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  1. As I say I'm intrigued to how how it works and hope that Toronto are successful. Never-the-less I still scratch me head as to what we are aiming for if we say continue with the add-hoc approach. Are we to have have x3 or more NA teams, couple from France plus in the other thread other European clubs Red Star Belgrade along side how many UK clubs. The UK clubs being the ones mainly investing in the community and pipe-line of the game here . So nope not anti-expansionist but it all seems ad-hoc and hence not the best chance of success for the sport in this country. Having said that as per your "anyone from anywhere should be accommodated" providing not dragging investment from where ever the focus is collectively agreed.
  2. I am all for expansion. One that has been planned to achieve a strategy and with the appropriate investment (assuming central funds available) or short term rule benefits for targeted clubs/locations to help achieve the goal. That is as distinct from ad-hoc clubs popping up in geographies that may or may not be part of a planned expansion. Then bending rules to help those clubs with a few exceptions where such as costs are hugely different. Personally I am no fan of salary cap but that is the rules. Plus I hope Toronto are successful. Never-the-less I still have difficulties with NA clubs joining a UK or Anglo/French based leagues, but I am intrigued to see how it goes. Personally If their were investment funds or special measures to help certain clubs I would focus on London, Other parts of UK and France.
  3. I have stopped myself contributing in this thread, seeing the negative comments to someone that may have differing opinions. As many do I want to see RL thrive but I'm not convinced its by having no strategy, but then accepting any ad-hoc request from a potential club to join leagues over here. That is arguing that any ad-hoc suggestion is going to make RL bigger and better without any heed to what the strategic goal and plan to achieve is. In absence of any strategic explanation and what the plan is the championing of such is in a vacuum. That is unless I know the direction of travel how can I ask sensible questions, and if I do and it seems to be querying then I'm likely to be name called. Well that's the view I get from this thread discussion so far.
  4. well I'll be watching them in their first home game of SL and hope your right............ that is at the Headingley double header.
  5. yep, they spill half of it out of those two pints pots carrying it though the seating... hence why 10mins later their off to buy another two pint pot...
  6. Hardly drink alcohol nowadays, for at least the last 20 years. Have the odd glass of wine with a meal, the odd half pint. Used to get a lot of peer pressure to drink, mainly from acquaintances as distinct from friends. Had a problem a good while ago, but changed people I mixed with. Meant I wasn't coming home very late after a session after work... not good leaving wife to worry and coping with children. If I hadn't changed no doubt I would have been an alcoholic if I wasn't for that period. So easy to fall into... Had a job subsequently that meant away from home a lot plus customer entertaining... Recognized drinking too much and stopped - became effectively tea total. Became a chuckle with work colleagues as their would go the bar order a round that included a pot of tea... Anyway as I say good 20 years now with only the occasional glass... Need yer friends to not be tossers with the ole ...oh go on have pint/ whiskey or whatever... Those that were,,, well not really friends are they.
  7. if thats how you view where you work... I'd leave...
  8. best give nowt... as yer won't get any thanks.... would be one way to look at it for sure....
  9. For me its not P&R, its the underlying issue. The strategically daft related issue is that with the salary cap so low is the likelihood of one of the financially stronger clubs or "bigger clubs being relegated is significantly increased. The two issues P&R and existing salary cap are in lock step. A low salary cap to suit the weakest has an element of sense in a non P&R situation. Not in a P&R situation.
  10. Actually thats the part I hate most about any coverage ... focus on the players and home lives... I personally couldn't give a toss about their home lives... I guess it may be an age thing as people certainly seemed to be celebrity focused nowadays and what the inns and outs of their trouser legs and such...
  11. That is always difficult to know... in that having such a low salary cap may in itself mean our competition isn't anywhere near the quality of the NRL. Hence moving to a higher standard competition or I should say in this case a far higher standard than the gap may be otherwise without such a very restrictive salary cap. So they may (or may not) specifically go purely because of salary cap but the knock-on effects of the low salary cap could be such that it is the factor.
  12. I guess its how you see the chicken and egg scenario... For me the stronger clubs, were the ones that drove the value of the competition. Resulting in higher TV deals, more commercial sponsorship type income and influx of wealthy individuals or groups to he Premier league. Meaning that even the previous weaker financial clubs and least valued clubs gained a bigger, and bigger income. Even those previous weaker clubs can afford to fill their teams with international level players. What was once top 2, hen top 4, then top six, now that top list is growing..... For me keeping the salary cap so low as to suit the lowest common denominator is never going to grow a stronger commercially SL with a strong viable future in a highly competitive sports and entertainment market place..
  13. I would guess so... but the key question for Leeds is whether he is an improvement on what they have, whatever the reasoning by the individual for joining..... I would suggest he is. Although the proof of attitude and commitment will come when he trains and plays.
  14. yep, don't know why more don't go along to watch those teams from the area's they have moved into.... I guess some research may help.... ... although having first watched Huyton I'm surprised I'm still attending games myself.... chuckle BTW - hate those terms as well.... funny thing is all the kids where born in Oxford Street Maternity (wife insisted their rather than Whiston) so would more claim their scouse heritage than myself... chuckle...
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