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  1. The first time I saw Brierley play was at LSV in the cup, during the brief reign of John Bastion, he scored Leigh's first try at the Fev end and flung the ball with real force at the Fev supporters, I believe he actually hurt someone. I was glad to see him humiliated last night, anxious at every KO to get rid ASAP. As I posted elsewhere, he got all the credit at Leigh when it was Ridyard who was really doing the business. Excellent player Ridyard, Brierley IMO is the most over rated player I've seen recently.
  2. If York beat us fair and square on Saturday you won't hear another word from me. Fair and square mind. Like we beat Leigh last night.
  3. There've been a lot of snide comments about DR on the main forum, calling us Junior Rhinos and Leeds A, but last night's victory IMO was built on a sound defensive performance from our pack, Davis, Lockwood, Cooper etc, and some excellent play from Chissy. Ok the Leeds lads contributed, but without the dominance of the pack and Chissy's distribution I don't reckon we'd have won. On to York. We beat them at P O Road, we beat them at Blackpool, and we beat them at their place the other week, except the ref decided differently. They got hammered by Toulouse, a team who let's be charitable and say we were unlucky to lose to on the 7th, On last night's performance York shouldn't be a problem. Famous last words!
  4. I remember cheering Cas on at Headingley in 2007 against Widnes (I was there.) And in 1994 against the pies. (I cheer anyone against the pies)
  5. But the "big clubs" circle the U17 clubs like sharks, and snap up anyone who shows any promise. Robby Burrow for instance was signed by Leeds from Fev Lions. Players like him used to sign for their local club. If they were any good a bigger club would come along and sides like Fev would make a bit of profit on the player. Doesn't happen now, hence the necessity for DR. Luke Briscoe played for Fev as a Fev player, but because of the DR arrangements, Leeds got him for nowt.
  6. That's very sporting of you considering the Fev fans were still chanting "we hate Cas" last night. They chant it no matter who we're playing. Plus one of the Leigh players was ex Cas which didn't help matters.
  7. I played in blue and red hoops. But when I played they were a boys club and ran five teams. Shaw Cross Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Rovers and Rangers. I played for Rangers. I think the senior side played in the Dewsbury colours, but it's 55 years ago. My abiding memory of the Shaw Cross club was our coach, a man called Eric I had played a season with them, and decided it would be cheaper for me to play for Morley RU. (I lived in Morley so no bus fares) . A friend of mine said that if I went training with Morley, he'd come too, although he was more interested in fitness than rugby. So we turned up for pre season training in July. Train on the field every Thursday, and in Batley High School gym every Tuesday (one of the Morley first team was a sports teacher there and had wangled "rugby training" on to the local FE college's curriculum) The gym training was tough, and by the end of August I had never been fitter. Meantime I hadn't been near Shaw Cross. Then another friend who'd played second row with me came knocking on my door the Friday before the local ARL fixtures started, Eric the coach said he was desperate, would I turn out for them on the Saturday. So despite my misgivings off I went. Turned up at the club house to be told by Eric "the new rules say I have to have a sub, you're it, I don't believe in subs, and you haven't trained so you won't be playing" I stood changed on the touch line for 80 minutes. I didn't get on. I turned out for Morley "B" at Huddersfield YMCA the following wee. Never played RL again, except in a joke game on New Years Day 1974.
  8. Yes I rather suspected he was no longer in charge. But I dislike him and what he stands for so much, that it's hard to let go
  9. I certainly don't think cross Pennine games should start at this time. The M62 was busy in both directions. It was after 10-00 when I got home. The optimum time from the fans' and the clubs' point of view IMO is 3-00pm on a Sunday afternoon. Given how many Fev brought, I bet the attendance would have doubled had it been played at sensible time. But Rupert said "jump" and as usual the RFL said "how high" Leigh & Fev are two of the better supported sides in the Championship, surely their supporters deserve better treatment than this. And of course an earlier start cuts down of pre match drinking time, a contributory factor (IMO) to trouble. I believe many Fev fans' coaches left at 11-00 on Sunday morning and they spent the afternoon in one or other of the Leigh hostelries.
  10. Leeds clearly don't want Ash Golding he plays out of his skin for Fev week in week out but can't get a start at Headngley. Last night's win was engineered by hard work from the likes of Jonnie D and Choo Choo Cooper. Finesse was supplied by Dane Chisholm, none of whom are Leeds DR players. We played well last night. There were rumours beforehand of a gastric problem at Leigh, could explain their lack lustre performance. I thought Brown played well. Let down by his half back partner Brierley who is and always has been vastly over rated. In his first spell at Leigh he got the credit that should have gone to Ridyard who is a class act. Brierley couldn't get rid of the ball sharp enough. His one contribution to Leigh was to fake falling over a Fev tackler at the PTB, thus providing a penalty.
  11. Perhaps if Kiggy had kept his sneering to himself I wouldn't have had the chance. He didn't so I did.
  12. Yes there was a Marks, opposite Woolworths. No C&A, a J&B's though. And any number of cinemas. The ABC, the Tudor, the Essoldo, the Rex and of course the Pioneer - run by the Co-op and on the top floor of their building in Dewsbury. I played RL for Shaw Cross, a Dewsbury side, and played on the old Crown Flatt. I also played at Thornhill Lees, next to the Calder. There was a rowing boat for retrieving lost balls.
  13. Just because you live in a big city that's no reason to take the ###### out of those of us who don't. Featherstone is a small former mining village, population 12,000. Despite this disadvantage they have won the RLCC three times and been runners up twice. They have also won the championship when it was a top flight comp. Perhaps when Toulouse have done the same you'll be entitled to sneer. After all you only won on the 7th because the ref didn't allow two perfectly good tries. Were you there BTW or did you stay away like the majority of Toulouse supporters? Unlike the Fev fans who paid entry to your ###### ground.
  14. Fev are in Featherstone, get it Featherstone Rovers, in Featherstone, not Manchester Rovers in Manchester.
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