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  1. Once more 5 drive rugby , depressing to watch no wonder there's only 700 there, thought there number 19 was a fiery player ran hard tackled well didn't take a step back ,
  2. What a player massive engine , brave , fabulous hands .could be joining Bullock in super league with a good season with the rovers
  3. jcd

    York at home

    Once again one man rugby , like all season rapid backs with no ball it's so depressing to watch ,York have just come up from league one ,there passing was fluent, line speed great fitness fabulous .our forwards took three tackles to get behind the ball ,not acceptable very few completed sets and the ball boy is more use than Ryan Johnstone very poor compared to Carter who passed and ran with great passion
  4. jcd

    Des Johnston

    The rugby that was played in the Des years was brilliant to watch ,so much fast free flowing rugby it was a pleasure to be there .swinton and dewsbury at home would have been a formality Nixon and Ballard on the flanks were flying machines unlike today five drives down the middle and kick on the last ,so predictable
  5. jcd

    Des Johnston

    The best team assembled for a very long time swinton, dewsbury at home would have been a cricket score , free flowing fast entertaining rugby ,now it's been five drives and a kick for far to long Ballard and Nixon on the wings roared on by a large crowd nothing better
  6. Barrow got fined all there points why the difference in fines for super league teams 12 points for Widnes , bankruptcies, Wigan let off twice and don’t mention Bradford Widnes fans are bitter and twisted because they were once a top team , now just a run of the mill championship side going nowhere
  7. Backhanders happen all over in rugby league , Des only got caught because catic Told the rugby league , but the rugby was brilliant to watch . No team enjoyed coming to craven park including Wigan . The Wolfpack boss made a mistake and admitted it and apologised for his comments and resigned. It will hurt him so much not being able to take his team to super league
  8. jcd

    1895 Cup

    The Bradford youngsters done there club proud there were some fantastic performances from a number of there young lads the bulls will be back up in super league with the size and speed of these kids barrow once again error after error then vintage play when toal,walker and sisino came on and Jono at scrum half that bloke is a fabulous team player deserves all the plaudits he gets w
  9. Enjoyed the game today Toronto are a massive powerful team , so why start with two small scrum halves when four forwards are on the bench for me ryan Johnstone missed numerous tackles resulting in at least three tries and why did dalllimore with one minute till half time kick with six tackles to go resulting in another stupid try they are a class team but got some very lucky breaks with ref and poor defending good luck to kayakman and his team some brilliant free flowing rugby at its best pleasure to watch keep it up and super league should be on the agenda
  10. Time for a third Johnstone to be signed on the one and only DES
  11. No defence no structure just very poor team to watch all crareys star new signings are just not good enough, swinton knew how poor our defence is and played accordingly plus they could have scored more tries. if we can’t beat the bottom team at home there’s not much hope for the rest of the season it was humiliating
  12. jcd


    I said the team entertainment wise, is the worst. barrow I’ve seen we have always been known for fast open rugby not 5 drives down the middle week in week out just depressing to watch
  13. jcd


    To be quite honest dual reg I think if the club involved want it then go for it our club have gone for champagne signings which so far have been more like a pint of shandy ,all ask for by the coach .people are saying all about dual reg beating us ?? That’s 4- 5 people not involved with the club, yet they perform ok. Our club have played the lesser clubs so far have one point at home then two away very poor for a team that has spent so much money I’ve been a fan since 71 and this is the worst team entertainment wise I’ve seen .blame penalty’s dropped balls knock on or slow play the ball but it all is down to the coach .ive been to 2 at home 2away not enjoyed one game to be honest
  14. jcd


    Basic rugby was non existent ,pass and catch .we never pass the ball fast and confident. we have probably the two fastest backs in spedding and ritson but how many chances do they get when we drive down the Middle time and time again worst game I’ve seen at craven park for a very long time .the board have backed cresta with some great signing what he has personally asked for and it’s not working out at present, why was one of our top players jono smith out in the centre ??? And we haven’t even played a good team yet god help us
  15. There’s nothing like a very bitter small minded loser like yourself rugby players come in all sizes and forms the two players you mentioned one scored a great try what a pudding he is and the obese player took three batley poodles to pull him down you had ample opportunity to win with dallimore off for ten and giving you twelve points so put your toys back in the pram
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