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  1. A heel against the head and feed The trouble with the contested scrum was that every other one seemed to result in a penalty. I recall a period in the 80's when refs had a clamp down on scrummage offences. Players were being sent off for persistent feeding or feet up, some were being suspended. Didn't stop it and as with all clamp downs, the refs eased off. I think Union may have solved their problem by insisting that the attacking side must strike for the ball instead of just shoving. Whether we could adopt something similar I couldn't say. I certainly think that contested scrums would result in less wide running back row forwards stifling attacking play. As the game went on they'd be too knackered!
  2. Jason was more talented than either of them. And half their size. Sam Burgess was brave and powerful in RL, and would have proved the same in Union if they'd given him time. He was certainly the equal of SBW
  3. Championship RL (the Leigh - Fev play-off game is one of the best games I've ever seen) Super League Union Cricket Can't think of another sport that gets me like these four
  4. I remember an item about Blackheath - some time ago - playing some sort of anniversary game. They played to the Association rules that were in force at the time they commemorating. One thing sticks in my mind. An outfield player could catch the ball and call fort a mark. At a guess Blackheath are the oldest football club in the country. Let's be honest, the rules for matches were agreed between the clubs before the game started. So a club could be playing Association rules one week and Rugby rules the following week. I think the games were largely similar at that time. I think the split came over "hacking" (kicking the opponents shins) so for me any football club of whatever code can claim to the oldest, if it can trace its foundation far enough back. Personally I think Hull may be the oldest RL club. I certainly don't agree with dating all RL clubs back to 1895. They weren't RL clubs, they remained Rugby Union clubs, they just belonged to a different Union. How old are York BTW? I remember reading somewhere that they traced there foundation to former Wasps players. St Helens still define themselves as St Helens RFC too don't they?
  5. I think there was a British version with the lines "whether you play at Headingley, Wembley or Tulus (Toulouse) inserted
  6. Several more Rugby songs from the Tinkers
  7. I think at the time it was near capacity for Headingley. It certainly seemed very full, the only place we could get a good view was from the wall beside the slope down which the players used to take the field.
  8. What a shame that what used to be one of the top fixtures of the year, is now reduced to "a preseason friendly the day after christmas which in reality means very little" First live game I ever saw, Headingley Boxing Day 1960. Leeds 7 Wakey 14. I think there were 14K on.
  9. The tune is called Cranbbrook, the Ilkley Moor words were, so it is said made up by a choir on a trip to Dick Hudsons - a hostelry on Ilkley Moor. The Maddy Prior tune is called Lydia, and is in the Methodist Hymn Book. Also used for O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. There is another tune in the MHB called Lyngham.
  10. Very sad to hear this news. A super player who certainly played above his weight. He appeared to have the heart of a lion, so hopefully he'll defy the odds, like he did on the rugby field.
  11. Let's not forget Bradford knocked Leeds out last season
  12. I wouldn't cross the street to see him. When he signed for Wakey I went specially to CAS!!!!! just to see him play. He was ######. When he came with the 1986 Kangaroos, he was kept well away from danger by the superior Aussie forwards. But at Wigan in the third test, it was clear he was frightened to death of Chris Burton. Unfortunately Burton got sent off, it was only then that Lewis started playing a bit of football. In 1988 he was constantly niggling and committing little fouls. So for me no he was over rated. Brett Kenny was by far the better player at 6.
  13. A very sad day. Another of my cricketing heroes gone. They don't make 'em like Bob any more.
  14. Nothing would change immediately but if it was followed up with mentions of the game on shows about Aussie sport culture, maybe something would change. Perhaps the impression given by journos that a UK side beating the Aussies at Union was a major feat would be dispelled. I recall the 1984 Wallabies touring here and the Unionistas raving about the brand of football they played. Of course anyone who'd seen the 1982 Kangaroo side would recognise where it had come from. But Bill McLaren and the rest of the League hating crew could never bring themselves to do that. TBF in private the Union lot did credit the '82 Kangaroos, but the story was not picked up by Mclaren etc. here. Of course the one way to establish the game in the British sporting consciousness would be a series victory over the Aussies. The sporting press would be compelled by events to reveal how big RL is in Oz. At the moment that seems a long way from happening given our stumblebum performance against Tonga, NZ and PNG.
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