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  1. Just trying to understand the logic of the middle paragraph. If the main interest of SL clubs is keeping themselves in business, then surely it follows they would have a keen interest in growing the game to improve their business.
  2. you may or may not have hit a nerve for a fellow contributor but having Canadian / NA clubs in SL/European SL (mainly British) should never be a strategic priority. Elstone may or may not have got some things badly wrong but I for one think he was right to question the sense of having a Canadian club in SL plus supporting the decision of the majority of SL clubs not to support their bid to stay in. Sometimes decisions have to be taken even if not popular with certain sections of the fanbase - it was voted on by the majority of clubs. This thread at times is like being back at sch
  3. Personally I thought the Toronto decision was the correct one. As to the others I have no idea what the original offer from Sky was and whether he managed to get it increased or decreased from an original offer,,, I have no clue about the French TV deal as to whether it was bringing income in or was at some cost... That doesn't mean that I supported his role just that I'm not going to shout out about his failure to achieve on individual items if I have no idea the detail.
  4. Surprised they don't expand to Canada, seems an obvious thing to do given some of the commentary on here
  5. I'm guessing we had more in the recent past... i.e. Sam Burgess, Tomkins, Widdop etc etc... where as now probably less... I say that because a good many of the England team were in the NRL at last world cup... or on their way following the WC... It improves the England team Maybe my memory is playing up... Anyway don't see it as an issue for players maximising their salary and potential... unfortunately their is a downside in losing the best players to SL comp... but one we live with.
  6. why not a joint bid facilities... I mean having had Toronto and such in leagues here the distance taking that logic isn't a problem....
  7. I guess those type of adverts are banned for a reason, a rational that Ofcom and Parliament I guess think is important to health, etc. Does that mean I should guard against my grand children watching the sports programmes that allow such adverts to be aired. As I'm guessing the concern is that those adverts do have an impact, not for the best...
  8. As a matter of interest and has I have no idea... on the technicalities of doing so Do Sky or any other broadcaster have to rent an international link (satellite, etc) to broadcast say a sport game from another country, e.g. Australia. If so I guess it would be for a specific time slot given costs and others wanting to use said space.
  9. Their a business, simple as. If no alternatives to broadcast here then no competition to improve. As a matter of interest what where the numbers watching...
  10. I guess its best for Sky just not to show the game here at all... then they get less criticism. Is any other broadcaster interested in showing the game.
  11. Funny enough I resigned and got package... catch 22 for employer really... I was doing AOK performance wise but knew myself I had lost the drive, energy and intensity really needed... so offered to resign but only if got some sort of severance package... Otherwise I'd stay on but not at such a high performance anymore... We could both see difficulties ahead for the industry and hence manager/CEO and I guessed redundancies would be coming in future. As it was redundancies came 12 months later with as it turned more generous severance packages.... missed out I guess but happy as I'd j
  12. A RL magazine subscription is one of my annual Christmas presents... 40/20 but its a present that lasts all year... low cost so it means the kids can still buy others... It goes with the Cholate Brazil nuts and a jigsaw... Christmas wouldn't be the same without those stocking fillers...
  13. maybe but we have 25 player squads... plus fringe academy players close to those 25 squad players (leeds have over 30+). The comparison is fair whether union or not, but its a similar game whether one dislikes it or not so a fair comparison.... other then being up one's.... Plus we have a play off system for the main silver-ware that really matters... a play off system that can be changed like last season to take account that not very game is equal
  14. agreed, the only thing I never could agree with was the "charging down" approach as it more often than not worked against Warrington.. but it added drama
  15. well its probably because it wasn't Tony Smith anymore... we went into the stands just before the warm-ups, most of the seats accordingly empty, but we had tickets saying which seats to sit, but Tony Smith sitting their to watch warm-ups, I said to the missus to just sit anywhere for now, but nope she says... but it says these seats... Tony Smith with a grin moves among a few seats, and we sit down... he spends the whole 10/15minschatting with us, at one point the missus says oh sorry we are stopping you watching the warm-up of his players, he says no bother I've done all I can
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