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  1. I've read it, I don't need to believe it, I experience it, From you in particular among others. Sorry 24-0 which is what the game against London was deemed to have finished. In fact the anti Fev feelng on here is so strong I'm seriously thinking of no longer, reading or posting on here, and cancelling my order for League Express
  2. They were the better team on the day. But then they didn't have the absences and injuries Fev did. But my point is that they weren't good enough to say they are a SL team in waiting. They're not. The game was evenly balanced with 10-15 mins to go. Toulouse certainly looked nothing like a SL side. Every time they miss a home game and "win" it 23-0 increases they're advantage over the rest of the Championship. They're scoring win after win without incurring any injuries sin binnings or knocks. But as I say the general sentiment on this forum is anti Fev. And it's not just me who says it. The vast majority of posters on the Fev Facebook page express open hostility to this forum. I am merely reporting what I read.
  3. If they're such a draw playing one another they shouldn't need the English league to prop them up. They should be able to attract money and media interest into the game.
  4. They certainly didn't look undercooked in the last 10 at P O Road. Our players were out on their feet, Toulouse were still fairly fresh.
  5. I can, they're the best side we've played this season, including Toulouse, Unfortunately for them the ref gave Fev a fair shake.
  6. HOW DARE YOU!!!! No one has been more supportive of correct expansion of RL. Anyone who doesn't agree with me must be narrow minded. I've seen this expansion again and again. Fulham - dead loss, Cardiff Blue ~Dragons, dead loss, Mansfield Marksmen , dead loss, Carlisle , dead loss, Kent Invicta, dead loss, Scarborough, dead loss, Sheffield, hanging on by a thread. Celtic Crusaders - major embarrassment, Toronto ditto. And I predict that Toulouse will go the same route, I hope I've wrong, but I fear I'm not. Meantime a traditional club, who'd won the Championship and the CC three times since the 70's are to be denied access.
  7. Well it's not Fev's and they are the ones who'll suffer
  8. In that case why not do what the French experiment was originally touted as doing, rebuilding the game in France. If Touilouse are that good and Catalans win SL, let them play one another in a reconstituted French comp.
  9. What evidence was there that Paris would be like Paris?
  10. all this doesn't make them the finished article though. And say what you like they are benefitting hugely from fake 23-0 wins without risking their players on the field. We turned out on the 1st of August minus our main playmaker, minus several other key players, with others carrying injuries, which is to be expected at this time of the season. Toulouse hadn't played for three weeks. Plenty of chance to recover from all the little niggles and knocks that if you continue playing can turn into major problems. Do you call that a level playing field?
  11. Excuse me, I've been on this forum since before 2004. The Anti fev feeling goes that far back. Toulouse will do no more for RL than Celtic Crusaders or Toronto or any of the other half assed attempts at expansion. Expansion will come from having a successful international sided, that pushes its way on to the sports pages. You only have to look at the interest in obscure sports at the Olympics, providing there's some British success. And RL has a head start over many of these sports, like dressage or BMXing - the public are familiar with it. Fev were artificially excluded from SL at the start in favour of Paris and London - look where that led. All Fev fans want is the chance for their team to compete in the top flight. If we fail we fail, at least we had a chance. For most of the early teens of this century we were the top championship club, but were denied access. Featherstone have built a ground themselves, largely by vounteer labour to satisfy the SL terms. Unlike either Cas's or Wakey's. We deserve our chance. My bet is that in two or three years Toulouse will be another red face.
  12. Were you there? Did you see Toulouse slowing down the ruck, illegally reefing the ball? I was and I did. Nevertheless until the last 15 minutes it was a tight game, when Fev who'd played tough games at Wembley and Bradford in the previous weeks ran out of steam/ Toulouse who hadn't played for three weeks didn't. I see they've had two more home games postponed, another chance for r&r, not afforded to other sides. The anti Fev atmosphere on this forum has been growing for years, now it has become really poisonous. Is it any wonder that there is hostility to this forum on the Fev Facebook page. Is it any wonder that Fev fans chant "no one likes us, we don't care?" The fact is that Toulouse are not a virtual SL side - far from it.
  13. I didn't say that. But the score certainly didn't reflect the game. Toulouse got away with a lot of things they won't get away with in SL
  14. I had corned beef in a cafe on Long Island NY. It was nothing like what we get here, it was delicious.
  15. They were lucky to beat Fev last week. Fev were without several regulars including Chisholm, and Toulouse were full strength after three weeks off. They got away with murder slowing the ruck down. So I think you are exaggerating.
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