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  1. Sorry I think it was the right decision to ban him, in fact should have been longer. I don't think the other one's shown in the "defence" video are at the same level as Zeb Taia tackle. But even if you judge them close and then they should also have been banned and yep could consider themselves lucky, that should not mean that the RFL should not have banned him. However I would disagree as in my opinion the others are marginal and in fact in some they do raise their arms as to try and tackle whereas the Zeb Taia was absolutely reckless with no attempt to use arms to tackle.
  2. Fair enough... Whilst I think it is not particularly complicated given comparison with current play off system as per my comment I do think that: - It doesn't make ease of explaining to non rugby league fan's and hence won't make it easier to sell the game. Plus I wonder what sponsors and commercial supporters may make of it. - To many familiar fixtures as mentioned. Your comparison with football is not valid in my opinion as the reason for playing a team more than twice is down to additional competitions, e.g. FA cup, league cup, champions league.. all depending upon draw. This adds more weight to those games given its another competition rather than still the league which only has x2 games. In Scotland they played each other x4 times in the league to try and increase attendances but it hasn't saved Scottish football. I didn't include the challenge cup so as to compare just the league games hence compare to football need to do apples to apples. - I don't think the fundamental issues to be addressed in rugby league will be solved by tinkering with league structures. Particularly one that is so called innovative or to other non rugby league fans maybe an indication of desperate state of our sport (I don't like saying that) although we have a great game (note game as distinct from product). This new structure doesn't add to the product but for me distracts. The old re-structure in Scottish football (not latest) never solved the problems they just made it seem desperate to us non watching Scottish football observers. The last point is the primary point in that it won't tackle the deep seated issues but just enable us to be doing something. Mind you other actions may address the fundamental issues but I haven't heard what that is because all the conversations and reporting has been about the structure of the league. I like the idea of bringing back promotion and relegation or the similar concept. This I believe will enable the chance of increased investment lower down outside of current super-league as aspiration hopes are "lit up." Note I say "enable the chance" as I believe the licence system acts as a discouragement to invest lower down. Your right in that I buy season ticket and I guess it will depend upon how they package the offerings. Although as I enjoy the game I will probably attend through out. However I sometimes I think the structure will give the option of just purchasing a "sub set" or sample season ticket as they current do today. i.e. can buy grouping of games rather than full season ticket. I agree with your point of the magic weekend being part of the 2nd round of league (x8). As the opening round. I guess you could have x2 of the 3 groups of 8, one on the sat and the other on the Sunday. Providing all the monies is shared amongst all the x3 group of 8 teams.
  3. I personally don't like the suggested 2 into x3 sets of 8. Not that its overly complicated because compared to the current x8 play off system it is relatively simple... have you ever tried to describe the current play off system to non rugby league fans,,,, well I'll be honest I always get somewhat confused in midst of description let alone leaving the other shaking their head. Plus every season I end up debating it with other league watches in order to correct their often mistaken understanding. So it is farce, in my opinion, the proposed new system but not that complicated as currently detailed. That is from getting new fans into the game... As well as the issue's described by others I think that in addition playing teams too many times will cause people to start picking and choosing more carefully those games they attend. In the first 23 games to decide the top 8, a team will play each x2 plus one team x3 (magic weekend). Then we have the break into 8 in which each team then plays each other once... so that will be each team played x3 times plus x1 team x4 depending upon magic weekend fixture. Then if fortunate to make final last 4 play off then that will be x4 times, or maybe one team x5 depending upon which team played in magic weekend. This without including the challenge cup. So given my hard earned cash, how many times do I watch of the x4 games against a single team (assuming make the play offs). I may as well await until the final x8 and play-offs which will have more intensity. Please correct me if I'm being daft in seeing the number of games the top 8 of the first league will play each other.
  4. Do the points carry over for all eleven games or only for those games involving the final 8.
  5. Your point regards not generating sufficient income is the fundamental issue for which tinkering with the league structure will not address. Although promotion and relegation may offer the possibility of more investment in the championship because it allows aspirational possibilities. The reason Rugby Union is able to develop so well is the strong international game that enables the RU to do many developmental aspects from the monies generated. Plus it helps to have some control over the clubs whom want access to that money. The priority focus to say the obvious for RL is to find a means of developing a healthy international game. France maybe being a priority. and a means to fashion stronger Wales, Scotland and Ireland, etc. Even if this means engineering stronger non England UK teams. The Aussie and NZ would be more interested if we had strong money generating international foundation over here. I don't think RL has ever really tried to develop strong international game and will continue to fall behind Union over here until it is set as priority.
  6. I tend to agree with most of Martyn comments, although I see why it dramatically impacts Challenge Cup. From my own perspective I very strongly disagree with the suggested league structure option 3, that is ending in 3x8 leagues. Strong issue for me is the first 11 games "superleague" games that determine the primary pool and the x4 of the lower. It would seem to me that for current top clubs to make top 8 would be straight forward and towards the later part some games would surely be meaningless as they would not affect the outcome of being in the top 8. Doesn't matter in which position the club ends providing its top 8 because competition starts again in the final group of 8 (nothing seems to get carried over). So why should I bother with the first set of games when it is clearly being recognised that a number of those teams are not of sufficient quality plus some games meaningless as I say above. Thus I would just await for the real games for when they split into 8 being a current superleague club fan. Why should I waste my money when the game is clearly telling me that the first 11 is just to sort out the "quality" 8 teams and hence games. At least today I can pretend that all games are worthwhile and hope that all teams will eventually strengthen. Once I start going to less games then the habit is less forming and danger is I'll find other things that further impact.
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