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  1. RL 13, Instantly recognisable and no other sports utilises the number 13, it is what makes the sport unique and a promotional dream.
  2. Bulls plan Odsal return ; Have Wigan got a new badge? The great RL world view ffs. This is the final nail for me, i`m off. ( I know most people won`t even notice. lol ). Really, banal arguments circulating around the M62 whilst the real world ignores us. Lions led by donkeys has never been more apt. Bye SL.
  3. A terraced house backstreet. Gated both ends, only one Johnny Foreigner allowed in at a time and really funny when the posh gits down the road crash their car.
  4. For me the only downside of today was the commentary. There is no doubting Dave Woods love for RL but for me he's too interested in little anecdotes than concentrating on what is happening on the pitch. He should take a minute to study Andrew Voss, every play is described, every player involved is mentioned and he doesn't go off at different tangents. It makes it sound so much more professional.
  5. Did these clubs have 9 different investors or was it the same people under a different guise.?
  6. Did any of these teams receive any central funding or was it every man for himself ?
  7. I was given a testimonial book of a Barrow favourite Neil Shaw and was reminded of a few teams that appeared then disappeared just as quickly. All pre SL, so i presume self funded.
  8. Am not attending any of these games if they are charging a £2 booking fee.!!
  9. Tony Christie singing Amarillo anyone? Or was it just a bad dream.
  10. Are you encouraging RL players to have Mk47s tattooed on their legs.?
  11. I played a couple of times for Ealing in the early 80s, i drank in a pub in West Ealing and the landlord was on the board of Ealing RL. Because I was a northerner he presumed i could play RL. Think the pub was called The Greyhound.
  12. Best wishes and it is possible to fully recover.
  13. Until the sport embraces the younger generation it has no chance of growing, it is not relevant to them. The sport being led by middle aged small time business men all with the same demographic and self interest doesn't help.
  14. I wouldn`t like to be the PC who apprehends him !!. I think he was a mate of Martin Ostler who was already at Barrow, they were both brilliant players but Martin was a little bit more sensible.
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