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  1. Fev aren't in Super league.........if everyone knows league position will determine who drops out at the end of SL 2014 it will make that season more exciting. If the RFL just choose who they want then it won't be.
  2. This should be decided on who finishes where in 2014.........apart from that it all sounds good.
  3. The same 6 will be in the running once P&R is in place....it's just be more exciting for everyone else cos we'll have relegation battles and promotion battles.
  4. As a spectator this is great news IMO. Soon we'll have a very exciting Championship with the ultimate prize of promotion at the end. I know there are lots of people not happy with the decision and it may well be very detrimental to some clubs but you can't beat P&R for excitement come the end of the season. I hope the supporters of all second tier clubs (whoever they may be) turn out in numbers and make the championship an exciting even competition where we're all fighting to go up. IMO the best way to expand the game is to make it exciting and interesting. At the moment i don't think it is and these changes are a step in the right direction. We need to make it very popular in the heartlands before we can expand further. I live in Pontefract and don't know anyone who likes or watches RL apart from my dad (and that's cas, wake, fev leeds or anyone). Surely we need to make it very popular along the M62 again before we worry to much about expanding – I do think another french team would be good if viable though.....they seem to really like it down there. I think the only way this is a backward step is if the 2nd tier just gets forgotten about again...........it's up to the RFL and the supporters to make sure it doesn't. I for one will be telling all my soccer mad mates that P&R is back and it's not "pointless" anymore and there is something to play for and they've not no excuse not to get back down to Post Office Road!!!!
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