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  1. I'd highly doubt it. Like I said before it's not like what Hull have done, releasing a whole new jersey - this was simply Leeds Building Society agreeing to give up their primary sponsorship space to allow for the Samaritans logo to be on show. Also, Leeds have just whacked 50% off all this seasons jerseys so unless it was going to go direct to the charity I doubt you'd get many wanting to buy.
  2. Not quite a new kit like Hull have done, but Leeds will be wearing a kit against Saints tonight with Samaritans on the front as part of their charity commitments.
  3. The league loses a lot more if London are relegated than it does if Wakefield or Huddersfield were to be. Now that Leeds are all but safe and the conspiracy theorists that were screaming 'they'll announce 14 team league if Leeds go down' have gone quiet, I would say that with how close and competitive the league has been this year there definitely appears to be some merit in looking at 14 teams again. The current 12 and any 2 of the top 4 sides in the Championship could be competitive in an expanded SL IMO.
  4. But lets agree all the recent incidents could've been fans of any team in SL? Hicks has handled this really well.
  5. Not wanting to be pedantic here, ckn and I agree this thread has certainly gone off tangent but just so I'm clear, are you saying (in this post and your previous replies) that union shouldn't be mentioned at all - even when clearly in relation to league, in this sub forum?
  6. Yeah I mean did anyone really expect anything less? Yes they have the CC final week after but getting tanked by Leeds (which they almost certainly would) putting out an A team wouldn't be the ideal preparation for it either.
  7. So he named his strongest side, less those that are carrying injuries?
  8. Yeah Leeds United fans were just itching to get over to Keighley after the game and watch Hunslet......said nobody....ever. You'd have been best leaving it at 'I wasn't there....' Regarding Hunslet's 'Ultras' - I'm taking it you've never actually met them? Most are 50+ and yes like to make a lot of noise and i'm sure some overstep the mark on occasion but you're making them sound like the nutcases we get on the continent, that wear balaclavas and going round stabbing people. This is exactly the same as the Warrington situation - nobody knows the full story, people jumping to easy conclusions and complete headtheballs trying to link it to football fans to dismiss the real issues RL has with idiots/alcohol. Sigh.
  9. Literally the opposite of a simple solution then......
  10. I don't think you was the one being called a troll for what it's worth. That said 'lock up with no parole' 'rubber bullets' 'hurt them severely' 'Putin's Russia' - does sound a bit mental like....... It is a problem and does need dealing with. I saw someone the other day say RL needs to get off it's high horse and stop kidding itself that this is 'a handful of wrong uns' and realise the supporters aren't much different to the football fans they've lambasted over the years - exactly right. And as such need to take the appropriate steps to stamp it out. I saw someone write after last week's incident 'you can bet the BBC will cover this' - yeah and too right they did! Otherwise nothing will change. Had that have been a football in this country it would been world news, so in that respect RL should think itself lucky. Also, this is nothing like a problem that is specific to Warrington - every set of supporters I've come across has this element and whilst they may be a minority they are linked to the club they 'support' and if it means expensive policing to make the vast majority feel safe then so be it.
  11. Jesus christ - are they all just going to sit there whilst Brian Barwick looks like a dog with the car window up in a heatwave! Get that man a drink!
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