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  1. As anyone who posts on here will tell you, I'm always well behaved
  2. I'm a Morley lad, and that's why I asked the question. A buffet has a meaning in Morley and surrounding areas that I don't think it has elsewhere. I wondered what it means to TRLers.
  3. Newark to Wakefield is pretty quick, about 40 minutes I think, but Newark will be 30 minutes drive from where we are, and Fev is another 20 minutes or so from Wakey. I supported Wakey in my youth, when I didn't know any better, I switched to Fev 40 years ago, and despite the gap in fortunes between the two clubs, have never regretted it. Fev is a homespun, homely club, and makes anyone welcome. My lad, if anything is more committed than I am. I took him to his first game when he was about 6. In 1983 I thought he was too young for Wembley and promised I'd take him next time...….watch this space
  4. I'll stand out like a sore thumb. But we've moved so that my son in law, who is her main carer, can get some respite from looking after a 6(nearly 7 ) year old who can't walk, can't talk, can only see a little and is incontinent. Having said all that she is a delightful little girl, and we love her madly.
  5. Dewsbury, ten minutes walk from the Rams Stadium
  6. Half way through a pint of Adnams Broadside - very nice, after a bottle of Robinsons Old Tom speaking of which, here's a good one. "Dad put ginger in the curry, the kids were upset, they really liked that cat"
  7. I didn't know buffets could run. Who knows what a buffet is?
  8. Watersplash Final tomorrow. Don Fox's miss - again. Poor old Don. He was a superb footballer. In fact there'd have been no try to convert had it not been for his clever kick off after Leeds's "penalty try" The ref ought to be the talking point. How could any ref in those condition could award to penalty try? Back to "lucky Leeds" - see above.
  9. I still get Lincolnshire and East Yorks TV and there's plenty of RL on there. So it's not as if the residents of this county are unfamiliar with RL. But they don't seem interested in a pro team in Scunthorpe of Grimsby.
  10. Well there's Billy Boston, he was pretty good. Lewis Jones, he toured Australia with the RL Lions. Trevor Foster, a Bradford stalwart both on and off the field, David Watkins did ok. I'm sure there are a few more. Apart from Jiffy. Ok so it's a joke. But assume Saracens did want to get him of their books for a bit, wouldn't a loan to RL be their ideal solution? He could possibly play a season of RL and if he was good enough perhaps play in the 2021 WC side. Wouldn't RU love that? We've never really replaced Sinfield who IMO was the greatest player of his era (and no I'm not a Leeds fan) When Sinfield clicked England clicked. Perhaps Farrell could be the man?
  11. You don't know the half. Our neighbours stopped speaking to us because we'd sold to Asians. If they wanted to decide who lives there, they should have bought ity.
  12. Not at the moment, but once the freeze on completions is removed I'm off to deepest darkest Kesteven
  13. I've moved away from the "heartlands" and I probably won't be back. It's very sad. But there you go. Because of the freeze on completions I've in temporary rented accommodation on the fringes. But once things sort themselves out I'll be off to deepest darkest Lincolnshire. Hopefully I'll get to the occasional Fev game. (if there are ever any more) But that's it I'm afraid. An Exile!
  14. Neither had I. Weren't Sterling and Kenny spectacular though. And Knocker Naughton and Shaun Edwards in their pomp. Great finals all. Leeds were very lucky against Saints though. Who was it dropped the pass? If he holds it they win! Lucky Leeds again!!!!
  15. "A magic man from Featherstone Rovers" - Peter Fox. We played Saints around Xmas time 1988/89 and Newy made a monkey of MIchael O'Connor. O'Connor chucked his toys out of the pram and had a go a Paul. As you say that first season he was unbelievable. A very under rated player IMO, certainly by the media. You seldom find him occurring in "my best XIII's" of that era. Which is a shame. He and Connolly were an ideal combination for GB. There was a game at Halifax the following season and a Halifax player maliciously stamped on Paul's ankle, he had to go off and whilst he was still a great player, that mercurial part of his game had gone with the stamp. Can't remember the player's name.
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