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  1. No worries Arthur. Enjoy the game against Hornets. Wish I could be there. I think you and I may be of a similar vintage. I can recall when we used to play Swinton every Christmas Day at Watersheddings and Station Road on Good Friday, more often than not snowing on each day !
  2. Crown Flatt was Dewsbury’s ground Arthur. Batley played at Mt. Pleasant. Great memories of John Cogger. Could start a fight in an empty house but skilful as well.
  3. To leave the pitch players used to walk to the corner by the Pavilion, as opposed to going back under the main stand, thereby mingling with fans. On one occasion a lad I was at school with got punched in the face by Don Vines, who was by then playing for Wakefield Trinity. Don always had a hair trigger temper but in the aftermath said that he’d been kicked by someone and what he did was just an automatic reaction. My schoolmate told us on the Monday he hadn’t done anything wrong but seemed quite happy with his 15 minutes of fame and the matter went no further. Imagine it happening today with every man and his dog (obviously a very clever dog) carrying a mobile phone to video each waking moment. Don died in 1989 and I’m sure would be well remembered by any other old timers on here.
  4. Should have also said that Swinton were the last team to play Oldham in the final game at Watersheddings.
  5. Good luck to all concerned at Swinton for your special day. As an Oldham supporter I always had a soft spot for Swinton. In the late 50's as I recall Oldham used to play Swinton at Watersheddings on Xmas Day and at Station Road on Good Friday. Also memories of Test Matches against Australia at Station Road and the heartbreak of the Challenge Cup Semi Final replay between Oldham and Hull KR, when the match was abandoned due to fading light (no floodlights in those days) with Oldham leading, only to be then beaten in the third game at Huddersfield. Have a great day on Sunday.
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