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  1. mmm I get my "flu jab" on Saturday... now I may have run through brick walls playing rugby so to speak... but I'm one of those that when it comes to needles I'm a "gibbering wreck" so to speak... So thanks for the reminder as I'm on here trying not to think about it... chuckle.. Funny enough both my wife and myself are in getting the flu jab... with two minutes between appointments... so no messing about, its sit in the car until your time slot, go in, arm ready and ...... jab... assuming I'm not on the floor having seen the needle coming towards me.... eek
  2. Yep, hopefully cash flow will have been helped with the donation or discounted and that other clubs have had similar response. My understanding is that Leeds corporate season holders for hospitality have in the main donated the monies for this season. All-be-it based on hear-say. No doubt it's going to be tough for RL and all sport and a reset button may have to be applied to some professional sports. Even if that means semi-pro for some given the impact across society and other business key is to keep the sport alive however the cloth is cut in the short term.
  3. Lets just go the whole hog and make it American football isk... change the rules some more and we have a game for North America Sod the rest of us...
  4. as it is an increase in covid in a part of Wales is being attributed to the Doncaster event causing a significant cluster of cases... .One cluster is associated with a rugby club and a pub in the lower Rhondda valley, another is connected to a club outing to the Doncaster races, which Mr Gething said stopped off at a series of pubs on the way. I remember back at the start in March the deputy CMO saying problem with events is more the visiting of PUBs and such small indoor gathering rather than the big crowd in the stadium...
  5. Get your point but myself and the children have loads of Caps... In my case and I'm sure for others its the type of thing you buy when you go the States on Business. Whatever city I brought the caps for the associated sports clubs for the children. Its often hard to think what to buy and a reasonable costs when your buying for number of children. As a result they know those clubs whether , american football, baseball, or ice hockey... I guess given the amount of business travel to the States over the decades that's lots of Caps hanging up... but key the children have grown taking a passing interest in those sports clubs.
  6. Uncertain on the effect. Normally I'm at a game every week but have now got used to watching on TV. So I'm not sure how I respond when can go again. I mean some stadium experience are so unpleasant. Maybe becasue I'm older and like some comfort and less likely to put up poor stadium experience will mean me being more selective and using TV more. Then again one of the Sky commentators never shut's up, often rambling on about game before or something the previous week... so that may mean more likely to go to stadium as he drives me mad... Key is clubs recognising possible issue and using "exciting" promotion to get us back in.
  7. Too be honest I found the game was a bit like watching a union game... note the word bit. Lots of long kicking and then long runs returning the ball... lots of penalties/set restart a bit like continuous union play... of course Wigans goal line defence really good... but helped by penalties at crucial times for Catalan thus disrupting what was already a poor attack fro Catalan Wigan really good when they decided to run and pass it... Hope all teams don't adapt the same long kicking game in Catalan...
  8. I guess that decision was better than not giving the forward pass on the first try... but it still looked like a wigan hand knocking it out.... In slow motion thats how it showed but subjective as to was making the tackle... Anyway that ties the game up for Wigan to me... especially with the early long kicking game. Can't see anyway back for Catalan... Must admit haven't enjoyed watching this game... like the other this weekend. Guess that may be the unfortunate start stop nature and the long kicks of watching meaningless - although good game management....
  9. maybe, but cas tended to limit warringtons yardage on most sets, I guess their not playing the same game either. I agree may be easier to make yards, especially if set restarts, than previous but outer defence is still important. Warrington struggled at times. Agree Cas need to improve attacking play as in not having the wit.. agree with you their.
  10. wrong game I meant to include the double movement but cut and pasted my comment over writing commentary I made for Hull game.. hence my sentence confused. Sorry I tend to write comment first then cut and paste into the thread and was over writing previous comments whilst doing other things,... namely looking after grand child whilst typing with one hand... a dexterity I have not mastered yet
  11. yep Cas where good. Little unlucky as I would have given a penalty try on the kick forward - Cas player had momentum towards the ball, warrington defender was still turning so for me Cas player would have got to the ball first. Plus I still think the knee in the back for Warringtons try should have been a penalty to Cas. Never-the-less a really enjoyable game to watch and almost on edge of seat as to whom was going to win. Warrington line defence being excellent, although not sure if Cas could have been better attacking.
  12. Cas make yards and yards almost every set, get to the last 10 almost every set and I'm being told Warrington defence is good. Yep their goal line defence has been solid , but the overall defence really poor. Just wish the commentators would not exaggerate about how good warrington defence was this half. Unless of course defence only starts in the last 10.
  13. So knee in the back, pushing player away from fully getting to the ball is OK... it was a hell of a knee in the back when he lept... dangerous play to me as well as knocking the player off the ball impacting his ability to get to ball... not surprised if Chester moans about that
  14. Private equity investment which will throw lots of uncertainty as to how it impacts individual clubs in SL and potential SL candidates in the UK. It could strengthen some SL clubs in the UK whilst having a negative impact on non SL UK clubs impacting RL in general in the UK. A thriving SL but increasing the rate of the dying underbelly is my worry.
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