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  1. I agree with the scrum half being made to feed the front row. I'd also like to see the scrum stay bound until the scrum half has either, passed, dummied or taken a step.
  2. I was reading yesterday that Jack was a former miner, and during the big strike lent his car to the flying pickets. Clearly true to his roots. I remember him saying during an election that he intended to vote Labour. Unfortunately he played snooker at the local Con club and they banned him. Or clotched him as we say in Leeds! v
  3. I like Augustine Tripel bruin. Very strong though. I voted for Belgium. I agree about Pilnser Urquell it most definitely IS the best lager in the world.
  4. I like Fullers 1845, also Youngs London Special Pale Ale. Both very malty. But for a regular drink I love draught Landlord.
  5. There's a lot of agitation on the Fev Facebook page for a breakaway league and a separate TV deal. Not sure whether there's any mileage in this, but certainly if clubs can serve up the sort of fare provided by Leigh and Fev in the play off game last season, a TV station might be persuaded to bite. It was better than any SL game I've seen for a long time.
  6. She was on DID yesterday. She's from my home town, so I listened. it reminded me that the character Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones is allegedly based on Kier Starmer.
  7. Here's a quiz question anyway. Which earl has been president of the US?
  8. It's just casual things. In the 80's my kids used to watch Neighbours. One of the characters use to wear a Manly shirt, but no one ever remarked upon it.
  9. in the late eighties and early nineties RL was much higher profile than it is now. As has been said Kangaroo and Lions tours were regular events. I remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the 1988 test series live on BBC. But when was the last Kangaroo tour, and wasn't it exclusive to Sky? The Beebs world cup coverage both here and in Oz was excellent. Had we won who knows what the outcome would have been. In the 80's/90's players like Schofield, Edwards, Hanely, Offiah were household names. Who outside of the RL community could name one of the last England/GB RL squad.
  10. That's not a game that gets much coverage in the UK. I know it's an Olympic sport, but I don't think the Beeb cover it when they show the Olympics.
  11. But he's a general knowledge "egghead". It wasn't that he got it wrong, he didn't even think about it, obviously it couldnt be Australia. BTW baseball is big in Cuba, Korea and Japan. Ice Hockey is big in Russia. No idea about Germany unless it's strudel eating.
  12. I know it's one of my hobby horses, but IMO there's a general effort to deny that RL is one of THE major sports in Oz. I was watching Eggheads last night. The topic was sport and the Egghead who was selected was Chris, who is notoriously ignorant where sport is concerned. But one question was in which of these countries is Rugby League the bigger sport? UK, Australia, or Samoa. Immediately, without thinking Chris said "well it's obviously not Australia" For me this is an example of the British public's ignorance of RL's status in Oz. Had he been asked in which country was Ice Hockey the bigger sport, UK. Canada or France, I'm sure he'd have got it right. Even people who are generally not interested in ice hockey (like me) know it's a major sport in Canada. Had the British media given a true picture of Aussie sport I.m sure he'd have got it right. It's part of the general attitude to deny RL a fair hearing. Like allowing Union to call their game just "Rugby" We have a deal with Murdoch, but it's put us in a ghetto I think.
  13. It was only a week or two after we'd been there that the independence thing happened. We'd stayed in Lloret and were picked up by coach.
  14. Followed by the chant "we hate Cas" no matter who they're playing (8 years since they played Cas in a serious game)
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