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  1. Well I hope the outcome has demonstrated to the owners of sports clubs generally that their clubs are not just "brands." The people of Manchester, Liverpool and the various London clubs demonstrated that they couldn't be taken for granted. It may happen in other businesses. It certainly happened in brewing Tetleys is now brewed in Northampton not Leeds. HP Sauce is made in the Netherlands. The owners of Cadburys and Terrys have behaved appallingly. And of course Mr Dyson is not exactly squeaky clean. IIRC he had state help to develop his original concept. Also of course I
  2. Plus of course there was the Murdoch role in the Premiership. IIRC Alan Sugar was a director of Spurt, and as such sat on the committee which decided where the TV contract was going. Funnily enough the contact went to Sky, And who made the Sky dishes at the time? Amstrad of coure.
  3. I must admit, I didn't realise who it was. I thought it was Jeremy Guscott, but didn't see how it could be in a GB RL jersey. My son had to tell me
  4. I think Fev will be happy to ease their way through this game with no injuries. They're not going to win the CC. They're not going to get a big pay day further down the line because of the restrictions. SL is the aim. (providing the RFL don't make an example of them) The cup is a meaningless sideshow for Fev this season. In 2012 when promotion was off the agenda they knocked Cas out and gave Wigan a scare. Got hammered by 'Fax the following week. They can't afford that this season. Least said about 2018 the better. Hull steam rollered Fev for half an hour then Fev got theier act to
  5. Once the covid scare is over, I'd like to see a couple of experimental games with scrums that observe the laws and see what the outcome is. The scrum removes twelve players from the open field, and if for no other reason has its place in the game.
  6. Fev need to get Misi Taulapapa back for this one
  7. I recall Lorimer's disallowed goal in the 1975 European Cup Final. Even Bayern admit today that it was a goal. That and Beckenbaur's rugby tackle n the box on Clarke gave Bayern the cup and caused the subsequent riot. I remember Leeds signing Lorimer. He was only 15 but never really lost his Scottish twang.
  8. Toronto pleaded a special case so that they could play their fixtures in blocks, home and away. Why couldn't this apply to their final opponents, to give them a breathing space between travelling to France and then travelling to Canada? I'll tell you why, because as Harry says, the RFL were all on fire to have Toronto in SL. In exactly similar circumstances they fell over themselves to let in Celtic Crusaders regardless of all the shenanigans they were up to with player on tourist visas etc. For me having a team in Toronto 3000 miles away was never going to make sense. If people in
  9. I thought Fev went to sleep, thinking they'd done enough, and then realised they hadm't. Can't see James Harrison being long at Fev.
  10. why didn't you say so on here or in LE instead of the usual "suck it up" stuff you get from the notorious anti Fev lot on this forum
  11. I don't recall you making much of a fuss when Fev had to travel to France and three days later travel to Toronto for the most vital game in their recent history. It was an absolute farce. But it was Fev so it didn't matter
  12. We had a bread maker, but unloaded it on our daughter, who unloaded it on a car boot. I'd like an ice cream maker but SWMBO won't let me have one We have got an air fryer though and it does make nice chips and spit roasted chicken, which is all we've used it for so far. We had an espresso machine, but it didn't make coffee as nice as that you can buy in France and Spain. So we ditched it and reverted to the IKEA mocha pot.
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