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  1. Wouldn't it be wiser to have Gove in the tent ####### out rather than outside the tent ####### in?
  2. I read somewhere that there are two or three Tory MP's ready to defect to the Lib/Dems the moment Boris is declared the winner. Seems extremely unlikely to me. Equally unlikely, on Today this morning they were discussing forming an interim government (after a no confidence vote) with Keir Starmer as PM, simply to pass a second vote bill. We live in strange times.
  3. I wasn't brought up in a RL town, but in a town surrounded by RL clubs, nearest was either Batley or Hunslet, not sure which. At the time I became aware of RL the great Wakefield side were in their pomp, and I graduated towards them. Neil Fox was (and still is my hero) I played the game as a teenager, initially for Ossett Trinity, then for Shaw Cross Rangers. I gave up for the simple reason that I couldn't afford the bus fares to play and train twice a week. A friend of mine, (who had a car) said that if I went to play Union, for the local club, he'd come with me - he wasn't keen on rugby, but he was keen on getting fit. So I joined the local Union club, in the July and trained twice a week, once at the club, and once at the Batley High School Gym. The sports teacher at the school played for the Union club's first team and wangled "Rugby training" on to the local evening class's syllabus So by the end of August I had never been fitter. I received a message via a former team mate that Shaw Cross were short for the first match of the season, would I help them out. So I turned up on the last weekend in August, only to be told by the coach, a dour character called Eric, "the new rules say I must have a sub, you're it, you haven't trained with us and I don't believe in subs so you won't get a game" So I stood on the touchline, changed in my playing gear. I turned out the following week for the Union side's 'B' XV at Huddersfield, and didn't play RL again for ten years. I also made the amazing discovery that the away sides in Union got their tea provided and free beer! I was sold!
  4. He said Tries, something you may not be that familiar with, come to think of it you may not be that familiar with pies either!
  5. The first referendum was advisory, not mandatory. So honouring doesn't come into the equation. The government were not bound to take the advice. It was like a huge public opinion poll. IMO a binding referendum should have required a 60% majority.
  6. If you take my opinion as gospel, then no wonder you were daft enough to believe Boris (the Lying King) and vote for Brexit.
  7. I would say within two years we'll all be very sorry we allowed Brexit to happen. It usually takes about two years for an economic policy to work its way entirely through the system. In 2016 there were Brexiters on here boasting about how much more competitive British industry was with the cheaper pound. It took about a year for the prices rises caused by the drop in sterling to hit the shops. Then they shut up.
  8. Don't you get it? I wasn't happy with the result, but was prepared to accept it, until I found out that we were getting something entirely different from what was promised in the campaign. I reckon there are millions of British people who feel the same or didn't vote in 2016, itching for another chance. I say again, what have you to lose?
  9. That's understandable given that the scuttlebutt in Washington (the sort of thing picked up by our ambassador) says that Trump only withdrew from the Iran treaty, because it was seen as one of Obama's achievements. He then appointed right wing looney John Bolton, in order to exacerbate matters further. It is said that the current stand-off is Bolton's doing. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/20/britain-lured-into-deadly-trap-on-iran-by-trump-hawk-john-bolton Still never mind, it'll be a chance for the Lying King to show us standing on our own feet.
  10. Snap. Except in 2017 they asked me back to fill in temporarily, so I beat you by 3 months!
  11. Maybe not on November 1st, but like the decline in value of the pound and the increase in food prices that followed the 2016 farce, it'll come.
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