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  1. Think you'll find there's only one team that is recognised for those colours in this country, sir. *coughs whilst nodding to username/avi*
  2. Not doctored, but I think it's pretty clear it was re-edited. The video was a snippet where the start had clearly been missed off and the fact Eddie says 'not English in the strictest sense either' infers somebody else had been discussed prior (Radley, Oledzki, McIlorum?) Also after Wane says 'you know lives in Wakefield with his mum..edit..get success' is another edit to make it appear Eddie then moved onto how he viewed Farnworth in direct comparison to Young. So i think it's fair that Betfred pointed out that isn't the full video that now seemingly no longer exists. As I said originally, it's clumsy and ill judged to word it how he did, but I do think this edit has misrepresented what was clearly a far wider conversation about eligibility.
  3. Christ - that'll be 6 more ranges of training gear next season to recover the costs. I jest of course. This isn't good for any business. I hope they have good insurance!
  4. Yeah for me the first thing that jumps out is the awful editing. Was this video actually put out by Betfred like that or has George Clarke made this edited version? Choice of wording was poor based on that snippet but if the wider context was Eddie going through all players who either weren't born here and/or have declared for other nations previously, then to me Dom Young is part of that discussion. My hope is that Eddie was shocked Herbie had an English accent knowing how long he's been in is Aus and was more trying to separate him out from say Radley - hence is 'English as you or I' comment, opposed to that edit suggesting that made him different to Young.
  5. Tell you what - SBK and VBet are the markets that seem most generous! 3/5 for Australia is worth £100 of anybodies money!
  6. Surely we'd call upon Connor over Ratchford if we're looking for versatility? At least i'd hope we would. Used to love Ratchford but he wasn't great this past season. Failing that i'd give Bennison or Pryce a shout.
  7. Not sure bookies work on sentiment or nostalgia. This will have been risk assessed quite thoroughly. Across a couple of threads you seem quite against the idea this Samoa side will do well this world cup. I get you watch SL but I believe i've seen you write you are in fact Australia, yet you back England harder than any Englishman on here. Not fibbing to us are you, Rooster, you big closet Pom!
  8. Where are you seeing that? I'm seeing them slight favourites to beat England and about the same for tournament overall.
  9. I don't disagree - Bateman wouldn't start for me, in fact I wouldn't have batted an eyelid if he wasn't picked at all. But, this is a bit of Waney getting the old band back together and to be fair if he stokes something in Bateman to have his 2016-19 form then happy days.
  10. i thought the same but actually now I'm noticing Bateman and Knowles aren't there either, along with the already mentioned Makinson. Maybe they really are that definite for their positions Wane sees no value in risking them even for limited minutes. Fair to say whilst some in the named team will obviously start the first game, in what position and whether off the bench may still to be decided.
  11. Out of that team I'd like to see us go: Welsby Young, Farnworth, Watkins, Hall Sneyd, Williams Burgess, Ackers, Thompson Batchelor, Whitehead Radley If I could see that for the first 40 at least with Hill and McMeeken/Cooper interchanging on 20 mins then I'd be happy. Second half McIlorum in at 9, Farnworth off for one of the ringers, KPP on for Whitehead and Welsby getting a bit of time in the halves.
  12. Yeah that's fair - just a shame we won't get to see anything like what we all expect our first game run on side will be. Even if it was just for limited minutes. I suspect this is the case to be honest rather than just being rested. It is a concern and I fully expect Welsby to start against Fiji at FB so Wane can have a good look at him there with the England boys in front of him. Oledzki also left out which again I suspect more to do with a knock than resting.
  13. Just seems odd though when you have a squad of 24 - you could still rest players you know will start or have slight knocks. Fair enough if they're just been used to fill out the prematch team list, but if they actually play it tells me Wane didn't really want this friendly and/or isn't interested to have a look at anything new before the opening game. Edit: does this game have standard interchange rules or they more relaxed? If the latter then makes more sense I guess if he's limiting minutes.
  14. Ah the old goalpost shifting - I see you, Mr Frisk
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