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  1. I seem remember Paul Hicks loving a scrap. I also remember James Walker smacking a Bullfrog in the side of the heat at Widnes against Batley.
  2. 1. Frank Watene 2. Shayne Williams 3 . David (The Cat) Briggs
  3. For me ... From who I have seen . 1. Richard Chapman 2. Jimmy Elston 3. Ryan Wright ( On his day he was dynamite)
  4. I thought the last time we won was the year where we had that camo 3rd kit . With the likes of Dwayne Barker , George Flanagan . Think it was also nick fozzards first game for us .
  5. If his knee holds up will be a great signing !!!! Welcome Jason
  6. I agree. I would just love the club to release who has signed . Who has been offered terms but yet to sign and who we have released. I thought this two Signings a week thing was a good idea but now I'm just worried . Everyone seems so far ahead with their recruitment / nearly finished and we don't even know who our back line is. Quite frankly I'm very worried. I think our pack will be the best we have had for a while but where are our backs . On the plus side now Lucas has gone to the dogs hopefully they will play him in the centres meaning rettie or Campbell will never see the ball
  7. I must admit , although Tuesdays and Fridays are becoming my favourite time of the week I would much prefer a full list . This is who we got . This is who is leaving . This is who has offers and yet to agree . Then just let us know when people sign . I would be more tempted to buy my season ticket if I knew who I was going to watch !! This social media thing is a great idea . If we had 100'000 followers but we don't .just Let us know who will play in the red amber and black.
  8. Gutted about Dale . It feels like we always loose our best to them and when they come the other way they are over the hill or pants ...
  9. Although we really could do with Dale, some things are more important. I will be the first one cheering when he's back but untill then Dale can take as long as he needs for me.
  10. Are Joe Martin and Morris permanent signings or loans ? I know with the massive turn over of players it would be difficult but it would be good if the club kept ya up to date on these things.
  11. Although painful you have to allow for the fact that Lee was a late appointment and wasn’t able to sign a lot of the players he may have wanted, the club has to take a share of the blame for that as it appears we have been playing catch up since the beginning of the season . I don’t agree with all these loan signings although admittedly some of them have been our best players so far. I don’t see the benefit of loaning players to “have a look at” like he has said previously. Surely there has got to be a good young half back out there that needs game time. players don’t seem the same either, I hated Knowlsy when he played against us , he was a grub and always got into a bit of biff which in turn fired his team up the knowlsy I remember would have put smeaton on his ###### for the he was pulling at the weekend. He has been nothing like that since he signed for us. I also think the Liam Finn of old is certainly better that the current Liam Finn. big couple of weeks coming up . We need to win, no excuses. If we don’t then I could see us joining league 1 next year . Although my heart states it simply can’t happen my head says maybe we just have to accept that is now our level. I don’t know if I want to see the club I love so much get battered week in week out.
  12. I never expected perfection . But I expect the players to want it as much as we ( the fans) do. How many of the lads do you think actually play for the shirt ? Only a few in my opinion . No leader and with Sykes was walking with a knee brace on and 2 months away from a return I worry. Without a doubt the Batley players know what it means to be a bulldog . I just wish a few more of our lads knew what it meant to be a Ram ?.
  13. Are we having one this year ? Anyone know anything about it ?
  14. I remember Liam’s first game for us . He ran down the line towards the end of the game keeping Lingard at bay with a flurry of amazing hand offs before scoring a brilliant try . Think it was Boxing Day . At that point he just looked like a fat lad from Featherstone . Who would of thought he would return the success story he has become . Happy to have Liam home
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