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  1. I hope they've corrected it again - whilst I hate short 10s you can''t be having 9ish metre lines.
  2. I'm not sure the relationship is quite that balanced, but I agree it's not in Sky's interest to not help RL where it can.
  3. No, but they have given subscribers the option to 'pause' the sports element of the package. If Sky do keep paying SL during this period we'll be even more in their back pocket when the new deal comes round.
  4. I agree with this - away colours should be the same 2/3 colours of the home jersey but just change which is the dominant colour. That said however, season in season out i'm gobsmacked with what Souths get away with doing.....
  5. That used to be true of Lamport but they fixed it up last year. They now just have a short 10 (albeit with a solid line instead of a gapped line) like everybody else with a short pitch does.
  6. No it shouldn't have been but just making the point RL didn't really do anything other sports wouldn't have done had they not been more directly affected themselves - that tied with, NRL's at least, willingness to play behind closed doors where other sports wouldn't. Be interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks and months with global sports - it's too big and too fragile to close down fully for too long.
  7. I take your point Dave but let's have it right, the Premier League would've been played up to last weekend had it not been for Mikel Arteta and the other lad actually getting it. I'm sure RL would've been suspended sooner if it directly affected a player.
  8. They held out longer than any other major sport much to my pleasure, in a sporting sense. Now the cold turkey really begins!
  9. You’re correct, Dave. I read somewhere (can’t remember where just now) that the shortest a ‘short 10’ between 30 and 40 metre markers is 2 metres. Which looking at SL pitches I’d say Cas are the closest to. A bugbear of mine is why Hudds and Hull FC both have pitches with very slight (maybe 8m) short 10s when both stadiums knew they’d be hosting RL from the start?
  10. The projected advertising images are done by an independent company at the expense of the sponsor - there is then a piece of work required to liaise with Sky for camera angles etc. Regarding Linemark - to my knowledge they provide the paint and marking machines, however they have no say in how the pitch is actually marked out. That is determined by each clubs groundsman, within the games guidelines of course.
  11. Ah sorry - when you said re-sign I thought you meant it in the sense of as a new signing. Yes Glenn is signed until end of 2021.
  12. Think you're thinking of Jordan Kahu who went to NQ Cowboys but now come back.
  13. Oates age always surprises me - seems like he's been there forever! I guess he did kind of break on to the scene at 18 which is pretty rare to be a regular in the NRL at that age. I agree regarding the rest and would consider adding Milford to that list - not because of his age but because he's been there 5 years and just still doesn't quite look like he's good enough to lead the Broncos attack.
  14. Herbie Farnworth played great this morning when he came off the bench for the Broncos. He won't be far off a starting spot now I reckon. More generally speaking, the crop of players they have under the age of 25 has me believing we could be in for a period of Broncos dominance over the next few years....if they can keep them all.
  15. What difference does that make at this stage? Canada has cases too.
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