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  1. I think the question should be, how does a person who lives in Rochdale support Howdumb?
  2. DaveButt


    jroyals ask yourself how come the ref didn't have a bad first half but a shocker of a second. Could that be because you were winning at half time?
  3. DaveButt


    After we have given you a good thrashing you would have wished you had gone on a stroll in the park instead
  4. OK so they were well beaten on the day but you have to give their lads 100% for effort. They have signed a 2 year deal to play there so am sure they can and will only improve. Certainly enjoyed our day out.
  5. But remember it is a Bank Holiday weekend and this will add to the traffic.
  6. Apart from the usual problems at Birmingham it is a straight forward journey even though the majority of the M5 has a 50mph restriction due to road works. You may also get slow traffic around Bristol. It usually takes me 6-7 hours. Enjoy the journey but more so the result. Look forward to seeing you all
  7. I'll get some pasties for you for when you come down. Can't beat the proper Cornish pasties. Looking forward to meeting up with you all after all these years.
  8. NO WAY, I should know I was there, the three of them were handball Mind you I could have been mistaken I had had a dozen pints in the Nest Egg before the game
  9. You get up in the morning and have BREAKFAST. Then around midday you have DINNER. At 5 or 6ish you have TEA, then before bed you have SUPPER. SIMPLE INNIT.
  10. Sunday 27th Feb at the Crown Oil Arena 3pm ko.
  11. The funeral will take place on Thursday the 20th January 2022. 1pm – Service at Dearnley Methodist Church, OL15 8PL. OPEN TO ALL 3pm – Rochdale Crematorium, OL11 4DG. PRIVATE - The family have asked that the service remains private to family only. 3pm Onwards - Wake at Rochdale Mayfield RLFC, OL11 3DF. OPEN TO ALL Family flowers only, but in leui of flowers, if you wish to make a donation, a Go Fund Me page has been set up to support Mikes Village in Fiji.
  12. Very sad news of the passing of Brian Belfield Not only a true Hornet but a true gentleman. Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time R.I.P. Brian
  13. DaveButt

    Next season

    Always great to have the craic with you lot. Unfortunately doubt as I will see you for a while as we have moved down to Cornwall now. May just try and make it up for our battle though. Enjoy your season pal.
  14. DaveButt

    Next season

    I am sorry Arthur O but it will take someone far better than you Howdumbers to upset me.
  15. DaveButt

    Next season

    And why would it upset us. As long as we have you Howdumbers? around we will always have someone to extract the urine out of.
  16. Look forward to seeing all you Hornets friends, not seen you for about 5 years. It's a nice journey down here that will take about 7 hours by car.
  17. DaveButt


    A massive welcome to Cornwall R.L. I am really looking forward to visiting you not only for the Hornets fixture but for many other games as we live in Looe which is only about an hour away. I really miss my R.L. games, its not the same watching it on t.v. Again good luck, look forward to visiting you.
  18. There is no competition between them. The Cornish pasties beat any, one of the reasons I moved down here
  19. Terrible news coming through that our great friend Bobbie Goulding has been diagnosed with dementia.. We all hope he pulls through this well as knowing him he will have a bloody good go at it BEST WISHES PAL
  20. Can someone tell me please what as all this got to do with Rugby League?
  21. The trouble is Skye and Super League say jump and the rest simply ask 'how high?'
  22. What I would like to know is how come the Hornets player, quite rightly, got sent off for a high tackle in the first half yet in the second half he penalised one of the Crusaders for exactly the same thing but didn't send him off. Pathetic refereeing.
  23. STUFFED GET. Better to be a Hairnet than an Howdumber.
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