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  1. Not sure whether this belongs of here or politics, but here goes. Being a bit of a history nut, i watch this channel quite a lot. There's currently a series on this called War Factories. The "historians" constantly "big up" how the capitalist system won the war. They denigrate Roosvelt's "New Deal" and say it made streamlining the war effort difficult. But surely it was the planning of the US administration with admittedly a great deal of help from the big US corporations that produced the superb effort by the US. Similarly Britain's "private" companies are praised to the skies. One example was the Vickers Valentine tank, which compared to the German vehicles was incredibly inferior. One regular interviewee boasts of 3000 of these vehicles having been sent to Russia. The Soviet Union produced 68000 of their superior T34. The most recent one I've seen spent an hour denigrating the Soviet Union. Sure much of the materiel came from the West but then there were 156 German Divisions in the USSR as opposed to 50 odd. on the Western Front. Emphasis was placed on the Spitfires we sent - what was not mentioned was that they were obsolete marks and no spares of service literature was sent with them. Or the newsreel of a tank with "to Uncle Joe from Britain" painted on it. It is a known fact that many of the "tanks for Russia" actually ended up in North Africa. The right wing managements thought that the workers would work harder if they thought they were going to Russia. The whole tenure is to down play the role of the Soviet Union in WWII. Oh, and as an addition, criticise the Attlee government for using Soviet style planning when they nationalised coal, steel and railways in the forties - describing it as a disaster. Of course privatisation has been such an unmitigated success hasn't it. Anyone who reads this forum knows my political views. And I know the Soviet government was cruel, and oppressive. But to put this sort of stuff out as serious history, whilst all it is is series of right wing economists trying to downplay the enormous contribution the Soviet Union made to the defeat of Nazi Germany I find offensive.
  2. I think Jiffy give national credence to our game. Let's never forget that he was brilliant (there's that word again) at both codes. And in RL he proved it in the hardest school of all - the Aussie League. I recall some snide Union scribe saying "the League boys'll soon sort his nose for him" when he signed. Well despite trying they didn't because he was so good. I won't say he's the best Union convert I've seen, because I think that was Lewis Jones. but he comes pretty close. And he clearly keeps abreast of current thinking in the game.
  3. From the little I've seen of Salford this season, Kevin Brown is the key. Last time I saw him play was v Fev end of last season for Leigh. He was brilliant that night too. Pity for Leigh that the rest of the team, especially Brierley let Leigh down.
  4. I also thought Snfield an excellent loose forward. O'Loughlin is another. Farrell (A) was another. None of 'em in the Karalius/Whitely/Turner mould.
  5. I missed it this year, I was in Greece. so kaliméra kardiés mou and erm a can of Mythos
  6. Diana Rigg, born in Doncaster, went to Fulneck Moravian School near Pudsey. Her father was the manager of Turner Machinery at Bramley. Obviously she's best known for Emma Peel in The Avengers, the role I remember her in was the jealous mother in Mother Love.
  7. I have to watch my weight, there's quite a lot of it to watch unfortunately!
  8. Fried bread, rasher of streaky, sausage, black pudding, beans, fried tinned tomatoes, a few pre cooked potatoes fried. In Ireland substitute white pudding for sausage add wheaten bread. Years ago a colleague was visiting. He was from Surrey. We put him up in a hotel in Wakefield. When he came down to breakfast he was invited to the usual bacon, egg etc. and "the local delicacy" which of course was black pudding. He turned it down needless to say. Isn't it in the Calder Valley where they have dock pudding fried in bacon fat?
  9. Surely the non offending side deserve an advantage? To me the failure to ensure that the ball emerged behind the second row was what spoiled the scrum. I'd like to see properly organised competitive scrums, but I can't see it ever happening.
  10. As a Morley lad I can say that according to local legend, Morley were invited to the meeting at Huddersfield but missed the train, due to spending too long in the Miners' Arms en route to the station. I know little of the history in Lancashire, but the Yorkshire clubs were under pressure from soccer, most of the pro local soccer clubs date their origins from around this time. Indeed Maningham, first winners of the NRU Championship became Bradford City. Whatever the reasons for the split, the result was that the possibility of playing their chosen sport at the highest level was restored to the working men of Yorkshire and Lancashire. From my own youth the two Fox brothers, Neil and Don, both miners, were able to display their superb skills internationally.
  11. What else was it? As far as South Wales was concerned they had no direct control anyway, and the cross border games were very lucrative fixtures for the English Union clubs in the South West]. As Tony Collins said in "Code Breakers" the Welsh pretended not to be paying their players and the RFO pretended to believe them. Leave the lucrative fixtures out of the equatioin and the RFU had no hesitation is ostracising the French for alleged professionalism.
  12. It was about class and control IMO. My theory is that the RFU had seen what had happened to soccer and were determined it would not happen to "their" game. Let's not forget that not that long before the NU split, the FA cup was regularly won by amateur sides such as the likes of Corinthian Casuals and The Wanderers. But suddenly with the advent of professionalism and the Football League it was Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa etc who were challenging for honours. The same thing was happening in Rugby and the "powers that be" were determined to stop it. I believe the NU wanted to emulate the Football League and administer professional rugby for any club that wanted to join them. The RFU were determined that by fair means or foul they would prevent this from happening. If you examine the history from 1895 to 1995 it was not professionalism they were against. It was Rugby League. They turned blind eye to all but open professional rugby in South Wales, because they knew that had they not done the outcome would have meant another split. Over the years pro soccer players and cricketers were allowed to play Rugby Union. Welsh fullback Paul Thorburn was even allowed back after a spell in gridiron. And what's gridiron if it isn't in the terms of the RFU law "a professional form of Rugby?"
  13. As I said earlier. referees are not making decisions with a 16 stone forward charging towards them. Of course a player who makes a lot of mistakes will lose income. And maybe his status as a pro. That's the nature of competitive sport.
  14. This is an opinion forum. I've watched the game and played the game for nearly 60 years. In that time I've seen a lot of referees. Very few of them could be described as outstanding officials. The best IMO was Ashley Klein. Some of those refereeing in SL at them moment are very poor indeed. Sure players make mistakes, and if they make enough of them they find themselves out of a job. That doesn't apply to refs. I watched highlights of last weekend's games and even if that distilled selection there were several howlers. We need better officials. We need a better organisation to run the game. If the game's administrators can be bamboozled time and again by the likes of Toronto, what chance is there of them maintaining an efficient stable of refs? As I say it's an opinion forum, and that's my opinion.
  15. But as I said no one's trying to tackle them while they do it, they're not risking injury and their paypacket at the end of the game doesn't depend upon their performances. The ref in the Wigan - Leeds game awarded Wigan a try from an offside position and awarded Leeds a try when Briscoe clearly had a foot in touch. As for the game you're discussing, I thought the tackle that resulted in a Wire player going to the bin was a straight red.
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