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  1. It has two locations from the 1967 movie "Far from the madding crowd" - in Devizes, there's also the staircase locks there on the Kennet & Avon canal.
  2. The point is that the various clubs and pubs in the "heartlands" started saving and booking for the following year's CC final almost as soon as the previous one was over. It was an annual jolly. Load crates of ale into the coach and off we go. Moving the date about sort of screwed that. And the end of winter rugby didn't do the event any favours either. Look at the Twickenham crowd. I went to Wembley in 2021 when Saints played Cas. (I went for Fev v York) it was hot for the Fev game. By the time Saints and Cas took the field it was blazing hot and players were dropping like flies due to the heat. Kick the comp off before the regular season (like the old county cups) don't seed it. And play a condensed comp aimed at a final in May. Whether it should stay at Wembley I couldn't say but I've been twice to the new stadium and haven't been impressed. I thought the game was ok. Wigan certainly are a competent effective side. TBH I don't think Wire were that far behind. A little more luck and they'd have been breathing down Wigan's necks. The Rob Burrow stuff showed our game at its absolute best.
  3. But surely "The Longest Day" is an historical document, of what actually happened on both sides. The producers go to the trouble of getting actors who look and sound like Eisenhower and Montgomery, with German actors speaking actual German and then stick John Wayne in a key role. Presumably it had something to do with financing the film.
  4. With the D Day anniversary upcoming, I watched "The Longest Day" yesterday. Has there ever been a worse actor than John Wayne? He speaks every word as though he were reading entries in a phone book. He plays the same part no matter who he is playing. Ok he was big and good looking and could ride a horse, but please actor???? Same goes to a lesser extent to another star of this movie. Richard Burton, he speaks every line as though he were on stage at Stratford, for me he totally lacked the talent to act on screen. I doubt if this movie could ever be remade, even with CGI. Shame really. It could do with some better acting performances from the English speaking cast.
  5. The 2019 playoff game between Leigh and Fev. Probably the best game I've ever seen, a credit to both sides and the Championship
  6. I thought it was a brilliant piece. Rugby has been played at the Mount for nearly 150 years, but for how much longer under IMG? I was there the week before to watch Fev. Great atmosphere, very competitive game could have gone either way.
  7. He, Malcolm Reilly, Steve Norton, and Bill Ashurst were the tall long striding type of forwards the Aussies based their new style game on. Lowe was a great player. Wish he was available for GB today. RIP
  8. Long term grievances if not put right, can fester and turn to hate over the years. Again IMG had better watch out. |It won't just be Fev
  9. But the roots of today's problem lies there. The victimised feeling of Fev fans has been passed down.
  10. Fev's totally artificial exclusion from the original SL is the cause of all the problems IMO. There was absolutely no reason from a football point of view why they should not have been in the original SL, but manipulation from Lindsay etc meant they were excluded. A team that that very year were CC semi finalists, plus former champions, and CC winners. Had they been included and failed IMO there wouldn't have been a problem. Same goes for 1998. They lost the final somewhat controversially and Wakey were promoted. On false promises of a new ground and very dodgy financial data. And they somehow survived and have benefitted from that survival. That's it in a nutshell for me. Being the best team in the Championship in the 2010's but excluded hasn't helped matters. It all goes to prove that when you try to manipulate sports comps. there's usually trouble ahead. Watch out IMG.
  11. I wonder Wakey dominated the RL in the 60's big crowds, championships and Wembley wins. But when the goose that had been laying the golden eggs died suddenly it was "save Trinity" they've never really been a force in the game since. Same applies to Bradford although their goose was more of the Ponzi variety
  12. When I was a kid in the 50's my relatives in S Kirkby, S.Elmsall and Hemsworth were all Fev fans, That's how I (from Morley) come to be a Fev fan
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