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  1. This is from the Chairman's own hand. He's done a fantastic job so far and hopefully this is our day in the sun. ( a rarity in Barrow ).
  2. I think it will be a close game. Wucky will be angry after last week. Just think we have that touch of class with Sammut and Miloudi and the best of the Cumbrian young uns. Hopefully after, bring on The Saints.
  3. Widdop and Williams will be the starting half backs after leading Warrington to GF glory.
  4. Warrington fans are in for a an entertaining year. In the studio JJB came across as a very astute and knowledgeable.
  5. Charlie Emsley is hardly a product of the Scottish pathways scheme, he's been under the tutelage of Barrows impressive academy coaching staff led by Paul Crarey.
  6. Apologies, now found, my bad and the RFL are the Goat governing body.
  7. Thanks Archie Gordon but couldn't find the "purchases package" button . Now given up. Does anyone from the RFL read these pages. Absolutely pathetic and symptomatic of the lackadaisical attitudes of the whole organisation.
  8. Has anyone had any success with buying the link for the England game?
  9. Is there anyone else having problems buying the England v Jamaica on our league. I pressed the link to buy and was taken to a page with my previous purchases with no option to buy the England game. You've got to give the RFL their due, they're top notch at complication.
  10. The team that is promoted should be given a seasons grace from relegation to be able to establish themselves fairly.
  11. RL 13, Instantly recognisable and no other sports utilises the number 13, it is what makes the sport unique and a promotional dream.
  12. Bulls plan Odsal return ; Have Wigan got a new badge? The great RL world view ffs. This is the final nail for me, i`m off. ( I know most people won`t even notice. lol ). Really, banal arguments circulating around the M62 whilst the real world ignores us. Lions led by donkeys has never been more apt. Bye SL.
  13. A terraced house backstreet. Gated both ends, only one Johnny Foreigner allowed in at a time and really funny when the posh gits down the road crash their car.
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