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  1. what greater than winning a treble, or double or number of years on the trot the grand final , etc etc... one could make a case that the teams competing for going down are just so poor than any championship team would be competing hard to stay up - like Bradford or Halifax beating a couple of those teams. Just trying to put it into a context... yep they are doing well and good luck to them but I personally would not say its the greatest achievement...
  2. I am still not convinced that some of it is ease/convenience. Won't know unless they have better systems.
  3. Yep I know they don't use rollover, but it would lessen that pain if it is a matter of budgeting. Cost is a difficult one (as distinct from being able to budget) for one off games... as it is probably about pricing. A lot of people that may object to paying the ticket price would no doubt spend that money elsewhere on other non essential spend.
  4. yep its a tricky one... The final is still a major sporting event. all-be-it less than it was... Key is improving and sustaining the final and then the lower rounds may gain interest. Will be interesting this year as one would expect Saints plus either Hull or Warrington playing. They should in themselves be bringing large following. Anyway my point is to focus on rebuilding the kudos/brand of the final through appropriate marketing campaigns and the broadcaster (BBC) and whatever, the lower rounds will take care of themselves.
  5. yep, its about the brand or kudos. Plus the competition could be used for show casing the game as in playing in other area's (identified by marketing analysis) and as it does being on the BBC. The combination of being on the BBC or similar main channel plus taking it to area's as it was done with the last world cup here helps sell the sport. with regard to selling in advance, well with the rounds being quite a few weeks apart that shouldn't make a major impact. I know that was a reason for getting rid of middle 8's but they were very short notice plus I think an excuse for lack of demand/interest.
  6. mmm I go back to another question on another thread... Is it because of convenience or cost (additional cost). If convenience then modern ticketing systems should make this just as convenient as season ticket - that is receive a text, confirm purchase and its added to your season ticket "card" or ticket comes through post if a "xxxx" season ticket system. Of course if non season ticket and club has normal contact details then same but paper ticket comes in post. Nice and easy... not as if having to queue at ticket office like years gone by..... Non contact details well has to be phone call and fan has a desire. If costs... then if budgetary issue then thats a matter of having a system that adds to season ticket but rolls over each year to accommodate different number of games... or something similar... etc etc... I would have assumed above was default nowadays for any club thus its down to desire to attend...
  7. I guess we currently have competitions that have a league structure (OK a single group) and then knockout's, all be it called play-offs followed by a final. Seems the suggestion mimic this except in multi-group. I've still seen no analysis as to why the CC has poor support. List the reasons and then tackle each and if changing the structure is one of the answer to a reason why fans lose of interest but for me I don't think changing the qualifying structures will change anything.
  8. yep, would agree. Doesn't seem right given the different fixture lists for the teams. That's a rational for play-offs at the bottom too. Sooner fixtures are consistent as to whom a team plays the better.... or should have play-offs
  9. Is it convenience or extra cost with regards to non-season tickets. With modern ticketing systems it should be easy to receive a text as a season ticket holder and just have to click "confirm/OK" to have ticket added or sent, especially of a extra discount given or lottery ticket included or whatever. So I assume it's more about the extra cost rather than convenience.
  10. maybe, but many would still not stay... going by similar
  11. I only stayed for a while - when the score got quite big, regards the RLWC. If it doesn't say anything about the brand/CC then it says something about the game being played. If it doesn't then it must say something about something (chuckle)
  12. I guess the fact many don't stay, if they don't stay, says a lot about what even RL fans think of the brand/Challenge Cup.
  13. I agree with you - didn't matter when had the middle 8's but the consequences are dire for team if they are relegated. It puts the integrity of the competition in a poor light. As you say its up to saints how they manage their squad but disappointing.
  14. I was just speculating as I thought that's what we were being asked to do plus I was assuming that outside investment via private equity happened as briefly discussed on RL Back-chat, plus the so called North American expansion happened. Not saying that private equity or NA expansion into a Anglo-French league would be the best of sustainable idea's just assuming some form will happen.
  15. just me guessing or making an uninformed prediction.. sorry...
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