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  1. Can we all please stop being mean to Ed.
  2. Actually, it's more about the sudden realisation that newspapers are mean to people. Why the outcry now. Then it's the whole "but, but, but they supported Hitler". Yes? And? How is that relevant to today? It's no more relevant than the Mirror being a fascist paper 80 years ago.
  3. Not today. But at some point it will have been pretty viscious about someone, oh, wait, look here. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/christopher-jefferies-183975#ixzz2gZbYkjJc Did they do this because they were fascist sympathisers back in the day or because the papers are inhabited by utter, utter ######. I'm pretty sure a google search will pull up countless stories right across the journalist spectrum.
  4. http://www.europeantruth.co.uk/mosley%20mirror.html Looks like the Mail wasn't the only pro facist paper of the time.
  5. Did Churchill have a choice in the matter? I've absolutely no idea what I would have done, because I wasn't alive then.
  6. Someone is going to have to explain what the point of the party conferences are these days. Apart from drunken, clandestine sex with "underlings".
  7. It can set itself up how it wants. All papers do. Miliband would have been better saying ###### all.
  8. I would of thought there's far more things to get annoyed about in the Mail. Describing an 8 year old as a "leggy beauty" for one.
  9. You cuddle up to whoever you think will win.
  10. Aaah, so these countries have all this legislation but they don't actually use it all that much. There is in this country too. Look into the buy out of Dulux by Crown/Akzo. Which, if you looked at how much it costs to produce your 2,5l of "Soft Toasted Almond" to flog at, what, £15 a can, you'd never buy paint again. What other cartels do you not like? Clarks shoes seem to have the market cornered. My local market has 2 butchers that have remarkably similar prices Supermarkets Currys But here's the thing, if you break up this cartel to encourage these new players into the game, why would anyone sign up for it when they know the ed will just slap them down if they get too successful?
  11. You want it dismantled? To what? Unfortunately, if you have a pension you really need this cartel to make as much money as possible.
  12. Like what? As far as I can see, life now is infinitely more preferable to what it was 100 years ago, life expectancy being a tad better for one. Then there's the whole who can and can't vote nonsense.
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