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  1. chuckle... yep it was badly written...
  2. Same here and our eldest is 40 now ... never ever had any comment...
  3. I would have thought that with Mr Hetherington wanting to do less and getting to a stage to retire that it was a good opportunity for subsequently a much bigger role - assuming that is if it was something you would want. He has decided that isn't for him and he wants to be more involved in coaching. The role of taking on more and more of Hetherington roles as in CEO would to me seem to be a big role for someone of ambition for such a role, obviously not for Sinfield but to repeat I would have thought it to be a big role and certainly one for an ambitious individual. It doesn't fit if
  4. I wasn't being specific to Leeds but all the teams coaches that finished below Salford or in CC... just that logic would suggest if a good coach gets a poor team higher than another coach with a better team on paper then they are poor coaches. Anyway that's how I read the your the logic that must follow all be it in the opposite direction. and all be it I was being tongue in cheek but it surely follows the logic in the first place...
  5. Does that mean that the other coaches who's teams finished below Salford/Cas or didn't do so well in CC are poor given their squads were better on paper. Just checking the logic.
  6. Whilst as you say it may well have accelerated the decline has been over a long long period... well over a decade. I used to live in St Helens and the centre was a popular shopping and hospitality as in social drinking place in which it was the primary visit as distinct to Liverpool or Manchester. Those trips were more a monthly trip as distinct to today a more frequent trip. Even people from surrounding towns would come into St Helens to shop, the market being a key middle of week visit. Now that was nearly 40 years ago... and my visits back to meet friends still living their being
  7. Personally I don't mind the rule. It has not spoiled my watching of the game at all - their are other things that spoil my watching but the new ball stealing rule isn't one of them.
  8. he shouldn't, play to the law and to the whistle... as I tried to say it was the right decision by the ref to let play on... and in this case Farges took the opportunity.
  9. Now whilst y example is not like scoring a try it still asks the ref to take account of injury... In one of the sky games few weeks ago a player was clearly injured (think it was a Leeds player) but proceeded to play the ball with his leg injury impacting him... he misplayed the PTB... the ref penalised him for that PTB. Now the commentators will suggesting that his injury impacted him and the ref was harsh to giving a penalty. If in that example we think the ref should follow the law then in the Farges example he should as well. I would have preferred if Farges had not pla
  10. Hull were poor last outing and game before against Leeds they gave easy yards and Leeds played long periods in their last 10/20. Surprised as I expected Hull forwards to dominant but they struggle against light weight Leeds forwards. So on paper for me its Saints but... its challenge cup and so many variables come into it besides whose the better team on paper or form book...
  11. yep, cause I would be able to watch the other on TV catch-up/youtube or whereever its repeated... you wouldn't be able to ashton/thatto unless attended...
  12. Tuesday seems the right day for it to go out live... the audience size would decide the sort of time, i.e. prime time or not, etc... I wouldn't watch it live as normally I'd be doing something else.... Otherwise when or if I want to watch I go on i-player... Surely anyone with an interest would use i-player assuming the style and content of the show was interesting enough. Whether making it sorter or longer shouldn't dictate the quality... it could be shortening something can make it better. I guess with the BBC they tend to work around approx 30min or 1hour shows. Not sure if I
  13. Problem for Leigh (besides the other comments) is that without a win the other lower clubs play without the pressure or jitters. Last time Bronco's got a couple of wins that meant the other lower clubs played with those jitters affecting their play. To say the obvious they need a win to get those clubs worrying...
  14. they haven't played Leeds yet...
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