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  1. Troy isn't in Greece. And the Troy I come from is most definitely part of Yorkshire
  2. I could certainly have qualified for Yorkshire at cricket In the old days. If I'd been good enough. At RL I'd only qualify for GB or England. I suppose if you traced my ancestry back far enough I could play for a Scandinavian country - I'm reliably informed by surname is Norse in origin.
  3. I wonder who leaked it to the media? Ford perhaps? After his display in the Union WC final (and I saw the entire game) I wouldn't pay him out in washers. He'll never be a top class stand off while he's got a hole in his ares. England were camped on the Springbok line, they needed a class halfback to unlock the defence. But of course they didn't have one. Ford would never make it in top class RL. Too slow between the ears. (his dad was ###### too)
  4. No there's quite a lot of text, including match reports from local papers. Only one mention of FEV though, Featherston RUFC too.
  5. The Northern Rugby Football Union The Birth of Rugby League 1895 to 1922. By Les Hoole I had this bought for my birthday. I've just finished it. It covers the period of the Northern Union, from its birth in 1895 to its name change to Rugby League in 1922. Teams, tours, RL Challenge Cups, personalities. I found if fascinating. I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in the history of our sport. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone from Huddersfield. Perhaps seeing how dominant they were in this period will awaken a new enthusiasm for the sport. There are a few errors that a railway pedant like me would pick up on - like the LNER sending 5 special trains from Hull to a CC Final at Huddersfield, when the LNER didn't exist until 1922. But that aside | really enjoyed it.
  6. TBH I watched the SL semis and final, and I watched this game. I haven't seen a game so far to compare with the Leigh - Fev game. One of the best games of RL I've seen for a long time, credit to both sides for keeping the ball in hand. Why SL sides seem incapable of this basic truth of RL - it's a handling game - baffles me.
  7. I set my TV to record it and f***ed up. So I only saw the highlights. We looked clueless at ways to break down their line. SL standard fare of five drives and a kick won't work at this level. Having said that the Tongans appeared to be getting away with a hell of a lot at the ruck. Chris Kendal should never have been given a game like this. He's not good enough.
  8. Yes but how many of those wartime Dewsbury teams were peppered with Wigan, Saints, etc players who happened to be stationed locally?
  9. And Eric Morecambe calling Eddie "the talking trilby"
  10. You'll say anything, he ran sideways and forwards, he screened the ball carrier. He was offside and interfering with play. Penalty, every time. As I posted earlier. I don't care one way or the other. I'm a big admirer of Saints, but I thought their win on Saturday was dodgy to say the least,
  11. But he didn't pick the ball out a forward did and Fages shielded him from the tacklers
  12. You've got a funny idea of backwards, I hope I've never beside you at traffic lights.
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