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  1. interesting... but I guess if teams did it more often as in your last paragraph the rules would soon change... as it a be like a kids game where every one just runs around following the ball up and down.
  2. I think its more an ingrained culture/society issue being demonstrated. We as in a large portion of our population here just want to find fault with anything and everything and if we still could hung drawn & quarter said persons...
  3. Its inevitable that infection rate would go up... as more and more relaxed, seems to have happened in every country and logic would suggest bound to happen. Although the experts have always said that as infection rate drops the R factor is not so significant. We had all this with Germany and media headline when they relaxed restrictions... Although on the officially reported R rate they always say likely to be in between the two values,,, so 0.7 to 1, likely to be 0.8 or 0.9.... rather than worse case 1.0 So we shouldn't be surprised, we have to hope tract and trace works well enough. and yep we will have other waves of infection, especially in winter.
  4. round us nearly all the pubs and restaurants seem to be carrying out covid-secure in practice. Their was one exception maybe, but the regulars have been complaining on twitter that the staff didn't take extra precautions like the rest, e.g. visors, etc. Although most drinkers were outside.
  5. maybe but my comment relates to completing a full season now... with no P&R their is no consequence at the bottom, but we are still striving to have a winner of the comp. Scrap all relegation and winning league as in traditional Grand Final and have a separate competition as both top and bottom will be impacted similarly. I don't think Sky will be bothered as to what the competition it is as long as they get meaningful games to show.
  6. Personally I would do similar for SL given it ain't a normal season.
  7. No P& R will those teams involved in bottom of table approach games - e.g. that impact those teams involved in chasing grand final. Maybe should count this season performance together with next season to count towards P&R for the following season.
  8. Personally if the league completes all games I don't see why P&R shouldn't stand. The difficulties are the same for all, all-be-it some clubs could argue more difficult for them but then all clubs choose to be part of which ever league and hence accept whatever consequences. Of course if seasons is curtailed then I can understand a no P&R but not if season is completed.
  9. Every prediction I've heard is that a 2nd wave is likely, question is more about how big a spike. So you have to decide do we stay in some form of lockdown for a year or until vaccine and live with the consequences of unemployment, worse deprivation and increased deaths as a result or take steps as we have been to open up and hope that local shutdown will suffice. No easy answer and apart from scientists who don't discuss the economic consequences on deprivation and only talk in the narrow window of covid protection I ain't seen anyone discuss openly. Except Whitty and Powell and government. I say government in the same way as lumping all officials in as government. e.g when discussing slowness of PHE its government not PHE, etc. That is I'm not being specific just using the simplistic phase government.
  10. How strong are the covenants... in that I assume the council could remove or relax them. That is if it could bring in a lot of money to help the borough wider interests. i.e money to the council.
  11. well the people I know and talk too are all keeping to the rules. are very clear on the social distancing rules 2m/1.5plus and are aware of the dangers of the situation. Yep they often talk following a walk around town that some people seem to not be careful. That is with regard to stepping aside each other and its always them that move aside - but that was always so, some people are just self-centred and expect others. I've seen pictures from locals of local visiting spots bemoaning no social distancing but when inspecting the pictures they publish you can see that majority are at least 2m apart. Yet they head line no social distancing or idiots not following rules. I think they just follow the headlines and repeat. So whilst beach's and parks are crowded in all parts of the UK, no matter the messaging and cautiousness of the experts which have been clearly voiced on and in the media, I don't think the majority are ignoring. Go to any working environment and you can not miss the social distancing and changing behaviour that you have to follow... I do not think they forget when they go out the work environment. Go any retail and you can not miss the clear messaging...
  12. well personally I wouldn't go with that soul purpose, but would prefer a City such as Manchester or Leeds. Then it may be viewed by more "non-real" committed people. I guess it depends upon what is trying to be achieved.
  13. Is it not viable to have the museum potable to be displayed in different places. say every 5 years it moves to another location. I say this as I don't think the type of artifacts and stuff are not mobile.
  14. yep, although I was fortunate to have private medical from the company I worked for. It covered the whole family. As it was my wife and two of my children have had operations paid by the insurance - in fact some more than once. Included sports injury, sking injury and just accident or wear and tear... When getting a copy of bill/cost breakdown I was always surprised by the detail. The minor items where listed such as bandage, coverings, plaster, cotton buds, etc etc etc.... must admit the level of detail was surprising...
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