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  1. Is the pitch 110% ready now? Absolutely nothing more to do?
  2. True, but this isn’t a case of a ball coming loose and either side appealing for a ball steal or a knock on. This is a blatant forgetting about the rules. Like if a try was scored and the ref tells the player to play the ball over the line ?. Are you Stuart Cummings or Steve Ganson? Can’t work it out ??
  3. How do you miss a 40/20? I’m the last person to have a go at the refereees but...that was horrendous!
  4. I honestly don't understand what value Sky think they are getting by analysing decisions as deeply as they do? And if we're gonna have no video ref now...they need to be careful otherwise the odd 'Liam Kay' situation will get blown out of proportion. And as for Stuart Cummings....well his voice changes watching RL from being an enjoyable experience to a numbing chore.
  5. Great stuff. You just know the officials will miss one obstruction and everyone will start saying ‘we need the full video ref back!’. But perspective is needed people, this is good for the game
  6. I think that’s definitely a case where there will be a ‘communication error’ ?
  7. At the first day of Magic the commentators mentioned that there will be a streamlined version of the video referee at Summer Bash. Does anyone know anything about this?
  8. As a neutral fan I have definitely lost a bit of respect for the team today. Been a follower of the Pack for a while and loved their work off the pitch, but this is making me reassess. Paul Rowley is not a nice human and everything he teaches has come undone today. I hope David Argyle has a word with Rowley and they can change the way they do things. Otherwise I don’t want them in SL.
  9. So how is the answer to my question a no? Sounds very much like a yes to me
  10. Is the plan next season to have 11 away games and then 11 home games? Same as this year but actually hosting all scheduled home games in Toronto? Thanks
  11. How can anyone praise a referee who dishes out nearly 10 cards? It points to incompetence and a total lack of game management. I assume this would never happen in the NRL nor in RU. Serious questions need to be asked because even as a diehard fan I am struggling to take the game seriously at the minute and am starting to tune in less. And it’s not just the refs, it’s the players too! RL in the summer era has never looked so ugly and things need to change ASAP. I’m happy for someone to disagree with me, but I have no idea what their argument would be. I really don’t...
  12. Sounds good, let's hope it's all ready for June
  13. Looks really concrete underneath. Hope the pitch doesn't lead to any injuries. I don't know much about the science behind artificial pitches tho!
  14. So your success is predicated on less games being played? Fwiw I don’t think the season will be shortened for several years, and if TW are to be the catalyst then they need a multi million $ TV deal to show to the clubs
  15. I still have my doubts about the Wolfpack. It seems like every season they’re going to have to play their first 11 games on the road. I’m not sure whether that is such a good business model. I’m concerned that the Canadian weather could be the only blocker to this trans-Atlantic project working.
  16. With respect, that’s not really my point. I’m not playing a game of lowest-common denominator when it comes to stadiums. I’m asking whether Toulouse would be a genuinely viable project in SL. And their current stadium is far smaller than Belle Vue or The Jungle. If there are other stadiums available, how certain can we be that Toulouse would be able to use them all season long?
  17. That is very big news. With the stadium perhaps not being ready on time and a small capacity anyway, are Toulouse ready to be in SL? If not then, strangely, promotion could end up being the worst thing to happen to them. Would they even want to be promoted in those circumstances? All this talk of two French teams in SL, hmmmm.
  18. Sorry Parky, I know you didn't say this really. But given that you deliberately misquoted me, I thought I might do the same thing to you I guess it's what you like to do; manipulate the facts to reach your desired conclusion. If you want me to respect your opinion, then please respect mine.
  19. There are a lot of oddities in the game. Obstruction, momentum rule, double movements and momentum when grounding the ball, offside and being within the 10, 2 on 1 steals being subjective, dummy halves throwing balls at offside players, scrums being competed for/ball held in the scrum The problem is that the nature of Sky coverage means every decision is ostracised. Every sport has its grey areas, let's get rid of Stuart Cummings, use the video refs for only grounding and touch, and just enjoy the game for what it is! (A thrilling, fast-paced and skilful game)
  20. Question - is Lamport stadium space confined or do they have room to work with? Could they build, for instance, a modern, covered 4-sided stadium?
  21. Like every RL fan, I'd love to hear more from Eric Perez. He is amazing value and provided a drip feed of optimism and entertainment in 2017. However, the fact he hasn't said much recently shouldn't lead to hyperspeculation. Confidentiality will always stifle communication. As for resigning as Toronto CEO, the truth is we just don't know. Maybe he can't be CEO of 2 teams? Maybe he needed to devote more time to other projects. Point is, we need to let the fullness of time be the judge. Perez has spent so many years building up RL in Canada and risked his whole livelihood for it, so it's highly unlikely he's just gone walkabout now. As for what Parksider thinks, I actually feel sorry for the guy. He is so determined to see a hard-working and once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneur fail. No doubt Parky has so many amazing life achievements to tell us all about?
  22. I would definitely recommend coming over to England for the Magic Weekend! It is one of the best rugby weekends of the year. 6 Super League games plus your game vs Toulouse. Fans from all the different clubs having a laugh with each other, whilst basking in the May sunshine. Brilliant
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