports as the next bigger manufacturers.
  15. Hall will likely never play for the Roosters again, sadly. With both starting wingers back and Ikuvalu due to be fit again in the next couple of weeks, he's 4th choice. Some reliable local knowledge saying he's been offered 1 year deal with Wakefield for next year.
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