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  1. Stade Francais aren’t one of the best Top 14 teams at the moment... They are just keeping their heads above water.
  2. Personally I don’t like people drinking in the stands especially for important games like Cup finals. Friendlies and something like Magic that it works at but otherwise no. It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve had beer spilt over me by day trippers at Murrayfield.
  3. Georgia probably wouldn’t be the best fit for League and there is still a fair bit of momentum behind the Union set up. Probably the majority of their pro players are props in the French Top 14 and all their teams have the speciality of a bulldozing scrum. Their backs by comparison are very much lacking (but they have produced a few gems in the last few U20 tournaments). Also things might be moving in the right direction for their national side as they have finally managed to secure a test match against Italy, to see how they match up and this might lead to 6N entry. Italy will be a tough team though for them as they have a more balanced squad selection and the two fully-pro Italian sides have finally got their acts together this year. I’d also like to point out as a Scot, that Scotland did beat Georgia by a fair margin last autumn. World Rugby are investing heavily in Georgia having recently hosted the U20 World Championships and a local multi-millionaire has invested heavily in new training facilities. The are not a country Unions authorities are forgetting about so it might be better for League to look at other opportunities.
  4. Sky Sports News barely cover anything they are not showing coverage of so don’t be too worried about it. That channel at times is more for promoting their own product than reporting on sports news.
  5. Had a look at an NRL forum and they are not impressed with how Cronulla and the Broncos turned up. A bit sour..
  6. You're half true here. Edinburgh's crowds were getting poorer and poorer as very few want people want to watch rugby in a dark, cold and cavernous Murrayfield and the last coach (thankfully he's gone) had the team playing some fairly dire rugby to watch. They can still get fairly big crowds for one of games though with attendances growing for the 1872 cup games against Glasgow. Edinburgh are trialling moving to a much more suitably sized stadium at Myreside so hopefully the match day experience can improve.Glasgow on the other hand have been the real success story of professional rugby up here. They now have a good passionate support and have sold out the majority of their home games for the last two years with the team really outgrowing Scotstoun. Even though the team is a little poor at the moment their successes really have helped rugby grow in Glasgow. And personally I'd say the club game (I.e. the local town and school clubs) has stabilised after years of decline but these sides always had it tough.
  7. Hahahaha Dean Richards is doing suspiciously well again at Newcastle so better keep an eye on him...
  8. That's understandable though as Mirco Bergamasco is more well known for representing Italy in rugby union and not many people would know he has joined up with the Italian league team.
  9. This got a two-page spread in today's Scotsman: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/more-in-sport/wigan-rl-star-tierney-i-ll-be-proud-to-pull-on-scots-jersey-1-4262461 The Scotsman has had fairly regular small articles on Scotland RL in their rugby sections in recent years with the teams successes but this is the most coverage I've seen. The opening quote might not be too popular here though
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAMAEFNLUec Kick-Off at 13:00 BST (15:00 MSK)
  11. That weekend there are football, rugby union and rugby league internationals all on in London as well. Friday Night, England play Scotland in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier; Saturday, England play South Africa in an Autumn International and on Sunday, England play Australia in the 4 Nations. All big games and they all have to be spread out for maximum attention in a cramped calendar.
  12. The GB Lions moniker was a temporary thing for one of the two Great Britain teams competing in the Grand Prix sevens this summer. Basically two composite British teams replaced the England and Wales teams on the European Sevens circuit to have all the players from Scotland, Wales and England play together and to act as a selection process for Rio. At the moment it isn't a permanent branding and the name will probably only rear its head again if they form British teams again ahead of future Olympics. But hey people may nickname the team the Lions even if that isn't official. And you certainly would not have liked what came up on my google search when I searched for "GB Lions Rugby".
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