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  1. Thats confusing phil lad do you mean me jordan or sharpie haha0
  2. Dont worry about jordan phantom hes had two out of two wins had boxiing but my comments were completley about the game i love 20 yrs a player and 15yrs a coach at county level i think i know what im talking about but hey presume you come from fev il respect your rugby opinions but dont try im bias mate if sharpe was coaching a fev side id back him
  3. While ever fev use dr noway can they be smug about wins ,if their fans are content with this fair enough but it means nowt to true rugby league supporters but if sharpies happy hes held in riducle by true supporters
  4. Respect a lot of your veiws nick but im sure morrisons watched young ackroyd in training and in his veiw its the physicality hes not ready for im sure hes gonna make a good,un some one mentioned burrows but hes always been a little powerhouse theres the differance
  5. At the moment his job is the most important thing keep your hears to the ground things might change old lad
  6. Id love to hear from my old pal terminator ,havent heared much complainets about the side this year , seems like every things dicky dori , havent had much to do with batley this year perhaps you could fill me in on jacob morgan and tom thackery a couple of up and comings seems from reports dave scotts done well but hey someone with your expertise can surely fill me in on your seasons performances
  7. Exactly why did fev sign him because of his leeds connection isnt that pathetic when a fev lad like sam day gets the cold shoulder not saying baldwinsons not a good player always rated him at academy level but what about luke cooper a fev player waiting to give his all you reap what you sow and sunday was the perfect example of that
  8. Whilst ever fev keep using duai reg theyl never be featherstone rovers admire the wins but its not really fev then get days like at blackpool when theres no heart get carried away when winning but days like sunday are the result of going overboard with other clubs second team and in the case of briscoe and ward third choice
  9. Thanks for the explanation robin, but i only post when ive something to say ,but if im gonna be accused of being bias i might as well not bother
  10. What a load of rubish, my comments were completly my thoughts after watching the game at the weekend nowt to do with anything else, seems to me unless you agree with the mainstreams thoughts prepare for some abuse
  11. Certainly with the last coaching appointment there would have been a better chance of winning at the weekend a team with no dr players completley outclassed a fev team who folk on here are happy with the performance , apart from misi and young cooper they were completly out classed my opinion but hey lets get the dr boys back and lets shout for the leeds lads what a load of rubbish
  12. Next Thursday evening rovers forever at home to hullfc who seem to be making use of the reserves playing several of their first team players kirk yeaman being one so it will be a tough test for our lads,and I think marklaspalmas is dead right with is views on second teams the sooner rugby league gets back to all teams running A teams the sooner we get back to rugby as we used to know it our own players stop moaning about brass and kick out loans and dr
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