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  1. Once more 5 drive rugby , depressing to watch no wonder there's only 700 there, thought there number 19 was a fiery player ran hard tackled well didn't take a step back ,
  2. What a player massive engine , brave , fabulous hands .could be joining Bullock in super league with a good season with the rovers
  3. jcd

    York at home

    Once again one man rugby , like all season rapid backs with no ball it's so depressing to watch ,York have just come up from league one ,there passing was fluent, line speed great fitness fabulous .our forwards took three tackles to get behind the ball ,not acceptable very few completed sets and the ball boy is more use than Ryan Johnstone very poor compared to Carter who passed and ran with great passion
  4. The rugby that was played in the Des years was brilliant to watch ,so much fast free flowing rugby it was a pleasure to be there .swinton and dewsbury at home would have been a formality Nixon and Ballard on the flanks were flying machines unlike today five drives down the middle and kick on the last ,so predictable
  5. The best team assembled for a very long time swinton, dewsbury at home would have been a cricket score , free flowing fast entertaining rugby ,now it's been five drives and a kick for far to long Ballard and Nixon on the wings roared on by a large crowd nothing better
  6. jcd

    1895 Cup

    The Bradford youngsters done there club proud there were some fantastic performances from a number of there young lads the bulls will be back up in super league with the size and speed of these kids barrow once again error after error then vintage play when toal,walker and sisino came on and Jono at scrum half that bloke is a fabulous team player deserves all the plaudits he gets w
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